Adventure American Bedtime

Here we are, the bus took us right into the fairground, Celeste held her gaze out the window, her adrenalin rising up in excitement. They, (her best friend Julian had this trip planned for awhile and saved every penny) to go to the largest fair, a five hour bus ride away, and spend the night at her aunt Kathy's.

"Oh look, the ferris wheel!! Isnt it so pretty, all the lights lit up!" She squealed, still facing the window while Julian was texting. Julian was the more serious one of the two, less reluctant to go on this journey than she was. But finally with strong persuasion, Celeste managed to convince her. Summer was coming to an end, and soon they would be off to college, studying and making new friends in different cities. Celeste wanted a memory for them to have, and the fair was perfect, her father drove them to the bus station, made sure they got on safely with the other kids going. It was a rowdy ride.

"Come on, let's get some cotton candy first." She swung her arm into her friends, people hustling everywhere, the smells of food dredging into their senses. It was going to be a wild day.

"Oh, sweet, the mirror house, let's do it." Julian took an interest. Together they wove in and out of the mirrors, making funny faces and giggling. Outside the clowns were doing their show on a large mat, a bucket for coins on the ground.

"I hate clowns." Julian grumbled, and walked over to the edge waiting impatiently for Celeste, who finally came to join her again.

"Want to go into the haunted house? Or how about a ride on the ferris wheel first?" She asked Julian, who pulled her long auburn hair back, tying it. It was hot, muggy, the air thick with scents of all sorts. Even a lingering animal smell from the barn. Horses were being brought in for the show later that evening. It was a typical fair, hustling and bustling with loud music from the rides, vendors shouting for games to be played.

"Two tickets please." Celese gave the ferris wheel vendor her money, and they were boarded onto the seats and locked into place. Up they went, and could see the entire fairground from where they sat at the top, high up like into the clouds they were, she thought happily, almost dizzy actually.

"I have to pee." Julian grumbled. And they went to the washrooms, which, of course were lined up. She had to wait. Celeste wanted to see the souvenirs. "I will be right back in a jiff." She informed Julian, who was tapping her foot and arms crossed. Celeste ignored her body language. She walked along the aisles of treasures, savoring every second. It didnt seem like she had gone very far, but then, she was at the back exit of the building. It was larger than she anticipated. She then got aggresively shoved out by some boys, and decided to get a few drinks.


Dusk was settling now, she and Julian would have to call aunty to get picked up for the night. She suddenly had no idea where she was. Her heart started to beat faster. The crowds seemed to get bigger, 'OK, don't panic, take a breath', she told herself, and tried to make it back to the public building where she had left Julian. Circles, she was walking in circles. Damm it, where the hell is she? Tired, hot and hungry now, she tried to ask people where the building was with no luck. She just got ignored.

The darkness was coming fast but the fair grounds were well lit. Celeste stood for a minute beside a vendor to get her bearings. She got a corn dog hungrily, and a pop.

"Hey, can you tell me where the public building is? I am kinda lost and have to find my friend." She asked a vendor, who begrudingly pointed the direction to her. "Thanks." She said and popped some change in his tip jar.

She walked once again, through the crowds and the noise. She felt light headed and wanted to get out of there now. Maybe this was not such a good idea after all. She was lost. Finally, she saw her friend, walking with a police woman.

"OMG, there she is. Celeste, where have you been, I was so worried." Julian screeched. "I..I'm sorry, I got lost and confused. It's so crowded here and noisy." Celeste hugged her. She was so happy to be back with Julian. "And where is your cell phone?" Julian scolded.

"I put it in your purse, I had too much stuff in mine, I didnt think this would happen." Celeste was almost in tears.

"Ok, ladies, I am glad this ended well. Can I call anyone for you?" The bored police woman asked. Celeste gave her aunt's number and the pick up was arranged at the front gates.

"Boy, I would love nothing more than a hot bath and a warm bed." Celeste breathed, as they sat in the back of the van.

"Getting lost at a fair that large is scary, it's a good thing nothing terrible happened young ladies." Her aunt scolded. She was worried when the police woman called her at the start.

"I know, thank God we found each other." She said tiredly, her eyes already starting to drift off as they got back to the house.

Julian was thinking of those clowns, shuddering at the site of one of them boring his painted eyes at her. It gave her the creeps. Like in of those Steven King novels.

"I hate clowns", she muttered.

"What?" Celeste was almost asleep, it was after 11 pm now, the hot bath would have to wait.

"Clowns, they give me the creeps, there was one there earlier, I could have sworn he was watching us." Julian muttered.

"Oh, come on, your being a fussy worry." Celeste responded back.

Julian could be too darn serious, and right now she was.

"Well, I got a wierd feeling from him." Julian stuck to her guns.

Together they went into the house, and aunty got them ready for bed. She made them each a peanut butter and banana sandwhich, a glass of cold milk.

"Wait until next year, we didnt even play any games." Celeste said, as they cuddled into an oversized bed. "We didnt do the bumper cars either." She continued, sinking her head into the soft pillows.

"You have to be kidding right, I think I have had enough of fairs for a long time, good night Celeste." Julian was already in lala land, still thinking of that creepy clown.

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