Demons Inside Us

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Dear Diary,

I'm in the bathroom at the party, and nothing seems to be going right. Nothing seems Nothing is ok. Justin kissed Katlynn, not me. Trixie spilled her cola on my dress on purpose. I must-

The door swinging open causes me to stop and look up from my journal. I can see just a little from the stall I'm in, and Justin had Kat against a wall. He's holding something sharp. A knife. I rush up to save her, but I stop in my tracks. Not a knife. A pen. Stupid. Stupid. Why would he have a knife? I've read too many horror stories. I sit back down on the toilet, beaten down.

I've turned to a mess.

Dear Justin.

I know you like Kat and not me any more. I'm fine with that. I not mad. But why didn't you tell me? I hope you are doing fine.


I think Justin's gone. I look out, and see nothing. I unlock the door and wash my hands, my journal in my purse. The grey walls are starting to spin, and are mocking me. I need to get out. I open the door, and head back out to prom. Everyone is dancing to a pop song, the girls swinging their hips with the boys sitting at the tables watching or eating. I head outside. Nobody wants me here. I don't know any of these people.

Dear Kat,

I know you must feel horrible about tonight, at least you will in the morning, when you aren't with him, but I know you love him more than I do. I just want to say okay. It's fine. Forget about me, okay? I'll be fine. I'll find someone else who I can turn to.

Yours Truly,


I sit in the car as rain pummels down, smashing onto the windows. The party continues, without me. I see the flashing lights through the steely darkness. My car feels warm, and I settle down, my feet on the seat, curled into a cold ball, like a cat. And I dream.


No answer. The dark creeps up to me.

"Help me!"

Everyone's gone. They don't need me. They don't waste a breath on me.


Nobody's here. Give up.ย 


They all left me. Gone in the wind.


Wake up.

Wake up.

I startle awake to the sounds of screaming. I hunker down in my car, eager to avoid whatever is making them scream. Everyone is running out now, except one person. I count the people that line up along the edge, watching through the window. I wait for the familiar face. It doesn't come. I know he doesn't love me anymore, and vice versa, but these people are cowards. I mean, a life is on the line. It's either me or no one. I fling open my door and run through the wet grass, determined to save Justin.

Dear Linda, May, 13ย 

I found this in your purse. I saw you run to save Justin, and I wanted to say I think you are very brave. Are we still friends?


Darkness creeps in the building. I can feel the Evil it contains. But it has a purpose. To defeat the enemy. This time, the prey's name is Justin. The halls are empty as I run through them. All the teachers and adults had run out. Nobody tried to stop me from running towards the danger. That's fine. Justin screams from somewhere nearby. Lockers swing towards the sound, pointing me towards my wish to save a life.


Dear Dairy, May 12

I have had the worst day ever. I put on a brave face every single day, but I've had enough. Mom left me when I was eleven. Six years ago. I cried for hours. The police found out I was living on my own yesterday, and gave me a stepmom. How thoughtful. Not. All this time I've been doing it for everyone else, but nobody cares. Why would they? But nobody questions it. If you wear a smile they assume you're fine. Then they tell you about their problems. Kat's calling. Guess I'll talk to her, and talk to you later.

Everyone had heard how Linda's mom abandoned her, but everyone saw how brave she was, and how she didn't care what others thought about her. I looked up to her. And here I am being selfish and leaving her a letter. Not going in to help her. Not calling the police. Nothing. And all the while that demon was devouring the whole school.

Trixie came up behind me. "Oh my god. Are you looking at Linda's things? Are you, like, going to take her Kate Spade purse? I'll totally join you! You know, we should mess up her car! That'll show her!"

I turn to Trixie. "What is wrong with you? What do you have against her!?," I shout into the night. "You don't know what she's been through, she's been putting on a brave smile, while she's hurting inside! You're just pathetic!"

Trixie stumbles back.


All of a sudden I regret it. Cheating on Linda. It was the wrong thing to do. And now I was paying the price. My blood splattered the walls into writing I couldn't make out. The sick scent of blood filled the room, devouring every soul inside, including me. I do what I can. I run.


I knew she was sad, depressed even, but when Kat admitted it, I backed away in silence. It was my hob to keep her happy, and I had failed. I tumble over Kat's purse, pretending it's an accident, and I kick it under the car. "I'll get it!", I cry, jumping down to reach it like I'm her best friend. But I grab Linda's journal instead. "I can't reach it, sorry!," I shout, and run to my Chevy a few yards away. I hop in, rev the engine, and sit in silence, touching the book. They wanted me to play the bad guy, but I was there. Helping her all along. It's now or never. I need to find out why her demon came so early. I take a breath, and open the book.

*To be continued?*

May 14, 2021 16:50

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This story is 100000000% awesome!!! Please please please continue.


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pls continue๐Ÿฅบ๐Ÿฅบ


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omg this is amazing


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