Black Mirror

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Adventure Fiction Horror

           Richard was staying and learning new skills at San Francisco. He couldn't go back home since his fiance die. This day was her anniversary so he bought the white roses from her favorite flower shop. He was being a prince of blackmoore. His ancestors got the title by king and also the mansion and the lands. He must be the lord of blackmoore when his grandfather passed away. He thought everything back to the past times. At those times, she was being happy to live there with him and she try nice to treat well with his grandparents and other family members. But the butler and other maids and servants didn't like her. She used her times and put herself to be one of his family. But she failed. One day, he went out for collecting the debts from people who got the loan from his grandfather. At that day, he returned home at night. Everyone went to sleep so he didn't want to bother them. He quietly go up stair and turned straight to his room. When he entered to his room, he called her name for saying he's back. But there was no where to be found. So, he went out from the room and headed to the right wing. There was the tower and beautiful balcony which she loved to stay alone. So, he moved there quickly to find her. But he was too late the roof were burning down and the fire was big even if he heard her voice calling out for helping no one can get closer to there. Like this way she die. When she was passing away, he hired the investigator for investigating his fiance death. He knew that wasn't accident but his grandfather and everyone let him be in normally. They don't want him to get mess with their family title. At last, he failed and then he moved here by leaving his nest. 

            A week later, he got a letter from his grandmother. In the letter, grandmother wrote "his grandfather was passing away by accident". He thought so she wanted him to come back home. At San Francisco, he lived with his mother so he showed her the letter and asked what to do. His mother said "what do you want to do with them, you just recover recently I don't want you to dig inside their messy things again". He said "mother I think I must go back there to clear up my mind". Mother patted his head gently and said "don't forget if you need me just call me". He held his mother hand and said "I will". Then, he got into his room and packing his stuffs inside the luggage. He bought the ticket to go to England. Then, he went to sleep. In his dream, he saw his fiance who was dying in fire and then he saw the grandfather who was writing at top of the tower. When he was a child, he and his grandfather loved to write the poems, drawing the scenes and writing. So, that place was being their secret place. And then, an hour later, his grandfather stood up and look around with shaky eyes and sweating a lot. He seemed like afraid of something behind his back. Then, he saw his grandfather was falling down to the ground from the window in front the desk. On the desk, he saw the letter which was including the mirror. Then, he woke up suddenly with soaked in sweat. His mother was standing beside him and looking at him with worry face. She said "are you okay son". He just nodded to her and she gave a glass of water to him. 

            At the morning, his mother sent him to the airport and he take the flight to his home. He arrived the mansion at last and he looked around the gate but there hadn't change a little. A minute later, the door guard came closer to the gate and looked closer to him. The door guard asked "are you young master". He said "Yes, Paul I am back". Paul rushed to open the gate and let him in. He entered by passing the gate, climbing up to the stairs and headed to the front door. When he stood at the front door, then he held the door knocker and knock twice. The butler was coming quickly to open the door, he clearly heard the sounds of steps nearer. He stood straight and said "hello". The butler was shocking to see him but he seemed glad to see him. He said "can I come in". Butler said "yes, of course young master the lady was in the living room and the Earl Andrew was there". He said "everyone will come here of course". Then, he went inside and headed to the living room. When he held the door knob, the butler said "please let me tell the lady about you arrived please". He said "oh, yes go ahead I forgot everything since I moved to other place". The butler went in and a minute later he came back to the door and let him inside. His grandmother was being so glad to see him here. He asked her "what happened to his grandfather and what was the letter meaning". She denied to say about the letter but she said one thing. That was the ancient black mirror that his grandfather took it from somewhere. She told him "your grandfather seemed strange lately after he got this, he just staying near the mirror and talking himself". She said "I was taking the foods for him once to the tower and I heard your grandfather was talking with his reflection in the mirror but that mirror was being strange also". He asked her "what strange". She said "once I stand in front of the mirror to investigate that well but I hadn't find my reflection on it". Then, she continued "it was being the whole black thing but giving weird feeling and then I found black magic papers on the desk". After she told everything, he asked "where was it, can I take a look at it grandmother". But grandmother denied his request. She sent him to the upstair by ordering the butler and then she said "I want to take a rest now". 

               He arrived his old room, he saw the bed and everything were being the same as before. So, he said "Veron did you do this for me". Butler Veron said "I knew one day young master will come back so I cleaned this room everyday and put everything normal before you leave". He asked the butler about the mirror. But first, he denied to answer and later Veron told him "it was inside the secret store room at the right wing under the tower. Now, he knew that place but his grandmother hided the key to go there. It wasn't the problem actually for him. He prepared his tools and start his job at midnight when everyone gone to sleep. He carefully move his steps to right wing because his grandmother's bedroom was under the right wing. An hour later, he reached the secret door. He put his tools over the key place and then he heard the sound "click". He smiled "yes, it is". Then, he went into the room and he looked around at the corner of the tiny room he saw something big hidden behind the big curtain. He moved the curtain and saw the black mirror which his grandmother mentioned before. He moved closer to the mirror and saw the beautiful vines around the mirror made by silver. At the top of the mirror, he saw the devil face with horns. Now, he knew that's it. A minute later, he saw his grandfather faced but he knew it was an illusion. He moved closer to the mirror and said "cut it out you could't frighten me like this". Later, it went black again and heard sounds of click and the door open inside the mirror. The person was coming out from the mirror and she was Charlice who was his fiance. He was stunning at that time but he slapped his cheeks by his hands. And then, he moved closer to that illusion image and he said "you are not my fiance but that devil tried to catch his mind and soul. He said "you did this to my grandpa like this bastard". Suddenly he put the hammer upon the mirror and it crackling into pieces over the floor. At that time, everyone going upstairs to see what happened. He opened the windows inside that room and it was being the right time and place to clear that devil and destroy the mirror. At last, he made it. His grandmother saw the scattered mirror pieces over the floor and said "you are idiot". He looked back to grandmother and said "that idiot was your grandson, I won't let that mirror hurt anyone again". 

July 09, 2021 15:47

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