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Hey all! My name is Ayush. I am the kind of outspoken one, one who likes to have a voice. I think everyone is good at writing, so just unleash it out! I appreciate feedback, just make sure it is constructive. I really need to improve my writing:). So feel free to throw it at me! Please follow me because it will cost you NOTHING to click on a follow button, I swear! #Hitlike Liking other's story gives them encouragement, and will only prompt them to write even more! Please support others and not discourage them. Let's bring more light into this place, and not try to cover it with a dark cloak. If you need help with karma points, I will upvote you! If you want to message me, do it here: magic.teleportisgo@gmail.com Please support everyone so that everyone can improve. If you agree, put a 😁, if you don't, put a 😥. Wow! You have read almost my entire bio! Now the most crucial part: For those who support me, I thank you with all my hearts here. I can't thank everyone, but please know that you are appreciated. That's the end of my bio. If you have read all the way down, please comment a 🍕. Thanks!