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It was the era of home boys like they call it. Mister era. When naira has relatively manageable value. The society was relatively innocent too. It was 1986. The year of Akpaora,ugly, baggie, Ten O six, shirly, short breads nasco, reggae, disco, rap and break dance. It is amazing nowadays and at the sometime funny, when people refers to that era as good old days now. Could you believe it? Nowadays, middle eighties are refered to as good old days. 

In reminiscence, they are not far from the truth. To compare those years with this years with these years with these years depending on who is doing the comparison, you will find that on economic, religious and even cultural wise, these years is nothing to write home about. No one is sure if there is still home existing these days. Everywhere is full of houses, yards family but no home. Again it depends on who is doing the analysis for I overheard one old lady referring to fifties as good old days. One teacher the authorities were owing two months salaries in early nineties was praying to God to demolish the saw world and began a fresh. The world and not his family and village. While at the business of remold the world, he was urge by the teacher to spend at least seven month in doing it and not seven days.the situation of the world is like this because it was haphazardly done. while planting humans in the remolded world,he should please, forget women like eve.if he must create woman at all, he should please in his infinite mercy make sure that women like eve is not among them.

The teacher was one of those teacher that went into teaching in seventies with teachers training college (T.T.C) level six certificate. If it were to be now, he will not even apply for the job not to talk of being rejected by the government. there he was in nineties reminiscing about seventies calling on God to demolish the world because of two month salary. The motherfucker forgot in his teaches head that very day he was making those statement was good old days of some people.

The same type of incident is what is echoing throughout all levels of education sectors in this country. All the stake holders are calling on God to destroy the world and began afresh. Not minding about their request to God,the teachers kept giving birth to babies and are educated enough in their own right to know the direction to channel their grievances. Cowards! They knew their enemies are not in heaven or in the world, but in government. Why not be brave enough to ask God to kill the education minister and everyone in his village.they are not even courageous enough to stage strike on their own without evolving the whole labor unions.

They are afraid that at times, government intentionally withheld their salaries to find excuse to dismiss most of them that entered wit T.T.C certificate.

The same cowards with lower certificate were the ones that are everywhere from primary to secondary and tertiary institutions, off loading their empty head into new generation.

Jimo entered comprehensive boys secondary school agiri with good common entrance examination certificate. He ws handed over to those teacher that were asking heaven to demolish the world. For six years, he was under their tutelage. He usually finish in second position each exam term. Infact, he was the most current student in the whole school in matters of current affairs. He usually listen to the BBC news every morning with his tinny sonny walkman radio. He was more current in affairs of the world not just African continent than the teachers teaching social studies, government, and current affairs. He was nick named BBC. 

He was not only good in current affairs, he was good in sporting activities especially soccer, sprint and others. He was all rounder. He was so valuable to the school that on many occasions he was sick and have to go home for treatment, school most of the time, will come to his family house with school bus, looking for him. He was active member of debating and quiz group in the school. He was an art student but he was also good in 'Kon Kon' department where they produce all manner of toys.

In dormitory, Jimo was somehow serving about five or six seniors in his junior days indirectly due to the fact that all of them were attracted to his charisma or something. for almost his entire secondary school days,He lived on others provisions courtesy of both the staff and students. 

Agili was Jimos classmate in school. He was equally good in sporting activites especially soccer. He was in Kon Kon group also. He was living in dormitory also and it was indicator that his family was doing fine financially.poor people don't live in dormitories then.Educationally,he was not all that good. 65 percent introvert. He is not that type of people that will make you turn around and look at them for they has no any attractive or ugly features that warrant you turning to eye them twice. He was well known in the school of almost seven hundred due to his football prowess.

During the era of pass and pass out and fail and fail out policy of federal government in both junior and senior west African examination council (WAEC). The school thought they will loss him to other schools after WAEC for it was the practice then for students to change school if they fail junior waec due to shame. He passed the exam well.

He continued in that fashion till he finished his schooling there. In senior waec, he did not do well, he passed out a failure. He continued for three years taking General Certificate of Education (GCE) exams without success. he went to one of the polytechnic institution in his state to do prescience for a year. and luckily, he was taking, he studied business administration for two years before he changed to public administration. 

Jimo on his part was passing through almost the same route agali did. It took him about three years after secondary school to gain admission into university to study marketing due to not passing joint admission and matriculation board exam. After services, no work, almost all the foreign companies there is relocating to other nations due to lack of energy supply. No light, the number of graduate Are higher than the jobs in existence. Agali was sent abroad by his family and Jimo joined his family retail business that was not all that functioning. Unrealistic dream, and lack of money to develop the retail business and the annoyance of associating and competing with smart illiterate traders turned him into an introvert he was not. Meanwhile, agali that went to abroad to futher his education came back and was working in a communication firm in lagos. Now a big fellow like they usually refer to them here. All these news and others of such nature about his former classmates made Jimo to shrink more into himself. 

When the reunion of comprehensive boys was called to find solution to the dewindling population of the school, Jimo gave excuse that he won't be attending. that he has urgent meeting on the same day outside the country.jimo that has never been near airport in his life has meeting in Mars the same day his former classmates were shaking hands and hugging themselves.

September 28, 2020 17:24

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