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Yūrei opened her eyes, sitting up in a... graveyard? That was strange, she didn't remember falling asleep there. Looking around, she stood and began to wander around. Maybe someone could tell her what had happened.

She saw no one. "Where... Am I?" She asked aloud.

"You seem lost."

She jumped, turning to stare at the person to who the voice belonged. A glowing blue boy dressed in an 1800's newsboy attire. He appeared to look like a newsboy. "I am... but who are you?"  She responded.

He gave a playful smirk, tilting his head and pulling off his cap and bowing. "The name's Armaan. What's a lovely lady like yourself doing floatin' around these parts tonight?"

"Yūrei." Was her response, shaking his glowing hand. She sighed. "I just woke up. All I remember was getting hit by that speeding truck near Times Square." As soon the words left her mouth, she realized what had actually happened. She gaped, looking down at transparent, white, hands.

"Oh! I get it now! You didn't know that you died! I feel like I shoulda said something then sweet heart." Armaan smiled apologetically, placing his cap back on his head. The look of pity didn't last too long before it was replaced by an exciting look. "You wanna join me for All Hollow's Eve? Or, as the newer souls call it, 'Halloween'." 

Yūrei stared in confusion. "Halloween? Why?" She questioned. Armaan rolled his eyes. "Well gee, I dunno. Maybe because its the only night of the year where we ghosts actually get to leave this graveyard? C'mon! It'll be fun!" 


Not fun. Not fun at all! People kept walking through her, giving Yūrei an annoying and strange feeling. On top of it all, Armaan kept laughing at her, teasing her because she refused to float over the people. "Come on Darlin'! I know you're new, but you should at least try to float! It's easy!" Called the boy from above her. "Nuh-uh! No way am I gonna float up in the sky like some sort of astronaut! You come down here, Newsie!" She called up to him, annoyance clear in her tone.

Armaan burst into a fit of laughter before looking down at her. "Newsie?" He questioned, biting back another bark of laughter. Yūrei simply nodded, huffing angrily. She'd pretended not to notice a woman shudder nearby. "Well, you look like a Newsie from the show, so I decided to giver you that nickname as revenge for calling me 'Darlin'." She'd made a show of turning the other way to avoid looking at him.

Floating over to Yūrei, Armaan smiled. "No worries Darlin'! I was a 'Newsie', as you call it. Proud of it too! Died a couple years after the strike though." Her eyes widened when he said that. "You were a part of the Newsboy strike?! That's so cool!"

He took off his cap, giving her a mock bow. "Sure was! I'll tall ya about it some other time, ok Darlin'?" She felt herself smile as she nodded. Distracted, she continued to walk after him among the living. That is until she felt a cold hand grab her own and begin to pull her up. Even though she was already dead, she screamed and held on for her afterlife. "ARMAAN!!!" She yelled, slightly panicked. His laugh echoed in her ears.

After a while of hysterical screaming, Yūrei managed to open her eyes. "Woah..." Was all she could say. The sight of New York as she looked up to see Armaan with a smile on his face. "Told ya, Darlin'."

She felt herself begin to float. Funny, she couldn't remember having experienced such happiness when she was alive.


Deep in the city, was a ghost town. Not deserted, no. More like there were more dead than there were living wandering the streets. The new ghost girl stared wide-eyed at the busy streets. She couldn't help but wonder the reason behind the ghosts' love of Halloween.

"What do ghosts do on Halloween?" Did she ask subconsciously? The newsboy chuckled. "Halloween was originally where ghosts could come back, wander the Earth, take whatever they pleased. Not anymore though. Me? I usually just play tricks, eat candy and watch the living. Others visit family, friends, watch humans, or go find some food." She felt herself smile. "Wanna see my family?"

He smiled, pleased with this request. "Sure thing Darlin'! But you gotta agree to play one prank with me." She nodded in response, a smile evident on her face. 'This could probably be good.'

And she was correct. She saw her mother stop by her shrine. She seemed sad, but she seemed to be better than what Yūrei thought, so that was good. She found every one of her family members, with few snide remarks from Armaan. "You look a lot like your mother. I kinda wish I knew who my mom was." He smiled, "Anyway~! You ready to play that prank?"

The ghost girl nodded, giving one final look at her family. "Let's do this!" Her eyes gleamed mischievously. Armaan smirked and flew off, Yūrei floating behind him.

The two spirits hovered just above the ground of a news station. "Heheh. I've never had an accomplice before! Now for the plan. You mess with the papers! Make a flurry of paper planes! I'll play with the lights! This is gonna be so much more fun with a partner!" He flew off in a different direction, becoming transparent. The female spirit giggled as she made her way to the storage room, grabbing the blank papers, and folding a couple into paper airplanes. She decided to leave the rest unfolded.

Just in time too. A young man entered the room and grabbed her box. She followed close behind, excited. She couldn't wait to cause chaos with her newsboy friend. She bit back a bark of laughter as the lights began to flicker like a light show. Armaan was right, this would definitely be fun. She looked up and saw him, smiling. It was her turn. 

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Good story! Keep it up!


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Thank you!


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