Fantasy Creative Nonfiction Adventure

The pearly white moon shone over me. I was covered in grime. Plumping myself on the rocking chair, the frail object broke into shreds. I scowled. I stood up, wandering around the peculiar room. A neon jar rolled across the room. Picking it up, I carefully examined it’s label. Another jar, this time purple, rolled across the room. I set the neon jar on the desk and picked up the purple one. I was still curiously observing the item when a gigantic sky blue jar fell from the ceiling. Appalled, I became silent. After a little while, I gradually stepped towards the immense jar.

The names were all so weird. The neon was called Crocodile Crisis, the purple called Blushing Beauty, and the enormous one called Sugar Moon. I held up the index card that was attached to Blushing Beauty. I read the words out loud: “Use this potion, Blushing Beauty, to make yourself become the beauty you always wanted to be. It’s very simple: read these words out loud; Awaken, Venus, goddess of beauty. Make me become the beauty I want to be. Beautiana!” 

Immediately, the room started to swirl with icky green smoke. Then, something amazing happened! I stared at myself in the mirror. I was so beautiful. Smiling, I stuffed the potion and index card into my bag. I picked up the next index card, from Crocodile Crisis. “Use this life-saving potion to help when a beast is attacking. Just read these magic words out loud: Whether crocodile, lion, or any dangerous beast, please make me live. Crisisiana!” 

The dark green smoke started to swirl again. Then, the green smoke formed the shape of a crocodile. I started to panic, but my body was not connected to my brain, suddenly. I started to fight the crocodile. In a blink of an eye, the crocodile dissolved. My eyes danced with excitement. I was going to like this potion. I grabbed a basket and stuffed it in. 

Then I grinned. Time to try Sugar Moon, I thought to myself. If the other potions were great, this should be great too. However, I made a big mistake. I decided not to read the index card, and poured all the contents of Sugar Moon onto my hair. At first, nothing happened. But then, the awful smelling smoke appeared, and it seemed to be cackling! “Woah-- aahhh!” The smoke forced me towards the moon. I crashed. At first, the moon was as hard as rock. However, the spell had made the moon entirely made of sugar, which made the moon soft and powdery. The moon lost it’s anti-gravity and started to fall. Then, a beautiful woman arose from the powdery moon.

“WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY UNIVERSE?!” she angrily screamed. “I’M SORRY! I JUST WANTED TO TRY EVERY POTION!” I yelled back. She shook her head and sighed. “WERE YOU IN THE HOUSE OF THE TWELVE WITCHES?” she asked-- more like shouted, because the wind was SO. LOUD. I couldn’t hear anything. “UM, MAYBE? THAT’S WHAT IT SAID ON THE DOOR!” I answered. She slapped her forehead and started to mumble. “Asijidisha!” Suddenly, my world went blind. A little later…

“AAH! WHAT? HOW COME I CAN SEE THROUGH--” She interrupted. “My eyes?” she guessed. “Yes,” I replied, calming down. “How come?” She smiled. “The words Asijidisha aren’t just anything random. It’s a spell for someone to see through your own eyes. I want to teach you how dangerous the twelve witches are. Come along.” She snapped, and I started to float. I saw a cloud castle in the front and smiled. All of a sudden, “OUCH!” I bumped into a tree. “Oops, sorry,” the woman grinned sheepishly. “You’re seeing through MY eyes, so you can’t actually see what you are running into. That’s the problem about the spell. How about you come in front of me?” I nodded, and soared towards her. When I was in front of her, I gasped in shock. “Wow! I can see myself… amazing!” Then, we passed the golden gates. The cloudy door opened gradually and out stepped…

“Naraja?” my new friend exclaimed in surprise and horror. “Long time no see, dear Lunaria.” Naraja was a witch, I was certain, and one of the universe’s most powerful of the twelve witches. One time she turned one of her minions into dust. I shuddered at the nasty thought. Lunaria straightened up and huffed. “What are you doing here?” Naraja cackled ferociously. “My fellow twelve witches and I left our building on purpose and set a spell to send one of the humans there. This girl over here was chosen, and I knew, I just knew, that she would toy with our precious potions. I made sure she tried Crocodile Crisis and Blushing Beauty before Sugar Moon, so I would have enough time to entirely destroy the wonderful yet horrid city of Luna!” Cackling in triumph, lightning sprayed everywhere from the tip of her fingers. 

I was furious at myself for falling into this trick. However, it seemed impossible. It’s not real. It’s just a dream. If I could just wake up, I thought to myself. Then, I pinched myself really hard and locked my eyes tightly. When I slowly opened my eyes, I was still floating. I was still seeing through Lunaria’s eyes. Luna City was still being destroyed. And my arm was throbbing with a red pinch mark. Oh, great, I sighed. What on Earth is happening? There’s absolutely no way this thing can be fixed.

All of a sudden, Lunaria started shouting, “Wake up, dear. The bus is leaving!” I fell backwards in surprise. “Huh? What bus?” In a blink of an eye, I was in my bed, with my pajamas on, and my mom shaking me hurriedly. I smiled. “I’ll go dress, Mom,” My mother shook her head. “What was keeping you?” 

“Oh, I was in a battle.”

“Huh? What battle?”

“You know…”

“What? Can you be more specific, darling?”

I smiled mysteriously and didn’t respond.

August 03, 2021 23:42

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Annalisa D.
21:13 May 29, 2022

That was a very fun story! I liked the different things the potions can do and the city of Luna was neat. I could easily read more of this world. I liked the names too. Both of the people and the potions.


Hannah .
22:21 Jun 05, 2022

Thank you so much! I love thinking up creative names. If you have time, Witches in the Palace is sort of like the sequel to this story. Thank you again!


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