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Note: this story is longer than recommended, so I pasted some in the comments. This isn't exactly a story for the contest. I just wrote an idea I had for this prompt. :)

The Hill***

"Come on, Ella! It's just a little further. We have to make it to the top before anyone else. We have to claim the territory!"

"Oh hush, Eli. Try climbing this big hill with layers of clothes plus the weight of a sled. I'm exhausted. Why couldn't you find a better location? Somewhere less hilly."

"Yeah, you wore too many layers, you look ridiculous. Next time we decide to go sledding, we're going to plan our outfits. As for the location, I think it's perfect. I calculated the velocity and it equals total, epic fun."

"Well, your velocity better not get us hurt."

"Stop complaining, Ella. We finally made it to the top without getting hurt, didn't we? This is just the beginning. We have to walk up this hill maybe twenty more times and then we can go."

"Twenty more times? Ugh, this better be worth it."

"Oh, it will. Come on, hop on your sled.”

"Okay, let's go together, on three.”

"One, two, three!"

20 more times up and down the hill***

"I'm so cold."

"Haha. You should’ve worn layers like I did."

"I did... I just didn't wear a thousand, like you did."

"That was so much fun though. Thanks, Eli. I had an amazing time. You're the only person I can do this stuff with. All my other friends would rather have tea parties with their American Girl Doll, then go sledding."

"In that case, I'm glad I'm your only guy friend, considering you don't like playing with dolls and your other friends are girls."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Oh, um, nothing. It's nothing. Just me saying nonsense. Anyway, we should start heading to my house. My mom texted saying she made snacks for us."

"Sounds great. I'm starving.”


After that day, Eli and Ella spent more time together, especially over seasonal breaks. Summer break they would camp out, toast s'mores, and go to the beach. Winter Break they would have snowball fights, build snowmen, go rollerskating, and of course go sledding, on their hill. On Thanksgiving break, they would break the wishbone, on each end, and wish that these fun, childish moments can last forever.

Middle School***

"Bye sweetheart, have a great first day!"

"Thanks, ma.”

I try looking everywhere for Ella, but I can't find her. I haven't seen her since before she went off for camp. There wasn't any phone service so we couldn't text, but we would occasionally send letters to each other.

In homeroom, I see Ella. She looks different. Better? Prettier? Maybe it's just puberty, who knows? Girls develop weird. I go over to where she’s seated. All the girls look up and stare at me. 

“Hey, Ella.”

 I feel strange. I feel out of place. Being around a group of girls, that obviously already don’t like me, isn’t right.

 “Seems like you already made tons of friends, on your first day.”

 Was that a stupid thing to say? I smile trying not to embarrass myself.

“Hey, Eli.” 

The girls look at her, probably wondering why or how she knows me. 

“These are some of my friends from camp and my neighborhood. Girls, this is Elijah Wood. We’ve been friends since forever.” 

I wave because maybe it’s the right thing to do.

“Um, Ella, I was wondering If we can hang after school? Maybe catch up?” Was that too sudden? Why am I acting stupid?

“Oh, sorry Eli. I have plans with my friends after school. We’re going to get Fro-Yo from Froggy’s Yo-Go… Wanna come?”

Do I wanna come? With a group of girls? Ella is fine, but random girls who are going to ignore or stare at me the whole time. No thanks.

“No thanks. We’ll catch up some other time?” 

“Yea, totally! Have a good first day.”

I smile and walk back to my seat. The whole day was boring. I meet some cool people. Matt Westford is nice. He plays video games and plays the drums. Sorrice Natelie is a computer nerd. She likes hacking systems and websites. I saw Ella a couple of times today. Only for a few seconds in the hallways and half an hour at lunch. She sat with her girly friends though. How are we supposed to talk if the only “class” we have together is homeroom? Maybe not hanging out with your awesome guy friend is starting to become a trend because ever since the first day of school, Ella and I have been talking less. I can’t take it, I have to say something. I called Ella’s house phone that week.

 “Hello? This is Mrs. Pikett. Who am I speaking to?”

“Hi, Mrs. Pikett. It’s Eli. I was wondering if I can speak to Ella for a while?”

“Oh! Elijah. I haven’t seen or heard from you in a while. I hope you’re doing well, dear. Elizabeth! Come down, honey. Elijah is on the phone. She’ll be right down to speak to you. Hope to see you soon Elijah.”

“Same here, Mrs. Pikett. Thank you.”

I brainstorm a few ideas on how I’ll ask Ella to come over this Saturday. What if she’s already busy? Will I be too harsh telling her that she’s being selfish and is only sharing herself with her gal friends? Why do I care? Maybe I should hang up.

“Hey, Eli. What’s up?”

“Oh, wassup Ella. Um, I was just calling because I was wondering if you would wanna hang out this Saturday? I mean if you’re not too busy. You’re always very busy.”

“Sorry ‘bout that. I’ve been really busy, as you can tell. This Saturday? Yeah, I’m free. I usually try to keep my weekends to myself. I feel cluttered with so many girls surrounding me all the time, during school.”

I secretly smile to myself. That’s good. Well for me I think. If she feels that way maybe she doesn’t enjoy being with them and misses me. 

“In that case, maybe this Saturday isn’t a good idea-”

“No! It’s great. We haven’t actually spent any time together. I’m very sorry. So Saturday it is. An Ella and Eli day.”

Ella and Eli day. Just the two of us. Big adventures, lots of fun. Just like before, well in some way. This has to be cool so she’ll continue to hang with me.

“Sounds good. Meet me at the Hidden Cabin. 3 p.m. sharp. Bring your bike.”


They hung up and as soon as Saturday came around, Ella and Eli were ready to have another epic adventure, like the good old times. The Hidden Cabin was a cabin that Ella and I found a while back. They would pretend to be GhostBusters and catch ghosts. Once they even filmed paranoia, although there wasn’t any. Ella would knock things down to make it seem that they were really in a haunted cabin. After that day at the Hidden Cabin, Ella talked more to Eli, especially on the phone. Sometimes they would talk about their busy schedules. Well, more like Ella’s busy schedules. During the week, after school, she would have to do homework and practice piano with her instructor. Sometimes after that, she even had to go to ballet and/or theatre rehearsals. For personal activities, she played soccer and softball. Her life, now, was very crazy. All Eli had to do, after school, was his homework and chores. His personal activity is just sleeping, but when 7th and 8th grade pulled through, Eli became busier. He started finding an interest in computer science, thanks to Sorrice. He also joined the basketball team and played tennis, seasonally. Ella continued to do all she was doing before, instead, she dropped her previous activities and started writing poetry. She entered stand-up poetry contests and she took it very seriously and just like before, Ella and Eli drifted apart. 

High school ***

“Goodmornin’ Southport High School students! Welcome, all Freshmen to your first year here! Try not to be late for your classes! As for the rest of yall, you know the drill! Have a great day and see you at the prep rally! Go Dolphins!” Ms. Rimstien blares out with school spirit. 

The start of high school is always a rush. Older students, you’ve never seen before, crowding the halls and gossiping about their Summer Flings. The fun stuff like parties, new clubs to join, wider varieties of cliques, and more in-depth learning for our futures, are awesome. On the other hand, thinking of high school as 4 divisions suck. It feels like being a part of the Hunger Games or being put into Hogwart houses. All I have to do is go through 4 years in this place and I’m outta here, with the alternative of me staying back a grade. Besides that, I’m going to take these years and make them mine. All classes were cut short and it was finally time for the beginning of the year pep rally. Everyone piled into the gym and scrambled onto the bleachers. 

“Ella! Over here!”

I turn my head and I can see Ella making her way up the bleachers to a crowd of students I’ve never seen before. She probably also met them at camp. I turn my focus onto Ms. Rimstein, who just started blabbering about what we should be looking forward to in the upcoming year. After she finishes talking, the Southport senior cheerleaders head towards the center of the gym. All 4 of them chant the Southport sports pledge.

“By the water or in the sea, the Southport Dolphins will take the lead!”

They do a little stunt cheer and then head back to their seats. Next, the Drama/Theatre club members act out a scene from Macbeth by Shakespeare. I guess the whole skit was about some ambitious, crazy guy who wanted to be king and started killing everyone that was in his way. After that, I just stop watching, plug in my earbuds, and play on my phone. I look up a few times just to get a glimpse at Ella. She’s smiling and shouting into her cupped hands. A mixture of boys and girls surrounding her with big smiles and preppy cheering. They all belong here. When the crowd settles down, a boy moves down a row to where Ella is seated. He whispers something in her ear and she laughs. Are they dating? How would I know? Ugh. My stomach hurts. I feel like something is tangled up in a knot trying to purge out of me. Mrs. Rimstein dismisses everyone according to grade level. Unfortunately, since we're in the last grade, we all have to wait until every grade is called. I look around and I see Sorrice and Matt. They get my attention and wave me down. Ms. Rimstein calls the Freshmen and I get up and start walking towards my friends until a hand pulls me still. I turn around and see Ella.

“Hi, Elizabeth?”

“Oh, so we’re on full name bases now?” she says giggling.

“My bad. What do you want? I don’t mean it in a mean way, just like-”

“It’s fine. I just wanted to ask If you would like to join me Friday after school? I’m going to be performing at the Cup It Cafe.”

“I ca- I’ll think about it? I don’t know if I’m busy this Friday. I’ll text you if anything. Still have the same number?”

“Yupp. Well, see you Friday after school, maybe. Bye… Elijah.”

She smiles and walks away. I head towards Sorrice and Matt, who are waiting patiently for me.

“Everything good, man?” 

“Yeah, Matt. Everything’s just fine.”

We all head to my house and hang in my basement. We have our own mini-concert, hack our apps to get better updates, play video games, and eat snacks. Lots of snacks.

“Whoa. I think I'm gonna barf. Brb.”

“You better not puke all over my floor! You're cleaning it up!”

Matt rushes to the bathroom and I’m left with Sorrice.

“Hey, Eli. What’s going on with you and Elizabeth? You guys havin’ an off and on relationship?”

“What? No. We aren’t even dating. If that’s what you're implying. We just-We just haven’t talked in a while…”

“Again. Come on, Eli. This just all seems like a big, unhealthy relationship.”

I don’t reply and fiddle with my fingers instead. Sorrice turns away from the tv and looks at me.

“No way. You like her. You totally have feelings for Elizabeth!”

Matt walks in the room wiping his mouth with the corner of his sleeve.

“Hey, Matt! Eli likes Elizabeth! Elizabeth Pikett

“No way! Wow… All these years and I never really understood why you were so hungover her the way you are. Now I know, but the real question is… Does she know?!” 

“No, man. She doesn’t and I would like to keep it that way. Got it!”

“We promise,” Sorrice and Matt say, zipping up their lips.

That night, after Sorrice and Matt went home, I thought about what we discussed. That had been the first time I publicly confessed to liking Ella. Was it weird to have feelings for someone you played with when you were younger? I mean we sort of aren’t talking. Busy lives, you know, but still. She could’ve at least acknowledged the fact that, when all her boring friends were off wanting to do boring stuff, I was the one to make everything fun. Maybe she forgot… Imagine that. Elizabeth Pikett moving on from me, Elijah Wood. I have to go to her performance at Cup It Cafe!... Just in case she forgot I’m still here.

January 22, 2021 20:10

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Loved this story so much Jay...amazing job.


Jay DMer
20:46 Jan 22, 2021

Thank you, Laila. :)


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20:14 Jan 22, 2021

Nice story! :) Check Me Out - https://blog.reedsy.com/creative-writing-prompts/author/xander-dmer/ I posted a new story today! Leave a like and comment!


Jay DMer
20:15 Jan 22, 2021

Thanks and I'll read your new story. :)


20:16 Jan 22, 2021

No Problem! :-P


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Jay DMer
20:12 Jan 22, 2021

Pt. 2)*** Eli texted Ella, the next day, after school, telling her he could make it to her performance. Eli receives the time to when the show starts. The following Friday, Eli shows up at the Cup It Cafe. *** On Friday, I walk into the Cup It Cafe. The vibe is neutral. Hipsters and teens scattered around chatting and drinking lattes. I find a seat, at the far-off end of the stage. Everyone already took the best tables. I see Ella and I wave to her. She makes her way over and pulls out the chair beside me. “Hey! I’m so happy you made it...


Jay DMer
20:14 Jan 22, 2021

Pt. 3) “Hello, people of Cup It Cafe. I’m Ella Pikett, but my stage name is Cinderella. Tonight I will be performing a poem that I made called Flowers. Hope you enjoy it… People are like buds. You can look at them at the start and not know who they're going to become. They have to go through all their changes. Sometimes they don’t grow the way they’re supposed to, but that's okay. We’re all different in our own unique way. When we bloom at the end, we can finally see. Who we as people are meant to be. Don’t judge. It’s a crime. You shall fin...


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