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After the events that followed last year a lot had happened within the magical community of Trolllock.The coven had found the culprit responsible for selling people on the black market. The witches and the community they strive to protect were driving and for the first time in three generations, things are getting back to normal. Though everything wasn't all peaches and cream. It turns out the man they had captured was not the ringleader but just one of his puppets. Meaning that there was a whole group of people still out there kidnapping magical beings. So they stayed vigilant. 

     So much so that Heather was sent to stay with a neighboring coven, something she detested since she had just managed to make friends within her own group of people. So Heather did her best to adjust to her new environment remembering her mom's promise that Heather could visit for summer break in 2 weeks. She just had to hold on until then. Restlessly she got to work reading from a book of complex spells when one of her bitchy cousins started pestering her. Heather groaned wondering if this is how she had acted two people before. Juliet was right bitch-level-alpha-1-annoying. Ready to give her cousin a piece of her mind. She called to her.


"Yeah?" Her cousin asked, looking up from her spot on the grass. Heather clicked her tongue feeling a wave of emotions roll of her cousin. Eagerness, worry, fear, and rejection wafted over onto Heather who did her best to shake off the feeling.

 "Nevermind, wanna soda" Heather- ask, deciding not to give Page a piece of her mind the last thing she needed was another strike against her from Her grandmother's mother and the Council had been breathing down her neck for the past year since the incident. Heather hadn't really been on good terms before. If it hadn't been for the other two she would have lost her mind already. The incident had changed the whole course of her life. It has given her a reason to give a damm.

     Slipping away from her cousin Heather went into the nearest convenience store and was met with surprise. A handsome young man stood laughing with a man behind the counter. It was nice friendly banter. 

"Damm you some kind of baller?"


"Come on what are you selling?"

"Pixie dust and vampire teeth," the young man said cracking a beautiful smile that went unnoticed by the man he was talking to. Two untrained ears it would have sounded like a smart joke but to Heather- it sounded like war crimes. Nervously she grabbed two sodas and shaking made her way to the front. Surely it had to have just been a joke there was no way she was going to stumble onto two instances in a year. 

"I'll be right there miss," the attendant who had been talking to the man said disappearing into the back as he carried his items up to the front and set them along with hers. Smiling coyly he gave her A wink.

"Whats a gorgeous thing like you doing out all alone?"

"Working off my debt to society," she said playing along with his banter before she paid and left she handed him a card with her phone number. Just in case he was dangerous she wanted to keep tabs on it. Living the store she returned to her cousin. Where she watched him leave on a motorcycle.

"You know him?"

"No he just moved here hot right," her cousin said with a laugh. 

"To hot for you though" she snickered. Heather rolled her eyes. "At least I have the nerve to ask for the number," she said leaving her cousin standing there with her mouth open. The rest of the walk home was spent in an awkward tension. Page was fuming sending waves of jealousy at Heather.

     However, a happy surprise waited at the door for two smiling faces stood with open arms. Uncharacteristically Heather races towards the door embracing both of her friends. 

     The group was united once again like something out of a storybook. It was quite magnificent. 

"I missed you guys so much" 

Heather gushed, hugging them close as she showed a side of herself that she rarely did around her family. The display of public affection shocked her family as she led them up to her room and they began to have a long talk about the events that occurred in the past 6 months they had not seen each other. Max had a crazy wild time. He had been sent off to study visions and card reading   It had been very challenging and he didn't really feel he had a grip on it all the way. While Mac's thing sounds cool. Hesther was admittedly jealous that Juliet had been taken to the Scroll keepers for very few witches ever set foot inside. It made Heather feel left out that there wasn't some fantastic place that she could go off and learn her own crafts. Though she knew it would take years before the natural ability grew. It couldn't be taught only felt. Quickly Heather explained her strange encounter. Her friend listened intently. Max eventually spoke up asking if she had gotten a vibe from him.

"Kind of but nothing that you know made my skin crawl of anything, he just seemed off" 

"Have you told the order?" Max said sound worried.

"No it literally just happened and I don't think they like me very much"

"I'm sure that's not true"

"Okay let me reiterate Mathis and Lady Sofia do not like me at all, Lady Mae and Sir Toni are alright"

"While Toby?"

"Oh, ops I mean his all-mighty eminence Tobias Galsley" the three shared A laugh over the name before getting down to business. On one hand, they could tell the order but on the other, they could make sure before opening their mother. The elders weren't too forgiving.

Deciding it would be best to get proof before running and crying wolf. The three young witches got to work. Heather plays the part of an adoring girl. While Juliet and Max observed from a nearby distance. The first couple of days nothing, just his name: Samuel. Sam was a pushy eager young man despite a girlfriend. So by day three, the young man tried to impress her by saying. He could give her the stars.

    At first, she thought he was being Forney until he brought her to a warehouse. It was here that he made the lame joke. 

"So don't be afraid," he said opening a door behind another bigger door. A custom-made cabinet with clear panels stood sporting thousands of faries. Most of whom appear to be losing their glow and life force. Heather did he best to play the part of the dumb ditzy human girl. It took every ounce of strength in her to extract the information she needed. Quickly she dove on him, him thinking he was going to get lucky toppled to the floor and allowed her to slide her hands under his shirt. It was then that she and post her will on to his, bring all the memories and cruel actions to the surface. It was in that moment he spilled his life story. He was a half-breed raced by his human family. His father had kept him for the purpose of hunting his kind. He explained his family a cruelty and hate fir him. He sobbed shaking his head as the reality of what he had done came full circle. Whimpering he clutched his legs shaking his head. Heather sighed. He wasn't the boss ever just another puppet being played by the marionette.

Heather stood over the half-breed glaring down at him in disgust.

"You sold them out to save yourself," she said appalled as you look down at him with pity in her eyes. It was instantly replaced with Fury.

"You're the worst kind of being, you're a no-good rat!" Heather spat before coutiening her verbal assault.

"If your not one if us, your one of them, they don't seem to want you or treat you right so why for the love of life would you help those monsters, you knew what they would do"

"They would have me any other way…" the man said sounding defeated.

"Your either with us or you're against us, I hope the order has a severe punishment for you" Heather said, punching his lights out. Quickly she stepped over him and released the latches on the tiny doors that contained dozens of fairies. The small pictures of dipped around the room. Some came to think Heather before disappearing off out one of those cracked windows.

    Heather made a call from her phone and informed your grandmother of the situation. When reinforcements arrived they found a quiet scene. Heather stood watching over her friends and the captive.An elders Heather had never met approached her. Fearing a scolding she mentally prepared herself. What happened next surprised her.  

    The elder pulled her into a soft embrace. Happiness, joy , and pride transferred from the Elder on to Heather. Embarrassed Heather did her best not to meet the elders eyes.

"You did excellent, I see bright thungs in your future someday a similar speech to your own Apprentice" The elder said Reviving her friends as the words clicked inside Heather's mind. A huge smile formed on her face. 

"Really?" She asked confirming that in fact she would be trained by an elder who where are the most revered and talented in their field. The woman nodded before handinf her a sealed pouch.

"You three get some rest, have some fun and try to stay out of trouble, maybe I should just say be careful, trouble seems to find you,”  she said disappearing as Juliet and Max fully came to oh, this is left Heather with a lot of explaining to do. The three had a big laugh about it before discussing their places within the community and what was to come. They each other greed on one thing that it didn't matter where it went or what happened as long as they were together and got to see the ending as a team.

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Cali S
16:48 Jul 17, 2021

I like that you start a mini series with the prompts its pretty cool. But your grammer needs some love. Try adding some commas anx spreeding out your thoughts between paragraphs


Cali S
16:49 Jul 17, 2021

Herr I am trying to correct you and my spellings shot just have fun writing :)


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