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This story contains themes or mentions of physical violence, gore, or abuse.

Aah!...where am I?...which place is this?...it's quite dark here. Aah! And why my head is hurting this much? Aaaah!..now I remembered, My name is John and I am an agent of a secret organization named Pandora. My work was to kill people for the organization. No, I should say that I was an agent of that organization before those bastards betrayed and tried to kill me on my last mission. But, I should forget about it now because I don't want to go there again only for revenge and try to live a normal life. Ah! Why my head is hurting this much? Should I check it with my right hand?...why am I thinking about my right hand now, I know, it was cut off by a blade on my last mission which was given by the organization. I should forget about it now, There is no point in remembering things from the past if it is too dark. ....wait a minute! Why am I feeling a weight on my right shoulder...what?! I have my right arm attached to my body!!

  What's going on here?

   What's happening with me?

   Did the thing which happen with my hand was a dream?!

   Now I can't only just be lying here. I have to get out of here and find out what's happening with me?!

   First, I have to find out what is my condition right now?

  I can feel my legs and I can also feel my both arms which means my legs and hands are fine, I can breathe which means my lungs are good and I can feel pain all over my body which means my body is working properly.

   Now, It's time to check what is the condition of my head, why it's hurting this much?

   ...what is this sticky oil-like thing?!..sniff sniff...blood!

   Looks like, my head was wounded by a rock and blood is coming out of my head. If it will leak like this then I am sure that I will die in fifteen minutes so I have to get out of here as soon as possible!

   I don't know where am I but it's a dark place where I can't see anything so I have to depend on my other instincts and my sixth sense for getting out of here. I can get out of here easily because since childhood I was trained for a situation like this where I had to get out of many dark places like this but I have a problem this time and that is time limit, I don't know how long this place is and I will able reach there in fifteen minutes or not...Ah! I don't have time to think about these things. If I will stay here for too long then I will die here!... I need to move quickly.

   This place is too small for me. It's looking like a small cave. I can't stand here so I have to crawl like a snake.

   ...crawl....crawl....crawl! Aaah! My leg, why it has to bleed at a time like this but I can't give up because of this, I want to live!

  I can't die without living a normal life!

 I want to live a normal life!!

 I will do everything I can do to live a normal life. No matter I will go out of here!

  ...crawl...crawl..(After ten minutes) I can feel the wind coming from this direction, I have to reach there before fifteen minutes over.

  (After three minutes)Finally, I reached here!

  It's a small hole from where the air is coming, but at least I have a way to get out of here. I have to just break it from here. But I don't need to be that much happy.

  I need to be calm to get out of here.

  It is the second law to be a great assassin: Never let your calm go, if it will go then you will die.

  Now it's time to get out of here. I don't have much much energy so I have to gather all energy of my body to break this place...what?! How can I am feeling this much energy inside my body?!.. I don't know but I can't do anything about it in this condition. Right now I can only do one thing and that is I can make a way for getting out of this place.

  Teacher once taught me how to gather energy from the body. He said you have to control the flow of energy in your body and then gather it in Dantian(energy field) and then move it towards the part of the body where you want to release it when you gathered all the energy there then release it with full force and most important you have to keep yourself calm at that time otherwise you will die.

  Well, he was a strict teacher who only taught me once because he wanted to train as a perfect agent or I should say a perfect assassin, but who cares about now?

  Now let's start gathering energy, first gather all energy in the Dantian from all over the body

...yes control it like that....drop...drop(Blood)...Ah! I have to concentrate more...I gathered it.

Now I have to move it towards my hand ....slowly...slowly... it's done. Now release it with full force.


 Finally, I am out of that hell!.... I think it's a forest when I fell from the cliff at that time I saw a forest, It should be that forest. Now first I have to take care of the wounds on my head then find a car and get out of here before the organization's dogs find me and catch me. I have to move quickly.


Someone is coming towards me! I can only do one thing now, walk around and wait for him to attack me and then find a right chance to kill him because I don't have much energy left to run away.

 He is near me!

...Now, something is coming towards me...stroke...shaking(tree)...what was that?! A gunshot?...A blade?! How can a blade be fast this much much that it shook the tree when it hit the tree?

  You Demon Cult bastard!!

  I will kill you!!


  Because of bastards like you, many innocent people got killed!

 Because of you bastards, This war started!

 I will kill you today did you listen to this wrecked son of Demon General!!

 What?! Demon Cult? Demon General? And what with his clothes?....and what with my clothes too?!... It looks like the clothes that were worn in ancient times. It seems to be the same situation as what was written in the novel which one of my comrades was reading! In that novel, there was a character who died on the Earth and was reincarnated in ancient times but there was nothing like Demon cult and demon general on the Earth in ancient times as I read in the books.

....I think I reincarnated but in another world, not on the Earth. And this world is full of martial artists and has things like Demon cult and Demon generals.

But that is not a problem right now. My main problem is that guy who is standing in front of me, holding a sword in his hand with strong killing intent! And he looks strong too but what's with his stance?! He is full of loopholes where a person can attack. It looks like this is his first fight or maybe he is acting? Because I have to kill him no matter what!

No! I should knock out him using those loopholes of his and ask him about this world and then kill him. This would be the right decision. 

Now, let's start with provoking him first,

Come, you bastard!

Do you think I am afraid of you? you are looking like a white monkey, you bastard!

You Demon bastard, I will kill you!!

....come closer...more closer...Now! It's the right time to make a move,

First a punch on the face...Aaah! you bastard...second a slap near both eardrums...Aah! I can't hear anything, third grab him and throw...Aaah! and forth a pressure point attack on the neck...you bastard I will kill youuu!

Finally, it's over! Ah! my head started to bleed again I need to stop it quickly! you kid, I acknowledge you that you are stronger than me but you lacked the knowledge of real fight that's why you are unconscious right now and I am standing.

Now I have to move this young boy with me to a safe place too where I can take some rest before people who know him come here.

(Walking) ....pat...pat...pat (after half-hour)...pat! look like there is a cave...pat...pat. I reached here. I should put him down. I don't have a rope to tie him...just forget about it, when he will wake up then I will knock down him again.

I heard the sound of a waterfall near the gave when I was coming here. I need to go there for cleaning my wound. I should leave him here and go there. pat...pat...(after five minutes)...pat! I found it! I should get washed up before he wakes up...my face is looking more handsome than in my past life. In my past life, I was a middle-aged man of age fifty years but right now I am you guy of eighteen. That white-robed bastard said that I am a member of the Demon cult and son of the Demon general. From the title looks like my father is a famous person in this world. But even after knowing it, that guy tried to kill me which means he is also a famous person or he has a deep background in this world.

(After ten minutes)I washed up all my wounds and bind some clothes on them I should get out of here now and go back to the cave quickly...this bastard, he is still unconscious, but it is good for me, I don't need to fight him and I can take some rest.

Why I am feeling dizzy...look like I need to take a little nap because I didn't get to sleep from the time when I came to this world. But I can't take nap at a time like this, if he wakes up when I am sleeping then he will kill me and I don't want to die!

I will just sit there and take some rest and I will not sleep...not sleepy...not sleepy..(after five minutes)..not sleepy!

(In the dream)

Run...run away John, you have to run away from here!

...I will not run away from here without you old man!

Right now I can't come with you John...they are after you, John!

Old man, I can't leave you behind!

Don't worry about me John, I will be fine, first I will send them in another direction and then I will come to find you in one year so don't worry about me and run away from here.

Okay, then I will go old man but promise me that you will be fine.

Okay, John, I promise you that wherever I am, I will be happy.

Okay then I am going old man, see you again old man.

See you to John.

(running)...pat...pat...pat! Oh! I forgot to give him this, should I go there again?... I will go there quickly and silently and I will give it to him and will return from there silently, okay this is a good plan, let's proceed with it.

pat...pat...pat! it's the car of Dickson who was following me...there is the window, let's see what is happening inside.

Old Man Li! where is John!

I don't what are you saying Dickson, John didn't come here.

 old man are you mocking me, no no! Dickson, I am not mocking you, I am just telling you that John didn't come here.

What are you saying, old man?! Dickson will find it that you are lying to him.

Old man, so you are telling the truth right! Yes, Dickson?! then I don't need you now old man, you should die!


Aaaaah! I should get going! Aah!....yes he was here...Ah! And I don't have...a regret...that I am dying for that kid....he is a nice kid, after all, (shout) John live a normal life in future and never regret about any decision you will make in future Tell me where is he the old man! I will...never...tell you! Then die you old bastard!


Old man!!...huh! that was a dream?! But why that dream again?.... let's forget about it, where is that white-robed guy? looks like he runs away then I should also get out of here before he comes with someone...Ah! my body! it's hurting till now.

what?! who binds me with bandages and where are my clothes? Oh! you woke up. White-robed bastard?! what are you doing here and what about my clothes? where they are?

Wait a minute, I am giving you answers, you are asking too many questions at the same time.

When I woke up, I saw that you didn't kill and let me live so I thought, I will leave this place quickly. At that time you were sleeping and then you suddenly started calling old man so I tried to check on you. I saw too many wounds on your body and blood was flowing from your body so I use one of my medicine to treat your wound so I have to take off your clothes. Your clothes smelled very bad so I have to wash them.

Look there are your clothes. It will dry till morning and for that, I needed some firewoods so I went outside to collect woods. I thought I will able to live after doing this much but I can't go outside because It's raining outside now so I have to stay here all night.

What's with this guy?! Is he really nice to me only because I didn't kill him or maybe he is acting?... I don't want to think about it, It will only become a headache.

Okay, you can stay here white-robed bastard!

My name is not white-robed bastard.

I don't know what is your name so how do I know what should I call you.

Oh! sorry, it was my mistake to not tell you. My name is Zi Xuan and I am a chief disciple of the WUDANG Sect and a member of the Tang clan.

And right now I am a co-chief of the demon exertion squad and we planned to kill Demon cult member in the north area after that I met you wrecked son of Demon general.

I also have a name or you forget about it?!

No, I remember your name is Li Chenchang and your father's name is Ling fang, you are a womanizer and you kidnap young girls for your dirty needs. I don't even want to stay with you a night here but I have to.

So this boy is that kind of guy who only thinks about girls.

why didn't you kill me when I was sleeping. Because I am not like you guys I can't kill people when they are sleeping in pain.

You are a weird guy but whatever I am going to sleep so don't disturb me and leave from here in the morning.

(after eight hours)I think, it's morning now and my wounds healed because of that guy's medicine, did that guy leave, I should also leave from here. 

(outside of cave) what are you doing here?! I lost my way to go outside of this forest so can we go together until we find a way to go out of this cave then we can leave for a different path.

.....okay, let's start moving....(running)...pat...pat...pat...(after two and half hours)..pat! look smoke is coming from there. let's go there,...Pat..pat....pat! Hush! look three people are standing there and some people are bowing in front of them. And there are cottages too.

They are not bowing in front of them, they are bagging to them, you Taoist bastard.

look those people are villagers who are bagging and I don't know people who are standing!

Those two are members of the song clan and that guy in the middle is the third young master of the song clan, this clan is also a part of a white faction so I can't believe that they are doing something like this.

If you don't believe in me then come with me and see by yourself.

(after five minutes)  These bastards, they are asking for 500 silver coins from villagers when even they don't have that money.

I don't think villagers are also good either, they aren't even trying to save that girl while her sister is begging for it...I am going 


to kill those bastards! I belong to a demon clan and I don't have regret in killing anyone because in this world only the strong live and the weak die.

I will help you in killing them,

I don't need your help because you are weak, even your body is strong but you are weak!

And you should think about what you were saying at that time that because of us innocent people are dying!

It doesn't matter if Demon clans exist or not people will die!

This whole world is corrupted even before you were born so if you want to change anything, find everything by yourself related to it then think if you will be able to do anything or not!

The End

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