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 'Are you sure about that calculation?'

'Yes, but the weather is not according to the report.'

'There is still 30 seconds to abort.'

'No, we have come too far to return back.'

'Let us not hurry, If we crash land then this mission will be of no significance.'

'Yes. and also we could lose our lives.' Instead of panic, the crew cabin began to laugh at their captain's sarcasm. Their training conditioned them to withstand any danger. The captain decided to take a leap of faith and continue the journey downward. 

'Brace for Impact'

The spacecraft crash-landed on Niburu's surface. The landing did not go as per plan, and it ruptured the outer surface of the spacecraft. The ballon came out too late to absorb the impact of the crash landing. The astronauts inside that spacecraft were trying to stick to their seats. They didn't expect this. 

Outside, the spacecraft was still gliding through the red surface. The speed at which the spacecraft entered the atmosphere was quite more than needed. The back thruster failed to operate in that unexpected weather. 

'Didn't know we would face this roughness while landing,' said Ron

'We had set the perfect course but the weather played it hidden cards that we failed to expect,' clarified Jon. He had both hands gripped to the seat and his sight on the screen. 

'During the night, Niburu's atmosphere remains calm. The perfect time to land on the surface without any problem. The night comes after every nine days when the three Suns of this Solar System align. It behaves like our solar system for one day after every nine days.'

'And we choose that one day to land, Right?' asked Ron

'Yes, but the Sun showed an anomaly. This happens every 9000 years and our AI calculated after we entered the atmosphere.' clarified Tim

The calmness in their voice while conversing showed no sign of fear or negativity. They were calm as trained, and years of experience came in handy. Ron and Tim were on their fifth mission, while Jon, Silva, and Rita were on their fourth mission. The National Space Agency chose them for this mission based on their skill sets. 

They were in search of a life form on other planets in the galaxies of sector 6. 

The National Space Agency divided the visible and known galaxies into nine sectors. The Agency carried out an exploration mission based on the weather and nearness to their Sun. The Agency used Drone Robot especially developed to explore such unexplored planets. This Drone Robots carry out unmanned exploration around those planets. They report back to the International Space Station stationed in their respective sector. 

One such drone brought in the image of a life form on the planet named Nibulu in sector 6. They sent another Drone Robot that can land on the surface and collect the soil sample.

First Drone Robot crash-landed due to intense heat while entering the surface. Three Suns of Nibulu's solar system fried out the internal navigation circuitry. The Drone Robot lost its navigation capability and landed on the surface in pieces. 

The Agency decided to explore the possibility of life on the planet Niburu. The Agency assembled a team of five astronauts. Within them, Agency selected Jon as their captain. They studied the planet from the international space station of sector 6.

They used another Drone Robot and studied the atmosphere from the orbit of Niburu. Then the brain of the team, Tim, calculated the needed variables. He plotted the best course to enter the Niburu's surface. 

It was Tim's calculation that failed to consider that 9000 years of anomaly. They entered the Nibulu's Surface in the daylight of one of the three Suns. It might damage the internal circuitry and that was the reason they chose night. But the anomaly ruined that.

Now they were gliding through the red surface and near to an edge of the cliff. The screen flashed the danger sign, and everyone was looking at that.

'Quick, we need to switch on the thrusters. Let us glide through the fall.'

'The impact has damaged the engine. It is unlikely that we can survive this fall.'

'Give it a try. Who knows one of the engines might come to life.'

'No, luck,' said Ron after starting the engines.

Tim clicked some buttons on his hand pad, and three Drone Robots entered the atmosphere. They landed on the surface nearby the gliding spacecraft, which was nearing the edge. The Drone Robots attached themselves to the spacecraft. They uplifted the spacecraft by orienting themselves to the direction of the spacecraft. The thrust was so immense that the crew members felt a sudden jolt. 

Tim took the control of those Drone Robots and with that of the spacecraft. He maneuvered the spacecraft to the prefixed landing site. Tim somehow managed to avoid the steep fall after the edge. 

The spacecraft landed, and all crew members took a sigh of relief.

That sigh of relief was quite short. An arrow pierced the structure of the spacecraft. Blood began dripping from the pointed part of the arrow. 

Tim adjusted the still functioning camera. The screen showed a lion-like creature on the other side of the arrow. His blood was all dripping in the spaceship. 

They opened the door and came out with a white flag. Hoping that the living creature of this planet might know the meaning of white color.

The group of the natives welcomed them with open hands and a smiling face. The natives somehow knew that they would come, and they were waiting for them only. The lion was hunting for prey, and that is why the natives killed it to save them. 

On asking, the crew members came to know that someone from the human civilization on the earth had come here in the past. He taught the natives all about human civilization. The natives were waiting for human contact to invite the humans to their second home. 

Apparently, someone from the future accidentally traveled back in the past to this planet. He taught the natives all about human civilization and that helped humanity find a second home.

April 14, 2021 13:55

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1 comment

Madge Cameron
03:48 Apr 24, 2021

Very good story. I usually don't read science fiction but I enjoyed this one. I think it fits the category perfectly.


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