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Sybella Ramsey had lived in the small town of Medlow Grove for her entire life. It was also where her mother was born. Beverly knew Colin back in high school and they had been good friends for a while. But it wasn't until one New Year's Party, when they kissed, that the two of them realised there was more to it.

Six years after they got married, Beverly gave birth to twins, but only one survived. They called her Sybella. She was a bright and cheery child, and as she grew up, became a favourite of many long term residents. Sybella would think nothing of dropping in on the neighbours, just to make sure they were doing okay.

A few of the elderly had carers. So did a young lady whose home was across the street. It was usually just the extra company they were after, since their own relatives seemed to have forgotten them. Over the years, Sybella had formed a tight knit circle of friends, whom she loved and trusted completely. She and her best friend Charise often shared babysitting duties for most of the local kids.


At nineteen, she felt she was ready to move out. By some strange twist of fate, she ran into a guy at the grocery store, who once called the house next door to hers home. His name was Shane Ellis. He was twenty five, of average height and well built, with suntanned skin, dark blonde hair and greyish blue eyes. He was also openly bisexual and worked as a dance instructor.

He had soft spot for Sybella, always thought of her as the kid sister he never had. She had grown into an attractive young woman. Her waist length auburn hair, had been cut so it fell to just past her shoulders. The black rimmed glasses she used to wear, had been replaced with contacts that better showcased her golden brown eyes. Even in the simple t-shirt and sweatpants she had on, he could tell her body was slim yet curvy.

When he heard she was looking for somewhere to rent, he knew exactly what to say. Without a moment's hesitation, they agreed to be roommates. A couple of weeks later, Sybella scored her first full time job at the second hand bookstore. Shane introduced her to his group of people, including the guy he currently had a crush on.

She encouraged him to go ahead and find out if the feeling was mutal. Shane had been attractive before, but now he was even hotter. How could anyone resist? She was somewhat relieved that her own school girl crush on him had faded long ago, otherwise it could have gotten rather awkward, with them now sharing an apartment.

Everything was going so well, she should have figured that it was too good to last...


Sybella was due to have her usual checkup, blood and urine test. But then she was called in to see Doctor Chadwick immediately. She regretted going there alone, the moment she saw his face. "I'm sorry but you are at stage three, which means you will be in for a hell of a fight. The only thing we can do, which may help, is give you transfusions. In fact it wouldn't hurt for you to have one after this appointment."

Sybella left the doctors' office in a daze, thinking about her diagnosis. She had a serious form of blood cancer, that in many cases, wound up being fatal. But there was a slight possibility that it could all be turned around. Walking towards the busy road in the middle of town, not even glancing up, she heard shouts and a horn blaring.

She barely manage to throw herself aside. An unfamiliar black car stopped dead in its tracks and the driver got out. Sybella saw that the lady was a complete stranger. She was beautiful; tall and thin, with black hair that had silver streaks, intense blue eyes and very fair skin. It was difficult to tell her age. She wore a dark trench coat over a red jumper and jeans, with high heeled leather boots. Her jewellery was subtle but expensive.

She didn't look like the kind of person who would move to a place like this. But Sybella reasoned that it was no business of hers. The lady smiled as she helped the girl to her feet. Her hands were ice cold. Sybella let go and took a step back. The lady was still looking at her. "Are you okay?" She nodded. "I'm sorry, it was totally my fault." "Good thing I saw you cross the street, my car almost knocked you over. You looked deep in thought. Some unexpected news perhaps?" 'Something like that."

What was this woman, a mind reader? Another smile, one that seemed to say, I know things you don't. It was freaky and yet at the same time kind of intriguing. "What's your name?" "Sybella Ramsey." "I'm Lilith Odell." "I don't know why you chose Medlow Grove to settle in, but welcome anyway."

"Thank you my dear. I needed somewhere that was quiet and out of the way, so I wouldn't be bothered. This town seemed like a good option." "You're not wrong there. Would you like some help with your bags?" "I appreciate the offer, but no I can take care of it. You run along home now." "Okay, see you around Mrs Odell." "I am a widow and I actually prefer the use of my first name." "I'll keep that in mind."


Lilith didn't set out to make friends, but people were drawn to her all the same. She dabbled in various activities within the community. Her reflexes were sharp and there was nothing wrong with her eyesight or hearing. She walked everywhere. Sometimes she would be a guest speaker for history classes in high school. She had a knack for bringing the past back to life, in a way that made you think she had really been there.

Lilith's main hobby seemed to be reading. The bookstore was a spot she visited frequently. She always had a kind word or two for the employees, Sybella included. Of course a beautiful and single woman, definitely fired the imaginations of a few local bachelors. But none of them even got past the front door. She let the men down as gently as she could and they didn't hate her for it. The women shared their gossip as they often do, but they had no real issues with Lilith either.

She invited everyone to attend her housewarming party and plenty of people showed up. Lilith was a charming hostess, but still kept her distance. Her flawless complexion and graceful movements were much talked about. It gave the impression that she was not middle aged at all.

She confessed to being a former ballet dancer and that she had never liked to be out in the sun for too long. The dining table was full of food platters, yet Lilith didn't touch a thing. She merely sipped on what appeared to be red wine and watched from the sidelines. That evening, Sybella saw Lilith glance at her, like a mother showing affection and concern for her child. Could she also know?

Sybella and her roommate were here together, since niether of them had dates. His crush unfortuntately rejected him. She wasn't interested in finding a boyfriend at the moment. There wouldn't be much point. Shane had been so supportive when she told him what was happening to her. He drove her himself to the clinic for her blood transfusions. So far, they weren't having a positive effect.

She still felt very run down and achy. She was also getting thinner and sometimes found it hard to eat. Doctor Chadwick tried to be reassuring but his eyes gave him away. Very few besides her closest loved ones, were aware of Sybella's deteriorating condition and they weren't about to reveal it to anyone. Beverly and Colin were devastated when they learnt the truth, but were careful to put on brave faces in public.


The following night, Sybella was unable to get comfortable in her bed. She had too much going on in her head, to relax and slip into dreamland. Perhaps a walk would ease her mind. She had been doing this for a little while now, more so since she realised that her time was running out.

She ran a hand through her hair and tied it up. Then she grabbed a jumper and put on her sneakers, tucking her keys into her pj pants pocket. Quietly, Sybella left the apartment. She took the elevator rather than the stairs.

Something had been bothering her, an incident that she probably wasn't meant to witness. She wondered if Lilith was awake. Her lights were on. So, the girl breathed in deeply a few times, and knocked. The door flew open. Lilith was in her dressing gown and slipper, but she looked wide awake.

"Sybella? It's two o'clock. Why are you not in bed and sleeping?" "Sorry, I haven't slept much lately. I often go for evening strolls, which helps every now and then. I noticed that unlike the others in this town, you keep odd hours. I wanted to talk to you."

Lilith sighed. "I'll get you a warm drink. Come into the lounge." They sat in comfortable armchairs. "Before you say a word, yes I can tell that you're really sick. Leukaemia I'll bet. These past few months you have gotten much worse. You are as pale as I am and you have lost weight. I doubt you will last the year."

Hearing it said out loud so bluntly, brought Sybella to tears. Lilith handed her a box of tissues. "I tried not to give up, but it's no use. I am dying and I am terrified." "Of course you are and still so young." "It's not fair. " "No it isn't. How are your parents coping?" "Scared of losing me. But there isn't anything else doctors have left to try."

Lilith stood up from her chair and began pacing back and forth. She had a very serious expression on her face, as if she were struggling with a decision of some kind. She moved closer to Sybella. Her eyes had grown much darker.

"I have a suspicion that you know of my true nature and that is the reason you have shown up on my doorstep at this hour. You saw me with that homeless guy and what I was doing to him; drinking his blood. Perhaps I have not been as careful as I should."

"I think you could easily blend in anywhere, no problem. You wanted me to know the truth, and like me enough to offer a choice. I read fiction about the supernatural all the time, so I am open minded about the idea of creatures like you really existing." "To make a fledging vampire is not something I have ever taken lightly. I wont force the change." "I get it."

"Once you start down this path, there is no going back. I can teach you all you need to know, about being a vampire and how to coexist with humans. I warn you, it will not be a walk in the park, just because you are suddenly immortal. The hardest part, is going to be your thirst for blood. A lot of attacks on humans have occurred during those first few months.

We are strong and fast. Our senses are heightened. We are able to heal almost any wounds. We have hypnotic and telepathic abilities, which you will need, to keep your transformation a secret. Normal food has no nutritional benefits, but it wont make you sick to eat it. No, changing into a bat is not possible. Nor is turning into mist and fitting through a keyhole.

Garlic and silver have no effect. A stake to the heart will only render a vampire unconcious. Fire is a dangerous weapon, but you will survive. The sun wont burn you to ashes, it is just a bit uncomfortable. Wild animals, both predators and prey, avoid us, as well they should. But domesticated ones like cats and dogs like us just fine.

I've wandered this earth for eight hundred and fifty years. In all that time, I have turned only around fifteen humans into my proteges. With the permission of the vampire who made me, of course. I have told Luther about you and he approves. It has been almost a century since the last change.

Most of my companions are like my children, or siblings. However, there were two that became more romantic in nature, but those relationships never lasted. Not with me anyway. I heard that when they met each other for the first time, they fell in love and have been a couple ever since. Funny how things work out."

"Indeed." Sybella couldn't believe her luck. She knew what the next step would be and was willing to take the risk. "I have made my decision. I really don't want to die. This is my second chance that I have been hoping for. So, I hereby give my consent for you to change me into a vampire." Lilith crouched down next to Sybella and swept her hair aside, exposing her neck. "As you wish my young friend. Here's to the beginning of your new life."


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Eliza Entwistle
20:40 Jul 14, 2021

The twist in this story was so interesting! There were some unneeded commas in the middle of clauses, such as "Her waist length auburn hair, had been cut so it fell to just past her shoulders," so I would watch that, but well done!


Kylie Wallis
23:58 Jul 14, 2021

thank you.


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Francis Daisy
03:21 Jun 11, 2021

Unexpected plot twist!


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Charlie Murphy
16:54 Jun 07, 2021

AWESOME STORY! I love the twist! I had trouble reading some parts where the dialogue wasn't separated, but other than that, great job! Vampires are awesome! =]


Kylie Wallis
00:25 Jun 08, 2021

Thanks. Probably not the most original twist out there, but as I was writing, that's just how it came to be.


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Karen McDermott
17:15 Jun 05, 2021

Loved how the 'strange visitor' of the prompt was a vampire, great imagination :) I would just start a new paragraph each time a different characters speaks to make some of the sections a little easier to follow, is all. But good job!


Kylie Wallis
00:38 Jun 06, 2021

Thanks. Vampires and the supernatural in general, are often my favourite kind of stories to read.


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