Little Drummer Boy

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Christmas Fantasy Friendship

The world is full of music, if you will just listen. Me and my drum just make that music more obvious. I take it everywhere, strapped to my neck. Bad dum dum, ba dum ba dum. I play listening to the sounds of the street. My family got music in the blood, I am Eddie Garfunkle and yes I am related to the one of Simon and Garfunkle. I always play my drum, when things are quiet. There's a pause and there is my drum. Some people get very annoyed with me. I just laugh and keep drumming.

I was walking, and I saw a woman there who was dressed very oddly. Patches of color everywhere, and a pointy hat. I wave to her with one drum stick. She looked to me, like should I know this guy? I am just friendly. “Hello little drummer boy.” she said in a creaky voice.

I am short, had dwarfism and had always been that way. I hated when people commented on it. “I may be short, but I am not rude.” I tapped my drum stick on her head gently.

She began to turn red, and then pointed at me. “You give me a headache, you will pay for messing with me..” her hand began to glow. Oh man I didn't tap hard enough to give her a headache, I was sure. I tried to dodge, but she flicks her hand to meet me.

I feel myself changing. I now had fur, whiskers, green and red spots. I feel my drum latching to me, no matter what I do I can't let it go. “I didn't mean to harm you, please undo this.” I pleaded,bowing to her.

She cackled. “Mean it or not, you made me feel bad. Now the only way to get free, is to help someone who is sad. This curse will stay, if not by a month you do this. Now I shall poof away!' She then poofs in a cloud.

Help someone who is sad? Well that is easy enough! I scan the street, trying to see if I can find anyone. No sign of people. I move to town and glance around the shopping center. Surely someone I can help would be there. People point and laugh seeing me. I stick out my tongue at them. If people are that amused by me, this should be a cinch! I see nobody that seems sad. I notice an ad up.

Holiday party for musicians! If you play anything, you are welcome to join us. December 21 at 6. Then it says the address, it is right next to the theater. Hum, that might be fun! I would have to get this curse off me first. I don't want people thinking I am a freak.

I search for sad people, but everyone seems happy I see. Hum, they must be at home it seems weird nobody is sad. I heard Christmas can be the most depressing times of year, if you can't be with your family or someone you love. It's like that witch made everyone I see happy with her magic, I bet. She cheated!

I am so angry. I feel a headache growing. I rub my head and feel bumps there. What is going on here? Something was growing from the bumps and they are itchy. I vow to never tap on anyone's head even if I am ticked off at them calling me short. Maybe I should try tomorrow, she can't magic everyone to be happy until January 16!

I get to my house, and try to sleep. I have trouble with my drum fused to me. I can't seem to get myself comfortable. After a while. I slip to sleep and have dreams of my drum coming to life and eating people. It even eats my first love, Harriet. I am not sure how she got in my mind, I haven't seen her for years.

I wake up and look at the drum, it seems to not be living thank goodness. I head out, my mind not on helping people. It was more on Harriet. The fight we had the last time I saw her. I had started it, I don't really recall what the argument was about but there was yelling.

Then she said she never wanted to see me again. I had been so devastated, and went to her house to try to make up. It seemed she had moved out in that time. Her mother didn't tell me where she went. I begged her and said I wanted to make up. She said, I don't know where she went but she was really mad. It was just one fight!

I don't believe she left like that. There must be something more to it then I knew. I felt so terrible. I tried to move on, but I had bad luck with dating. Every woman thought I was immature. I just gave up on it after a while, nobody could be like Harriet to me anyways.

Coming out of my reverie, I blink as I seem to be stuck on a pole my drum is tangled up on it. Ugh, I should really pay more attention to where I am going. I try to get loose, and I see people laughing. “Hey why don't you guys help, please!”

They come over and help me get untangled. “That was so funny, I should of brought a camera.” The woman said chuckling.

“Ha ha, well thanks for helping out.” I rolled my eyes and walked off. Now back to finding a sad person. Hum...happy, happy, happy...grr did that witch really make everyone in town happy for a month? She must be really powerful. Either that or people just looked happy when they were not. Maybe I should ask them? No, that would seem weird.

I sat down, putting my head in my hands. It seemed I was going to be this reindeer thing forever. I wished at least I could get this drum unfused from me! It was going to make things very difficult for me. I had to find the witch and appeal to her somehow. Where could she be? I knew there was a guild for magic users in town, maybe she was there.

So I looked for it, having no idea where it was. I asked some people, but nobody I asked seemed to know. Did she block them from telling me too? This woman was pure evil! I growled and felt a headache. Hum, it seemed every time I was angry, the things on my head grew. Well yay this was wonderful I thought, grumbling.

I wandered until finally someone showed me the way. I asked the leader if he knew a patchwork witch. “Ah Mardella, yes I know her. Um, were you a victim of hers?” he looked over me chuckling.

“Yeah, she said I had to cheer up someone but did a spell to make everyone happy it seems.” I sighed.

“Hum, well sometimes people hide sadness. I doubt she could get everyone. Um, perhaps I could help at least get the drum off you, that is probably very uncomfortable.” he brushed his mustache with his finger.

“Can't you turn me back human? I will pay.” I got some money and flashed it at him.

“Curses can be hard to dispel, but I will try.” he took the money and waved his hand. I was mostly back to normal, I felt I had the big ears still and the antlers.

“Well that is better, I can live with this. Thanks.” thinking I was set, I just spent some time buying presents for my family and spreading joy with my drum. No matter what that witch did, I wouldn't stop playing it!

Finally it was the 21st, so I headed to the place the party was at. There were all sorts of people, with every kind of instrument you could imagine. We ate, talked, and drank. It was nice to be around people who understood the power of music. We all decided to play and carol around. We headed to the theater last. It seemed some play was being cast at the moment.

A cat girl looked at me. “Eddie?”

“Um yes, may I help you?” her voice seemed familiar.

“It's me Harriet. I wanted some peace and quiet from my tour so came home. I have a bad feeling that my mom has plans though.”

“Harriet? It's really you! I am surprised you are talking to me after that fight.” I stared and moved to hug her.

“Yeah, I remember the fight but that is not why I left. I wanted fame. It didn't work out though, was just as backup dancer. I should of told you where I was going, but at the moment I was angry. I got over it, though.” she hugs back.

“I am so glad to see you! Um, do you think maybe... we could have dinner? As friends...” I said not wanting to push it.

“Yeah I think so...uh you sure look festive. I don't remember you being the type to dress up for Christmas?” She touched my ear.

“Um those are real. It's a long story. I guess as long as why you are a cat girl.” I blushed, not sure I should mention that.

“Well we can tell the stories at dinner.” she smiled and takes my hand. “I should introduce you to some people special to me. My kids.”

“Kids? You are married then?” I frown, sighing. Of course she would be!

“Well not anymore. That's another story.” she looks down

“Oh you have a lot of them it seems, well plenty of time to hear it. Let's go.”

So, we had dinner and it was very nice. It reminded me of old times with her. I wonder if maybe we might get back together. Well, that is maybe in the future to see. We are friends now.

December 21, 2020 23:14

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