Thats why you don't disobey your parents.

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It was morning. Squealing with delight, I pushed off my blankets. I had barely slept last night awaiting the wonderful day ahead. Flinging my dress on, I raced downstairs, too excited to bother about the noise I was making. My sister passed me and grumbled, “Shut up Giselle, I’m trying to sleep.” If you know my sister, you know not to argue with her. She’s a real brat. If you saw my sister, you would think you just dumped her in a mud pool. But this was such a glorious day, I didn’t even notice. Humming softly to myself, I skipped around the kitchen. “Seems like someone doesn’t notice she has dishes to do.” My mum said. I spun around. I was lost in a daydream of what was yet to come, I did not hear her come in. “Mummy,” I began, trying my cutest voice. “Is it true that we are going to the world famous carnival today?” Cheekiness never works. Mum looked bewildered. “Why yes, w-we are.” she began, stammering. “But ah how did she, I mean you know?” She looked so surprised, I decided that I would tell her. “Well. Bessie, you know her, the one who lives next door? Anyway, she told-” I was cut short. “She told you did she?” Mum’s usual gentleness had been washed away. “I deliberately told her- not her mum, that she was not to tell a single soul.” I was annoyed that mum did not let me finish my sentence. “What I was going to say was that Bessie said that she had a surprise for me at her house. That minnie sewing machine I gave you? she gave that to me. I stayed for morning tea, and her mum asked me ‘Are you excited about going to the Alberty Studios Giselle?’ she asked me, not knowing that I didn’t know. To be polite, I said , “Why yes, very.” And indeed I was. Excitement was building up inside of me already. But please, do not blame them.” I begged mum. “She did not mean to, no I will not blame Bessie’s family. But as a punishment we are not going until you do the dishes.” Her normal self was back. “Okay,” I said, it was still a lovely day. 

“You have arrived at your destination, Alberty Studios.” I usually hated the GPS, but today I wanted to hug her. “THANK YOU GPS! I yelled, causing others around us to turn and look at me. I felt the red creep onto my cheeks. Mum was agitated, but didn’t show it. I just knew. We neared the ticket station, my heart thumping hard. I could hardly wait to get on my favourite ride that I know, Graviton. I don’t think it will be my favourite for long. The reason that I liked the Graviton is because you lose Gravity. My mum looked at me, and I knew she was going to say something that would make me even more content then I already was, I know that by her look. “What is it?” I asked trying to be normal, but anyone would be able to know I was SUPER EXCITED! Mum smiled. “Look, I know you are excited, but please, for me, try to be calm. And also, stay where I can see you.” But I missed the last part, and dashed to find a ride and out of sight. I looked at my surroundings and realised I didn’t know my way. I turned around, but my mother was nowhere to be found. A feeling of terror hit me like fork lightning. I felt dizzy, but knew I had to find the lost children quarter. If only I had not given my mum the map. “Um… Excuse my sir?” I asked a friendly looking gentleman. “Yes child.” He said the words in a chilling voice. " Oh. Well never mind. Good day to you. Bye.” I scurried away wondering if anyone would actually help me. I started to choke, tears streaming down my face. I sat down to make sense of it all. My thoughts were a jumble and I couldn’t think straight. “Hello miss?” A nice young woman stood before me. “Is everything all right?” She had such a gentle voice so I told her. “Well, I lost my mother.” The women softened even more. “You poor, poor child.” I wanted to ask her what her name was and if she could take me to the lost childrens quarters. I was about to ask her this when suddenly her face went the complete opposite. If you don’t know what I mean I’ll tell you. One minute she was soft and gentle ,the next she was looking at me like a murderer would. I gulped. What would this woman do to me? Not wanting to find out, I dashed away. I heard her holler, “Hey! She stole from me!” For me it was easy to spot that she was lying, but everyone else could not sense that. Again tears streamed down my face, but I could not, would not worry about that now. An army of people big and small were chasing me. I was panting, but in my head. All I could think about was my mother. Making a sharp turn where the army would not go to, I sat down and sobbed. I had thought that the kind woman would actually help me. I could hear excited and happy children playing. The best day of my life, turned into the worst. “You are nothing but a tiny little wretch.” Once again I was lost in thinking I hadn’t noticed someone come. “Oh. Does the little wretch want to know my name?” She sneered. “My name is Rebecca.'' It was the so-called ‘Nice Lady’. “You are such a little-” She stopped looking at me. “Oh. The little wretch is scared.” She mocked me. I recited a poem my mum once said to me,

‘Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.

I said this to her, but she just laughed. “Well thank you little girl” she said. “If sticks and stones hurt you, then I will do just that. Tying a rope around me, she grabbed a dagger from her hand. That’s all I saw ‘till everything went black.

And that’s why you should always obey your parents.

May 12, 2021 05:30

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