American Funny Romance

Five years I Melody Stewart had the best pastries in Toronto! For any special occasion, my bakery has always been the top place people in town would go to!

Melody's Fresh Bakery! Was the name of my bakery. People love my cookie melt pastry.

It is called this because once you bite into the cookie the filling melts in your mouth.

It was one of my top-selling pastries!

then one day all of this changed when a guy across the street decided to open up a bakery called Cosmos Cakes!

The people of the town had told me that the owner's name was Edward Cosmo!

It would've never become a rivalry if he didn't steal my customers!

when he first opened his shop the people of the town all went there to try his pastries!

I had to hear from my mother how good his cakes were. Unbelievable!

one day when I was cleaning my bakery before opening I hear a slight knock on the door.

I lookup & it is Edward Cosmo with a cake in the box for me! How could he? We can never be friends! My father told me to never befriend another baker & I took his word!

I mouth to him through the door "I'm closed!" But he couldn't read my lips. So I opened the door & shouted: "I'm closed!". Then I slammed the door locked it & returned to cleaning.

You would think that he would go away & realize that I'm not interested in his pastries but no! 2 hours later he comes in with a red velvet cupcake & a balloon wrapped around it.

" For you madam," he says as he reaches to give me the cupcake.

"No thank you, sir, I will pass!"

"I just opened up the bakery across from you called Cosmos Cakes & I thought maybe I could bring you a treat to celebrate my opening!"

While snickering I say "Celebrate? With you? I can not! I am a baker I do not befriend other bakers!"

"I'm not asking to be your friend madam I just thought it would be nice to bring you something from my bakery so you can try my sweets"

"Do you not know that our bakeries compete with one another?"

"Compete? Huh? I don't want to compete! I'm not athletic! I'm a baker like you! & where I come from which is Italy! We celebrate together!"

"No, celebrate with you Cosmos Cakes!

You stole most of my customers! Before you decided to open a bakery right across from mine! Everyone came to my bakery for 5 years! "

"I did not steal your customers! It is not my fault that my sweets are better than yours!"

"Haha Better! I agree differently!" Don't get too excited they'll eventually come back to me!"

" you know I didn't want to compete with you but since you want to, I Will!"

"Good! Now goodbye!"

"Let the games begin!!"

He says while he exits my bakery.

ever since then, I've been up all night creating new recipes for my bakery! He will not be the best in this town! I will continue to be the best because I've been here why much longer than he has.

about 2 weeks after that day I've been a lot busier than Edward. My customers expanded & my pastries had gotten new & sweeter!

while I'm in the back baking more treats I get a visit from my mother telling me again how good Cosmos Cakes are!

"Ma I do not want to hear about those crappy cakes! Mine is so much better! With that being said do not buy anything else from that bakery! Do you not know that we are rivalries!?"

"No Melody I did not know! Stop being so competitive! He's a very sweet guy & his treats are likable!"

"Ma before dad passed he told me to never befriend another baker! He said that they will always compete with you!"

"Melody your father was an asshole god rest his soul but he was!"

"Ma what does that have to do with what I'm talking about right at this present moment!"

"It means that when your father told you that he was just being bitter!"

" you know ma you know nothing about being a baker, father was the only one who understood me because he was a baker!"

" you're right I don't know much about being a baker but I know how it is to be a human! You can't treat other humans that way melody! Bake your pastries with love not hate!"

As my mother walked away I stuck my tongue out at her as a child would do.

Later that night while closing the bakery. I thought to myself maybe I was becoming a little harsh towards the new baker in town.

He was welcoming! & charming. He did offer me one of my favorites red velvet!

I then walk up to his bakery willing to apologize until I see him & other bakers throwing darts at a picture of me through the window!

"Oh, you're doomed crappy cakes!"

(The next day In Edwards Bakery "Cosmos Cakes!")

"I have a plan, Cecilia! Come here!"

"Yes Cosmo"

"Edward please madam! I would like for you to go across the street to Melody's bakery as a disguise"

"What for?"

"I want to know what her baked goods taste like so I can make mine much better haha!"

"Ok, right away sir!"

(In Melody's bakery)

"May I have one of your cookie melts"

"Yes, sure what would you like your filling to be?"

"Uh, the cookies n cream!"

" that's a good choice you will love it! If you don't mind me asking I've never seen you in here before? Are you new to town?"

"No, I've been here all my life in Toronto!"

" oh well, you've been missing out on my baked goods because everyone in town has come here! Anyway, it doesn't matter you're here now that's all that matters! Cookie melt coming right up!"

(In Edwards Bakery)

"I tried her cookie melt Edward & it is good! You must try it"

Cecilia's hands Edward a piece of the cookie & his eyes automatically start to sparkle!

" It is good! Wow! You know if she wasn't so bitter her & I could've combined the bakeries & make a fortune! But no she wants to be rivalries!" The big joke she is!"

(Melody Narrating)

later on that day I received a phone call from the mayor asking if I could sell my baked goods at the holiday festival!! Every year in Toronto for the holidays we have a holiday festival!!! He chose me so that means he thinks that my pastries are much much better!!! I say while looking at Cosmos Cakes through the window of my bakery.

Meanwhile in Cosmos Cakes...

"Thank you, sir! I am more than honored to be apart of the holiday festival this year! "

Edward hangs up the phone & shares the good news with his staff.

"We've been asked by the mayor of Toronto to sell our baked goods at the holiday festival! I think this deserves a celebration! Cecilia, please grab the glasses & champagne!"

"Yes sir!"

Bakers of Cosmos Cakes Celebrated the good news with champagne & of course baked goods!

The next morning I couldn't believe my dreary eyes. Cosmos cakes have a big sign on the window saying 5 more days until the holiday festival! I hope you all are ready for our delicious baked goods being served during this event!

I couldn't believe it! Every year it's always me being invited to our holiday festival! Now this fool! Ugh! I must speak to Mayor Ferguson quickly.

Meanwhile In the mayor's office....

"Sir I do appreciate you inviting me every year to the holiday festival so I can continue to sell my delicious baked goods. But rumor around town that Cosmos cakes are being invited as well?"

"Yes, Melody I adore both of your pastries & so do the people of this town!"

" yes sir I'm well aware of that but it's just that our bakeries compete with one another!"

" you sound just like your father Melody, God rest his soul but It's the holidays! This is strictly about everyone getting together enjoying the Christmas spirit. I do not want any competitive behavior during this festival. Now I would like to chat with you some more but I've got work to do. Happy Holidays!"

" uh, happy holidays!"

what a disgrace! I can't believe that I'm going to be around this fool during Christmas but no the mayor is right! I do have the best pastries in town & I will show him that I do!

The day of the holiday Festival had come...

The town was bright from all of the Christmas lights & all you can eat! Families gather around each other laughing & enjoying the Christmas spirit.

"Merry Christmas Melody!"

Edward says while handing me another red velvet cupcake

" I don't want any of your treats! & you shouldn't be over here near me you shouldn't be over there selling those crappy cakes!"

"Don't be so mean on Christmas Melody! Here take it!"

" Fine, I'll take the stupid cupcake. Now leave me alone!"

" A little birdie told me that red velvet might be your favorite which is why I bring it to you, um let's put this rivalry behind us, Melody! It's Christmas!"

" I have customers that need to be served I think you should get going!"

" yes, I suppose I do have to get back Merry Christmas again!"

As Edward walks away I suddenly start to smile I don't know why? What's gotten into me? Who told him that I like red velvet cake!?

"Merry Christmas Melody!"

" oh, Ma Merry Christmas would you like one of my cookie melts?

" yes, indeed I do! So uh I saw Edward come over here what did he give you?"

" one of his crappy cupcakes"

" why is it crappy? Isn't red velvet your favorite cake?"

" Ma was it you that told Edward that I like red velvet?"

" yes I did, I'm sorry it's just..."

" I can't believe you! Be a trader why don't you?!"

" He likes you, Melody!"

" Like? What is this 5th grade? I don't have time for elementary crushes!"

" Would you stop being so bossy towards him & at least get to know the man! He's sweet!"

" Father told me..."

" Forget what your father told you! It's your life! You make your own decisions, it's Christmas! Melody have a little joy in your heart! Thanks for the cookie melt!"

I couldn't believe that my mother was encouraging me to befriend my rivalry!

How could she say forget what papa told me?! Those were his last words before he passed! Those words will always stick with me! But I suppose she was somewhat right! I haven't given Edward a chance & it is Christmas!

" This is one of my Cookie Melts! It is the sugar cookie flavored!" I say while approaching Edward.

" oh thank you!"

" Merry Christmas" I tend to walk away until he said

" you must try my red velvet/birthday cupcake!"

"It's mixed with both?"

" Here try"

He then hands me the cupcake & as I bite into the cupcake my eyes begin to sparkle!

"mmm that is delicious I guess your cakes aren't too crappy after all!"

" Thank you Madam I'm glad that you like it!"

"I'm sorry Edward for being so cruel to you. My intentions were wrong!"

" oh no, it's ok Madam! I understand no need to apologize"

"Cordial I should hope?" As I stick out my hand to give him a handshake he pulls my hand away & gently kisses me on my cheek!

"Merry Christmas Melody!"

"Ha Merry Christmas Edward! Now you must try my cookie melt before I walk away I want to see your reaction while trying"

We both laugh & enjoy Christmas.

just a month later Edward & I decided to be more than just friends! We realized that we both have the same thing in common! Baking!

& of course, we loved each other.

We both agreed to combine both of our bakeries so that the people of the town wouldn't keep going back & forth from bakery to bakery.

It is called "Cosmos Cakes with Melodys Cookie melts".

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