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Of course, out of all days, it's April 1st which means it's April Fools Day! I can't stand this day of the month usually I'm excited about the first of the months but when it's April 1st my blood starts to boil.

I know you are wondering why do April Fools make my skin crawl? Well, it's because I'm from a town called "Trickery". I guess by the name you get a slight idea of what the town does.

It's a town full of pranksters, who wait all year long for April Fools day to arrive so they can prank family and friends, sometimes even strangers.

I'm the only one in the town who does not participate in this ridiculous holiday. I think it's out of the norm to go around pranking innocent people when you can be doing something useful for the needy.

Oh, I forgot to mention to you what I do on this particular holiday. Every April Fools I set up a table on my front lawn with toys and clothes for the children in this town that have without. Today as I give a little girl named Lucy a barbie doll fresh in the box she questions the sign that I have on the table with the belongings.

The sign reads in big bold letters "NO PRANKSTERS ALLOWED!!"

"I like your sign," Lucy says while hugging the boxed barbie doll.

"You do?"

"Yes, I think it's cruel when people go around town pranking others I don't find it amusing."

I smile and reach in my pocket for a lollipop.

"Here you go, you get something sweet today."

"Thank you, Mrs.Maggie."

Lucy replies while taking the lollipop out of the palm of my hand.

Lucy runs off the green lawn and skips down the sidewalk.

While smiling watching Lucy skip away I had gotten a visitor. His name was Palmy, I don't know why others called him that, the name didnt match the reputation that he made for himself.

Palmy was known to be the biggest prankster of them all. He was only 13 years old but had muscles like a 30-year-old. His hair was bright red and he wore a silver thick chain around his pants.

Palmy walks closer to the table of things and began to laugh at the sign.

"No pranksters allowed?! That's no fun haha."

Palmy replies while holding his stomach from laughter.

"What's fun about pranks?"

"Everything! You get to prank those who are least expected."

I stand with my arms folded and a face with disappointment. Palmy sees the expression upon my face and intended to walk away with a source of entitlement.

I stand on my green lawn with my arms crossed against my chest with a mind full of ideas. I thought what if I go around town and stop the pranks one by one. It's an idea that I've never thought of before but it's worth a shot. I gather the rest of the toys and clothing that were left and put them in the garage along with the table.

I change into all-black clothes and like a thief in the night, I began to walk around town plotting to stop the devious pranks.

While walking I saw a little boy named Jamison place a lit-up firecracker on the lawn of Mr. Jenson. Mr. Jenson was an 87-year-old man who bothered no one, he always kept to himself. I run on the lawn like a cheetah planning to attack its prey and grab the firecracker then place it in the trashcan with a lid.

Jamison sees what I've done and yells with a face beat red.

"Why did you do that?! I've been planning this for months! & you ruined it!!"

I walk towards Jamison with a red lollipop in my hand.

"Here's a lollipop, no more pranks Jamison it only causes you bad luck."

Jamison snatches the lollipop out of my hand and stands there with a pouty face.

As I leave the boy with a pouty face I walk down the street and see a little girl put chewed gum on a seat of her little sister's bicycle.

I walk up to the bicycle and remove the chewed gum with a plastic bag that I found on the sidewalk.

The little girl who did this prank sits on her bicycle with a frown upon her face.

"I'm sorry sweetie but putting chewed bubble gum on your sister's bicycle is not good."

I pull out a lollipop and hand her it. The frown turned into a smile.

"No!" The voice that shouted was from a woman named Patty. Patty was the 2nd sweetest person in the town. She also gave out things to the children.

I walk near Pattys house and approached her to see what might be wrong.

"What's wrong Patty?"

Patty sits on the steps of her porch with bawling tears.

"Ugh! Those rotten pranksters egged my car! I've done nothing to no one in this town why do this to me?!"

"Oh no, I'll help you take the broken eggs off of your car."


"Yeah, and we must hurry because eggs can do damage to the paint of the car."

After 30mins passed Patty and I finished cleaning up the eggs on her car.

"Thank you so much, Maggie, I didnt think you'd help me?"

"Why's that?"

"Well, because you don't talk to people of this town much often."

"I don't talk to the ones who prank innocent people, which is why I'm planning to stop all of the pranks today."

"Oh, good luck to you Maggie that seems like a brave thing of you to do."

"Thanks, Patty stay anti prank."

When I left Patty's house I saw a familiar face. It was Nelson Palmy's father.

"Maggie?" He says while approaching me.


"I've heard that you are trying your best to stop the pranks of this town?"

"Yes, that's right."

"Whys that?"

"Because innocent people are getting pranked and it isn't fair."

"You're ruining this town's favorite holiday! This town looks forward to this holiday all year long and you try to stop it. I will not allow you to do so."

March 28, 2021 02:04

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