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I am going to tell you about a time that I London Marin got proposed 5 times in one day on Christmas Eve!

The first time was during a dinner date.

I have been talking to this guy named Henry for about a month.

He's a great guy and all but I never could see him being more than a friend.

I never brought it to his attention until he asked me to go to dinner with him on Christmas Eve.

As we laugh & sip on red wine he reaches into his pocket that is on his black tuxedo & pulls out a diamond ring.

With no hesitation, he blurts out "Will you marry me London?"

I was so nervous that I spit out my wine & it splashed all over his tuxedo.

Embarrassed I quickly jump up & grab napkins that were on our table.

"Oh My God!! I'm so sorry!! Henry!!"

I then yell out for the waitress

"Excuse me waitress I need your help! My date is splattered with red wine & a mix of my saliva!"

I was so embarrassed that I ran outside to smoke a cigarette & I don't even smoke.

I took it out of a chef's mouth that was sitting against the wall.

Henry follows me outside to see if I were ok.

"in London? Are you ok?"

"I'm great! I should be asking you that question"

He begins to laugh.

"No, I'm ok I promise, "

He then notices me smoking

"I didn't know you smoked?"

"I don't! It's just I got a little stressed!"

"Oh, so is it a yes?"

Confused I say

"Yes for what?"

"For marrying me, remember I proposed before you spit your wine at me"

"Oh that's right that explains why im so stressed"

I laugh nervously.

Henry pulls the ring out & says "so is it a yes?"

I finish smoking the cigarette & throw it on the floor.

"Look Henry you're an incredible guy & the ring is so beautiful I should be a happy camper right now....but I'm not."

Henry's smile suddenly turns into a frown

"What do you mean?"

"I just don't see you like that Henry, I only see you as a friend I'm sorry!"

I walk away bawling with tears.

I just ruined someone, Christmas Eve! I mean I didn't mean to it's just I want to be with someone who l love not to like!

I can't believe that I got proposed to twice!! Or so I thought!

As I begin to walk in the streets of Manhattan. I hear my phone start to ring.

I reach into my purse & it's my boss larry.

Larry is from Russia. He has brown curly hair with a thin goatee.

"Hey, Larry what's going on?"

"Hi, London! Merry Christmas Eve! How's it going so far?"

"Um, shitty I just need to get wasted!"

"Ooh, I called you just in time!"

"Did you?!"

"Yes I did come to the Candy cane club it's a Christmas Eve party happening!"

"Oh good! I mean the name of the club sounds weird but I will do anything right now!"

"Question? Are you dressed for the party theme?"

"Well, I might be what's the party theme?"

"Christmas colors!"

"Ok well then yes Im dressed appropriately for the party!"

"What are you wearing? "

"A red sparkling dress! I look like I'm about to play Dorothy from the wizard of oz because of my red shoes haha!"

"Well follow down the yellow brick road!"

As I approach the club there were women dressed as elf's pole dancing & Santa smoking a cigar as skanky women sit on his lap for a photo.


I hear through the loud trap Christmas music that was playing in the background.

It was the voice of my boss larry.


As he gives me a hug I could smell the alcohol on his breath.

"You made it! I'm so excited that you are here! Guess who else is here?!"


He laughs & grabs my hand as we walk through crowds of people.

As we approach the VIP section I see Laura from work, sitting down also in a glittery red dress, sipping champagne!

Laura had orange hair with freckles & pale skin.

"Tada! "

Larry says as we approach Laura.

"Ha," I say nervously.

Laura as you can is a copycat she always copies everything I do.

I work for a famous magazine editor company.

Laura & I were partners until she decided to steal my ideas & call them her own.

"Oh my God! London how are you it's been forever it seems!"

She says while hugging me.

I pat her back instead of hugging her back.

" it's only been 2 months!"

"Yea I know!"

She then realizes that we both have a red glittery dress with red shoes to match.

" oh my God, we have the same dress & shoes how cool! Did you steal my outfit girl!"

"No, I'm not the one who is a thief! "

"A thief what do you mean?"

" oh come on Laura don't play the game you stole my idea & then told Larry that it was yours! How could you do that! We were supposed to be partners!"

"I've never stolen your idea!"

"Well, that's what Larry told me!?"

Larry approaches us with a glass of champagne in his hand.

"Hey Ladies!"

when he sees that both of us were about to claw our eyes out he tries to sneak away until Laura grabs his tie that was attached to his suit.

"Larry, what have you done? Why did you tell London that I stole her idea?"

"Um?" Larry says while looking like a deer in headlights.

"Larry I can't believe you! I would never do that to London! I loved working with her!"

"Well, then who did? Because I saw my idea on the website of the jazz magazine!"

Larry looks at me & grab my hand.

"May I speak to you in private please?"

Laura grabs my arm with strength.

"London if you felt that I was the one who stole your idea then why didn't you just come to me to talk about it?!"

"First of all ouch! When did you become hulk & second I was too mad at you to talk to you."

Larry pulls my arm & takes me in the back where there are drinks & another comfy couch.

"Sit please I want to talk to you."

He hands me a champagne glass filled with champagne.

"Thanks, I guess!"

"Look I apologize London I should've told you when I had the chance"

"Tell me what?"

"I stole your idea, & I made Laura take the blame"

"What? Why did you do that?"

"I'm sorry it was a fantastic idea & I wanted it to be my own but that's not the reason why I asked you to come to this party"

He reaches into his pocket & pulls out a diamond ring

"Will you marry me?"

I spit out my champagne & this" time it didn't get on anyone it got on the floor.

"Ugh, disgusting! Wtf London!"

"Are you serious the 3rd time!? No, I will never marry you larry!"

"Ok good because I thought by marrying you. You would forget about me stealing your idea & focus on the shining of the ring"

I finish whatever was left in my glass & begin to exit the party.

When I exited the party I looked at my phone & realize that it was only 9:30 pm!?

I noticed a text from my mother that read

"Merry Christmas Eve London! I hope you are enjoying yourself. When you get a chance stop by I'm making gingerbread cookies!"

My mother's humorous text made me laugh hysterically.

I whisper to myself "Merry Christmas Eve mom!"

As I continue to stare at my phone outside of the club. Intoxicated women from the club ran outside & threw up on my red shoes!

"Ugh! God damn it!"

The women wipe her mouth & say "oh my God Im so sorry those were cute shoes too!"

I take off my shoes & throw them in the nearest trash can.

So I walk barefooted around Manhattan to find a local shoe store.

After 30 mins of searching, I finally found a shoe store named "Barefoot"

I laugh at the name of the store because that was my situation at this very moment!

As I enter the store a woman named Maggie with brown curly hair approached me.

"Hi Welcome to Barefoot How can I help you?"


I look down at my toes that are brutally red from the cold weather.

"I just need a pair of shoes, it doesn't have to match."

"Ok, please have a seat. I just need your shoe size."

"Um yea a size 8"

"A size 8 coming right up!"

Maggie says in a jittery tone of voice.

I can tell that she became nervous once she saw the blisters on my toes but tried to hide the best way that she possibly could.

As I wait on the bench for my shoes.

I become restless to the point I lay across the bench.

Soon as you knew it I had fallen asleep across the bench but was woken up 10 mins later by a guy named Jack that I use to work with at poise.


I hear when my eyes opened slowly.

"Jack? Oh my God, it's been years, you work here?"

"Yea, unfortunately! Do you still work at the poise magazine?"

"Yes, unfortunately!"

"Oh here's the size 8 that you had asked for."

Jack handed me these ugly brown shoes that looked like it belonged to a homeless man.

"Ugh well thank you I probably should've never said it doesn't have to match these things are ugly."

Jack laughs.

"What happened to Maggie? Did she get terrified by my blisters?"

"Haha, wait you have blisters?"

"Yea it's no big deal."

I say while I try to put the brown shoe on in pain.

"Yea I'm gonna wrap that up for you, wait right here"

He then disappears into the back.

I shout out to him "no it's not a big deal"

30 mins later he comes out with a first aid kit & begins to bandage my feet.

"Thank you Jack you didn't have to do this it was fine."

"No problem London, & it was a big deal you had blisters all over your feet"

As I put on the fugly brown shoes I had asked Jack if I could pay back him by buying him a drink from the bar.

"Sure" he replies.

Next he & I are at "The Rum House" sitting at the bar having a drink or two.

"Oh thank you, London you didn't have to"

"Yes I did ok, you saved my feet haha"

"That's true I did haha"

"So how's life?

I ask while sipping on a glass of white wine.

" well I'm dating an awesome girl & I want to propose to her I just don't know how to"

"What do you mean?"

"I get nervous whenever I try to say it, my palms begin to sweat & I stumble over my words"

"Oh just practice with me"

"What? That would be weird."

"No, it wouldn't be, just practice with me"


"Just take a few breaths, relax"

"Ok, I'll try, Will y-you see I can't "

"Yes you can just relax, you're thinking about it too much"

"Ok, whoo. Will you marry me?"

He then smiles excitedly

"See I told you that you could do it"

I look down at my phone & see another message from my mother.

"Oh, I was supposed to go to my mother's house, she's baking gingerbread cookies"

"Oh, cool do you need a ride?"

"Yea I do, thank you"

"Yea no problem"

We leave the bar & go on the road.

"Ugh this has been the craziest Christmas Eve ever haha"


"Yea! I don't think that you want to hear about my night your head will start spinning just like mine."


"What time is it?"

Jack looks down at his phone.

"It's 1130"

"Oh wow in 30 mins it'll be Christmas!"

Jack smiles & laughs.

We finally arrived at my mother's house.

"Thank you, Jack hope to see you sometime"

"Yea I hope so merry Christmas Eve"

"If you do get married I will like an invitation"

"I will do that!"

As I blow Jack a friendly kiss he catches it & pulls off.

As I approach the patio of my mother's house I knock on the door that has a decoration of Santa on a sled.

My mother slowly opens the door & automatically starts to cry once she saw my face.

"Oh my God! You came!!"

My mother says while hugging me.

"Yes, mom I came."

I say while smiling as I hug my mother back.

"Well come on in I have gingerbread cookies just like I promised!!"

I respond like a 6-year-old "Yay!"

My mother & I enter the kitchen that is Christmas themed.

My mother takes gingerbread cookies off the tray & places them on a Santa plate for me to eat.

"Oh thank you, mommy"

I then bite into the gingerbread cookie.

"Oh my God, this is good!"

"Thank you sweetie so how's your Christmas eve going so far?" My mother looks at her watch. "Well it's midnight now so I should be saying Christmas"

"It was a bit hectic I got proposed twice today by a guy I've only been seeing for a month"

My mother's face becomes red with excitement.

"Oh my God! Did you say yes?"

"No mom I said no, I just didn't look at him in that way"

"Oh, honey you're probably just afraid of love & im here to tell you that it's nothing to be afraid of."

The oven timer goes off.

My mother jumps out of her seat to take more gingerbread cookies out of the oven

"Mom I'm not afraid of love. What Henry & I had wasn't love it was friendship. At least I looked at it that way."

"He mustve thought it was love if he proposed to you....twice!"

"Yea or maybe he didn't have an exact reason why he wanted to marry me. We hardly knew each other."

"Well I guess that's true if you don't have a connection with that specific someone then you shouldn't tie the knot"

As we continue to conversate in the kitchen we hear a knock at the front door.

My mother goes into the living room to answer the door & screams.


I get up from my seat & walk to the front door to see that it is Charlie.

Charlie was a childhood friend.

We were friends from PreK to 9th grade.

By 9th grade, he dropped out of high school to enter the military.


"London Marin how have you been?"

He says while he's white teeth shine.

Nervously I ask Charlie what was he doing here.

"Oh, I came back to town to visit my parents for the holidays & yesterday while your mother was bringing groceries in the house.

I helped her & she told me to come by tomorrow for dessert. "

"Yes & I told him that you would be here!"

"Haha very funny mom"

"Well I'll be in the kitchen making more treats I have guests coming over shortly, you two should catch up" my mother winks at me & I give her the evil eye.

"Remember the treehouse that you & I use to spend time in when we were kids?"


"Wanna go check it out?"

"Yea sure I just have to get my coat."

As we walk across the street to his treehouse we begin to catch up on old times.

Charlie & I approach the treehouse & laugh as we walk up the wooden ladder.

"Oh my God haha I can't believe that this place is still here!"

"Yea there was no way that my parents were gonna get rid of this place!"

Charlie & I laugh & smile at each other.

Oh, I think I left out the part where Charlie was my first love! Yeah, I fell in love with him at just 6 years old! But he disappointed me when he decided to go to the military. I have missed him ever since.

Charlie pulls out two raspberry ring pops out of his coat pocket.

"Remember these? These were our favorite snack to eat together"

He takes the ring pop out of the wrapper & placed it on my index finger as if it were a real diamond ring.

I begin to blush.

"Remember when I would say, London Meredith Marin will you marry me?"

I begin to laugh hysterically.

"Yes I remember haha"

"It was good seeing you London."

"You too Charlie Boskins!"

So yes on Christmas eve I was proposed to 5 times! On the same night!

Just a silly story to tell.

Well, I didn't quite get proposed to five times the other three didn't count.

December 23, 2020 00:11

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Kaci Rigney
01:01 Dec 31, 2020

Hi Lady Jane, this could be a funny story. It was hard to read as there were many grammatical errors. This could easily be remedied. You could get Grammarly for free. It helps with grammar, missing words, passive voice, and a host of other things. Keep up with the writing and make sure you proofread. Good luck.


Jade Orien🍀
02:13 Dec 31, 2020

Thank you. I do have Grammarly I guess it wasn't doing its job😒🤣...but thank you. I think it was a funny story🤣❤


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