Horror Suspense Thriller

Tonight is the night, the pristine cold blue light of the full moon is piercing through the vast undulating pale mist of the Towy vale. Standing at my window, I carefully remove the needle from the record player and lift up the gauzy satin curtain. My pure gold long nail guards embellished with exotic jewels glint a mesmerising kaleidoscopic sharp cruel sparks. 

Mortal souls are going to rest as the neighbours' lights turning off one by one, leaving only a few porch lights together with a few streets lights on. The frosty green grass outside is becoming a broad carpet of black, darker, darker still, drastically losing their colour and depth. The birds are back in their nests for the night, every now and then, a few baaing and mooing from the sheep and cows in the nearby farmers’ fields. Perfect! 

I stick my head out into the cool breeze that is gently caressing my face burning bright red from the lava that is coursing inside me. I look down on my alabaster coloured arm and see the rivers of crimson pumping through my veins. The hour is nigh and all my senses are heightening to the maximum. I sniff the air and take in a deep breath. Ahhhh.... yes, I can feel it, I can see it, I can sense: everything. The galaxies far away, the star-studded deep sapphire aether, the cascading water from the nearby brooks... I am in the zone!

I look down at the giant grey wolf with burning ember eyes standing next to me and let my silk kimono slip down onto the Persian carpet. 

‘It’s time, Cerberus. Come!’

The wolf follows me to the bathroom.

‘Lay down.’ I point at the black marble floor. ‘Ready?’ The dog looked into my eyes and rolls on his back, exposing his neck to me with his huge pupils dilating even bigger. 

I lie down on the cold stone floor from behind and wrap my naked body around him, tightening like a boa constrictor. Suddenly I grab onto his neck like a hawk and bite into his flesh with my sharp teeth, busting his arteries in one stroke and start to drink his warm blood pumping up into my throat. Red, red everywhere. Picking up a sharp steel blade next to me, I slit my wrist and watch my life force flow into Cerberus. Immediately, Cerberus’ eyes light up again and those two orbs of amber start to burn like the exploding sun. I lick the blood of the blade and throw it into the bath. One moment after another, our bodies deconstruct, reconstruct, transmute and mould into one another, half half, neither neither. We breathe steadily and keep on looking into each other’s eyes, lying on the icy marble floor.

‘Welcome back, my love!’ I behold Cerberus’ majestic face and smiled.

‘Glad to be back!’ Cerberus smiles back and starts to stand up. ‘All my parameters are in perfect working order.’ He flexes his muscles from his heck to his heels.

‘Time for vengeance, my love?’ 

‘Yes, it is finally the time.’ Cerberus nods, ‘We’ve waited too long for this.’ shaking the excess blood off his lush thick fur and charging out into the dark night like a lightning bolt.

Run, my love, let us indulge in these violent delights to our hearts’ content. Let us roam free on this boundless Earth and take whatever is in our way, anything and everything. We will not stop, for our vengeance shall never be satisfied, for we are the wrath of the gods and instruments of divine retribution, for tonight is the night, tonight, blood for blood, no rules, no laws, no morals, no mercy, no remorse, no holding back. In the cold cutting wind, on the sloping hills, under the giant oak trees, low on the damp grass, stalking, hunting, killing, incisors in, incisors out, claws left, claws right, biting, pulling, tugging, tearing… Black sky, black fields, black waters, black warm blood carrying the diminishing life forces getting colder and colder every passing second, spraying, spilling, foaming, in suffocating silence, again and again, in every direction, everywhere we turn. 

‘Here, Cerberus, this is the spot.’ I sniff the ground with agitation and start yelping with overwhelming sorrow of a bleeding heart.

‘Our son.’ Cerberus follows me to the spot, circles to and fro and scratches the ground fervently with his huge paws. ‘Damn the farmer!’ He howls a song of deep anguish under the colossus bright silver disk.

‘Leave it. Let Rex rest in peace.’ I stop Cerberus with my paw on his.

‘Yes, it’s time we return. Let’s go back.’ Cerberus nodded.

We left our beloved child lying in the dark cold earth with a final lasting mournful howl and start to make our way home. The trees are rustling in the wind, the stars are dimming and the sky is getting lighter. Far away on the roads, there is already light traffic bringing yet another day to the never-ending vulgar secular life. We stop at the river Towy to quench our thirst with the flowing cool liquid emerald, washing the blood and mud off us as we cross the shallow riverbed. We shake our furs vehemently and a million tiny flying droplets sparkling like diamonds in the low morning light.

‘Home sweet home!’ Cerberus howls as we arrive home. He sits his huge god-like naked body down on the deep red leather couch next to the burning fire and looks into my eyes, ‘Come here, come.’

I climb onto his muscular legs and hold his face in my hand. ‘Kiss me.’ I embrace him like a moth to a flame.

I grind on him up and down like in a deep trance. I feel his hot breaths on my breasts as he grabs hold of them firmly in his hands. Cerberus holds me up with his thick strong arms, lies me down gently on the tiger fur rug next to the crackling fire and starts to thrust like a crazed fiend. This goes on and on for hours, on the couch, on the floor, in the bed, until I fall into sweet oblivion.

‘What’s that?’ I wake up with the sound of loud shots going off in the distance and rising clamours in the streets. I reach to the other side of the bed. ‘Cerberus?’ I suddenly sit up. ‘Cerberus?’ I run up and down the house and search every room. ‘Where are you? Cerberus?’ A sudden fear starts creeping up in my mind. Then there’s a loud bang on the door.

‘Who’s that?’ I quickly cover myself in my dressing gown.

‘The police.’ A voice answers outside.

I open the door. ‘Yes?’

‘Ma’am, do you have a large grey wolf dog?’ The policeman standing at my door asks with his walking talking beeping on his shoulder and a policewoman standing behind him.

‘Cerberus!’ A loud shriek escapes from my throat.

‘Cerberus is its name?’


‘Ma’am, I’m afraid I have some bad news. All the livestock around here including the farmer and his whole family seemed to have been slaughtered last night by some seemingly large beasts. Your dog looked like could be involved too but he was shot dead in the morning hours today by the surrounding farmers.’

October 25, 2020 19:14

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