Adventure Romance Fiction

“I don’t want you hiding any more secrets from me,” Linda said to Mark. 

“I haven’t hid anything from you.” Mark claimed. 

“Then how do you explain the death threats in your computer? Did you write those to yourself?”

“I am in danger, Linda. I didn’t want to put you in danger by telling you about it.” Mark said. 

A new notification had appeared in your inbox, would you like me to read it out loud?

Mark looked over to Linda, who stood there with her arms crossed, and directed him with her eyes to play the message. 

“Yes.” Mark said. 

The following message does not have an ID: Mark, I know your wife knows about this, and I will be coming after her.

“Listen, Linda. You need to leave now! Take the next train, I will meet you back when it’s safe.”

“Know about what, Mark! Please talk to me!” Linda cried. 

“I promise I will tell you everything. For now, go catch the next train!” Mark shouted. 

“Take the train where? I don’t even know where I am going.”

“Go anywhere but here, now.”

Linda cried, and shoved Mark as she cried in his chest. He stroked her hair and pulled her back. 

“Goodbye Linda.”

“You promise you will come back for me?” 

“You will be the only thing I think about.”

Linda left the apartment and a guard met her by the train. 

“Are you Linda?” The guard asked.

“I am guessing Mark sent you here?” 

“You would be correct. Take a seat in the train, I will come in once I know the area is clear.” 

Linda took a seat on the train, and looked around to make sure nobody looked like they would attack her. She was scared for her life, but the only thing she could think about was Mark. She was furious, and she didn’t know why she couldn’t stop thinking about him. The train was full of people, and she felt claustrophobic. Suddenly, the guard went in and shoved the person next to Linda aside. The guard was twice his size, so the guy didn’t dare pick a fight with him. 

Linda sat and looked out the window. The guard was still standing, she guessed it was part of his duty. 

“Sir, you are welcome to sit. I know you are a guard, but we are on a train after all.” Linda explained. 

The guard didn’t say a word, but he respectively took a seat beside her. A tear rolled down her eye as she feared the worst of what would become of Mark. Someone walked by her, and accidently spilled coffee on her head. 

“Crap! I am so sorry ms!” 

The guard stood up and made like he was about to punch him between the eyes. 

“Sir! Don’t punch him! I’m alright!” 

The guard sat down, obeying her order. The boy rushed back to hand Linda some towels, and she forgave him for the incident. 

“You know, you don’t always have to punch people for making a mistake.”

The guard looked down at his oversized hands, and began to fill them with tears.

“What’s wrong big guy.” Linda asked. 

“ I don’t like my job anymore! People don’t care about my life, what my name is, they just want me to hurt people. I don’t want to be a silent soldier who stands near girls and protects them anymore. I don’t want to punch people for no reason. I want to protect people for a good cause.”

“What is your name?” Linda says politely.

“My name is Ron, and I became a guard for the experience so I can be a soldier in the military. I want to fight for a good cause, to protect my country. I want to make a difference.” 

“Ron, I think you would make one of the best soldiers out there.” 

“Thank you, Linda. Nobody has said my name in years. It feels good to know somebody cares.”

The train stops harshly, making Ron’s face slam against his hands. They both break up in laughter, and they feel like they have made a friend. 

“Where are we going anyway?” Linda says.

“The boss says somewhere special. Look, Mark loves you. He is doing everything he can to protect you.” 

“Is he going to be ok?” 

“If you believe he will, then he just might be fine.” Ron says.

“What will happen with you?” 

“I am going to join the military, you have given me enough courage to start.” 

“Does that mean you won’t be my guard anymore?” 

“I will be at you assistance 24/7”

They both smile, and finally the train comes to a stop. The doors open, letting in a warm breeze. The wind blows Linda’s hair back, and she looks over to Ron who follows behind her. 

The scenery is magnificent, they are surrounded by tall hills with a variety of flowers. Linda runs out and twirls around the tulips. The plucks a dandelion from the ground, and blows into it letting it bloom around her. Ron laughs, as he enjoys the sight of her happiness. 

Linda looks down at the ground, her smile turning into a sigh of grief. Her sadness makes Ron feel upset. 

“I don’t feel I should be happy without him, I am sorry, Ron.” Linda explains. 

“You mean him?” Ron says pointing to a figure standing on top of the hill.

Linda turns around and she sees Mark before her eyes. 

“Mark!” Linda shouts. 

Linda runs all the way on top of the hill and Mark lifts her in the air and pulls her in close. He held her tightly in his warm embrace, and she felt like she was safe. 

“You said you would tell me everything.” Linda said. 

“Do you want to know?” Mark asks.

“No, not anymore.” Linda laughs. 

Ron takes his hat off, and gives Mark a soldier salute. Mark does the same. Ron then turns back to the train, and goes on his way home. 

“What did you wish for when you blew the flower?” Mark asks. 

“I wished for you.” Linda says. 

“Then I guess your wish came true.”

Then, with an exchange of laughter she puts her hand in his, and they walk to wherever the hills would take them.

April 17, 2021 21:06

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Ran Ahmed
14:12 Apr 25, 2021

The ending is very sweet. Very beautifully put.


Rose Quartz
15:26 Apr 25, 2021

Thank you so much !


Ran Ahmed
18:43 Apr 25, 2021

You're welcome. :)


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Palak Shah
21:48 Apr 17, 2021

I love the way that you have written this. The is such a sweet story. It is fab. Well done !!! Could you please check out my latest story. I hope that we could be friends ~Palak Shah


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