Secret of the Three Inch Poet

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Adventure Fantasy Fiction

The dark blanket that covered the sky was filled with twinkling stars. Millions of miles away, they were beautiful. But up close they were ugly. They burn, fight and kill. They are nothing but fire. This is what I thought of as I went to bed.

I woke up to the sun urging me out of bed, as if trying to say “Get up! It’s a beautiful day.” I didn’t want to get up. I wondered what the point was. No one would notice I was gone. But the realization I had to made me. If I was going to get up today, why not make it worth it? It was a weekend and I decided I would go to the library. The only place in the world I felt safe.

The owner Martin cared about me, if I didn’t come one day he’d ask why and if I was okay. And he always listens and respects me. Unlike everyone else. In this everturning, ever changing world, it was nice to have one place. One person I could rely on. I had wanted to go over the weekend, so I decided to do it today. It seemed like a nice day. I walked there, a very short walk only a few blocks and entered to the smell of old books.

“Hello April! Nice seeing you. I thought you weren’t going to come this weekend. Change of heart?” He asked kindly.

“Yes. I need the smell of old books and tea today. I would love to read a nice fantasy book.” I said calmly. This library always makes me calm.

“Ahh yes. I have some good ones. Go to the back right upstairs.” He said gently.

“Thank you.” I said.

I walked through the rows of books and drifted up the stairs. I always felt as if I were in a fantasy book in here. Above me I saw a sign that read: Fantasy Books on it. I walked in and saw a poetry book with a red cover and golden words. I hadn’t come for poetry, but it looked good. I opened it and read with curiosity. It was beautiful.

I was so deep in it when I heard “clang”. It startled me out of a dream land. I turned around, but no one was there.

“Hello?” I asked cautiously.

Then I saw a small person. A very small person. I did the logical thing - I stepped back, speechless.

“Don’t fright young miss. Please don’t scream.” It said, sounding nervous.

I closed my mouth, frightened. I managed to stammer out, “Who are you?” feeling very frightened.

“Me? I’m Timothy. I am a three inch poet. He said very proudly.

“I've never read your work. And I have read a lot of poetry. Come to think of it, I’ve never heard of you.” I said thoughtfully, felling more curious than scared now.

“Oh of course you haven’t,” he huffed. “But you’ve heard of Robert Frost I bet. Wow Robert Frost is so great wow.” He said in a mocking tone.

“He is a great poet! He is amazing!” I said angerly.

“Robert Frost didn’t write anything.” He said hotly.

“What?” I said, astonished.

“I’ll tell you what happened. And I will say it truthfully.” He said. “ I was a great poet. When Robert Frost put out his first poem, it was much worse than the others, wasn’t it? I had made hundreds of poems. They were amazing. Masterpieces. I was about to submit them, when someone came behind me. I was in the same library we are in now. I turned and Robert Frost was behind me. Holding a potion. He splashed it on me. And I grew shorter and shorter until I was three inches. He picked me up and put me on my desk. He looked through my poems and smiled then took them.

“A week later I learned he had gotten famous off my work. And he gave me no credit. Everyone thought he was such a great poet. But no. I had done it all. He just had to sell them, and he got millions of dollars. HE HAD TO DO NOTHING. NOTHING. I did all the hard work. And he sat around getting fame and money while I watched as a THREE INCH POET. Robert Frosts not great. I am. I’m great. I wrote the poems. NOT HIM.”

“Okay I get it.” I said, not liking getting my world turned upside down.

“You don’t get it! Imagine being proud about a science project. Then someone who’s not good at science wins and gets fame because of your project.” He said angrily.

“That would suck a lot.” I decided. “Wait…….. Did Albert Einstein really discover relativity then?” I asked, a little nervous for the answer.

“……. For all I know yeah……...” he said, sounding hesitant. “But will you help me grow to normal size and take back the fame and glory that's rightfully mine?” He asked, sounding both nervous and like he really wanted revenge at the same time.

“Yeah sure…… I mean……...why not?……….” I said, now getting nervous.

“Great. I need you to sign on my hand and then I will read the side effects.

This made me nervous, but I signed my name and he started talking very fast. “Serious injury or death could occur, including blood clots-”

“STOP!” I said, very startled. “I get it. You can stop. Now lets go.” I said, feeling an emotion I cannot describe.

“Wait… Pick me up tomorrow morning,” he said.

I agreed and walked home, almost in another dimension. I climbed into bed and watched the carrot orange fade into a dark midnight sky. There was no way I could fall asleep. I watched the clock tick-tock-tick-tock until to was six in the morning. I got dressed as quickly as possible and ran out the door to the library.

“What are you doing in such a hurry?” Martin said curiously.

“Um…...Its a long story…..” I said which was honest, I guess.

“I have as long as you need. Tell me.”

So I told him everything and he said “curious…… how curious….. well you need to get going. So go!”

And I did just that. I rushed up the stairs to find the three inch poet reading Robert Frost’s work.

“You’re here! Let’s get ready and go!” He said eagerly.

“I’m already packed. I have everything I need in this backpack. Oh….. and something you said yesterday is incorrect. I said, trying to sound emotionless.

“What is that?” He said, sounding surprised that he had been wrong about something.

“Robert Frost died poor. Most poets did back then.” I said trying to not sound like a know it all but realizing I had failed miserably.

“Well…. I meant it metaphorically. He was rich with fame,” he said, sounding quite hurt I had pointed out something wrong about his grand speech. “Now lets go.”

We both turned to find none other than Robert Frost.

“You're supposed to be dead!” We both said at the same time.

“Well I’m not,” he said tonelessly. He pulled out a potion. “I can’t let anyone else find out about our little secret.” He said slyly. He splashed it on us. I grew shorter and shorter until I stood at three inches tall.

January 29, 2022 01:29

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Anna Nonymous
19:42 Jan 29, 2022

This is such a fun and creative take on the prompt, Silva! And very brave to take on such a wild title. I cant believe you're only ten! I can't wait to see what you come up with next.


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