As He Stood In the Rain (EUTW Story)

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Romance Adventure

Author's Note: ~Hola~ This is an official story from Celeste's series "Elements Under the World". The story focuses on two characters, Arrow and Tokyo otherwise known as the ship Torrow. Link to Celeste's series will be below. Enjoy!


They were the last descendent of the Akaibara tribe. They were a master at manipulation of the fine arts, and they were a well-renowned swordmaster. They had trained and served all their life, and knew how to win any situation. So why was Tokyo so nervous?


Tokyo exhaled slowly, before setting off into a series of sword drills, ones they’d practised all their life. Twirl, stab, spin. Twirl, stab, spin. There was silence in the training room except for the clean cuts Tokyo slashed in the air. The footfalls were silent as they practised dodging and manipulating items in their surroundings. Manipulating. The last thing that reminded them of the family and tribe they’d lost. Without realising, Tokyo’s grip on a clay vase tightened, and the vase became so small they could barely see it. They sighed. They had lost control because of their daydreaming. Tokyo reverted the clay to its original size and placed it where they had found it. 

“There’s no time for daydreaming Avlod* Ankara.” They muttered to themselves as the door behind them opened.

“If it isn’t the refined young lady.” Arrow’s charismatic voice called out as Tokyo turned around the face him.

“Hello, Mr Royarti.” Tokyo sheathed their sword, looking at the boy in front of them. A grin spread on his face as he laughed.

“Just Arrow. I figured I might find you here. Would you happen to have some spare time?” He asked, a mischievous glint twinking in his eyes.

“I suppose so. Can I bring my sword?”

“You can bring whatever you want, darl,” He winked, and Tokyo suppressed a smile. He certainly had an interesting character. “Come on.” He smiled, offering out his hand, and Tokyo hesitated before taking it. This was Peeta’s lieutenant, so they decided to trust him for the time being.

Tokyo kept quiet as Arrow held their hand and dragged them to somewhere in the HQ. He kept looking back at them, and they noticed how his eyes were blue in some light and yellow in others. He was insanely attractive, with his periwinkle hair and tan skin, and most importantly, he made them smile. Even when they’d lived at home with their tribe, no one seemed to compare to Arrow. He was fascinating. 

“He promoted me to lieutenant recently, though, I think it’s not just because of my skill. Maybe it’s because I’m Mallark’s friend. Then again, he shouldn’t be biased, right? I’m not sure. I just accepted the position,” He paused, “I’m ranting aren’t I?” He stopped walking, their hand still in his.

“I don’t mind,” Tokyo smiled, “I like hearing what’s on your mind.” They replied honestly, and Arrow’s face lit up.

“Well, this is new. Arrow hanging out with someone other than me.” A voice called from down the hallway, and Tokyo immediately pulled their hand out of Arrow’s.

“Peeta, I was just talking about you.” Arrow gave him a wolfish grin, and Tokyo beamed at Yvette who was walking with Peeta. Yvette waved, her lips pressed into a small smile.

“Good things I hope?” Peeta mused, looking at Tokyo.

“Only good things.” Tokyo nodded, sensing some sort of growing bond between Peeta and Yvette. They didn’t mention it, but they could tell Arrow had picked up on it. 

“Where are you two going?” Peeta asked, and Tokyo shrugged.

“He hasn’t told me.” They tilted their head in Arrow’s direction who smirked.

“It’s a surprise, that’s why.”

“Have fun on your stroll.” Tokyo nodded to Peeta and Yvette, the latter who nodded back, a smile still on her face as she turned her attention back to Peeta. Arrow started walking away, Tokyo following closely behind.

“They like each other, I swear.” Arrow murmured as soon as the pair were out of earshot.

“Definitely.” Tokyo agreed, wondering if Arrow would offer out his hand again. To their disappointment, he did not.

“We’re nearly there, I promise.” 


“We’re here,” Arrow announced excitedly as Tokyo turned around the corner and was greeted by a set of double doors. “It’s just through these doors,” he simpered, “come on, Tokyo.” He opened the door for them, to which they thanked him politely before falling silent in awe. Through the doors was a large staircase made of white quartz. It spiralled down and down, outside of the HQ and it led to a garden. 

“Can we go down to the garden?” Tokyo asked softly, amazed by its beauty. 

“That’s why I brought you here.”

“I’ll race you down.” Tokyo grinned, knowing the staircase was wide enough for the both of them to race.

“You’re on, Ankara.” 

“On your mark, set, go!” Tokyo bolted as soon as they’d finished the countdown. Running was one of their favourite things to do when they weren’t training; this was their chance to prove it. They didn’t have time to turn around to see how far Arrow was, but they knew he was hot on their heels. There was only one set of stairs left as they continued to run at their fastest down all the pearly white stairs.

“I win!” Tokyo cried as they jumped the remaining five stairs onto the grass.

“I’ll give it to you, Tokyo,” Arrow said, slightly breathless, “you’re good.” Tokyo laughed, the adrenaline in them starting to simmer down. Arrow stared at them, a mixed expression cast on his face.

“What?” Tokyo asked curiously.

“I’ve never heard you laugh until now. It’s nice.” Arrow complimented, and Tokyo blinked. “One day, it’s been one day,” Tokyo thought to themselves, “and you’re already falling hard. What happened to all that intensive training? You’re not supposed to let people in, Avlod Ankara. Father would be disappointed.” 

“Thanks,” Tokyo blushed, “I only have a little bit of time left. I need to do something for the Princess. Let’s head into that hedge maze, it looks fun.”

“Fun. I used the word fun. What happened to your extensive vocabulary, Tokyo? You’re losing it.” They thought bitterly to themselves, everything was going just great.

“Alrighty, shall we?” Arrow offered his arm out to them, and they took it happily.

“We’re lost, Arrow.”

“No, we’re not!”

“We are.”

“I’ve been in this maze a million times.”

“And yet, you don’t know where we are.” Tokyo tried not to smile at Arrow’s pout, but they failed. For a boy who was taller than them, he was like a loyal puppy.

“Shh, we’re not lost.” Arrow hushed them, their arms still linked as he turned right, bringing Tokyo with him. He led the way as they navigated their way through the maze, retracing their steps every few minutes or turning around to go back. After a while of running around frantically and chatting comfortably, they finally found the maze’s exit.

“There! The exit!” Tokyo cheered, and Arrow sighed in relief.

“I was beginning to think we’d be trapped in there forever. Though,” he added, “being stuck in there with you forever wouldn’t be so bad.” He chuckled, and Tokyo smiled coyly.

“I’d probably cut an exit with my sword if we started to starve.” They pointed out.

“And ruin the maze? I’d rather starve.” Arrow joked, looking up at the sky. “Look, storm clouds are coming. We should head back inside.” He advised, and Tokyo looked up too.

“I like the rain,” they murmured, “it reminds me of my family because I used to stand in the rain with my parents. Sort of like a water blessing from the skies.”

“I like that. Shall we wait till the rain comes down then?” Arrow suggested and Tokyo nodded. They stood side by side, and Tokyo could feel Arrow watching them. They were the last descendent of the Akaibara tribe. They were a master at manipulation of the fine arts, and they were a well-renowned swordmaster. They had trained and served all their life, and knew how to win any situation. So why was Tokyo so nervous?

Just as the rain started to pour, Arrow took Tokyo’s hand in his and kissed it.

“It’s been a pleasure spending today with you, Tokyo.”

“The feeling’s mutual.” Tokyo smiled, feeling their cheeks heat up. “Keep it cool, Avlod Ankara. He won’t do anything if you don’t.” But that was a lie as Tokyo leaned up slightly, and placed a kiss on Arrow’s cheek. “Thank you.” They smiled, watching the raindrops remain in his periwinkle hair.

“No problem,” He breathed, a pink flush spreading across his cheeks. “I like spending time with you. I’m glad we met.”

“I agree. I should go find Lubriz now.” Tokyo wasn’t sure if it was too soon to kiss Arrow or not, but they were heavily tempted to. 

“Can I kiss you?” Arrow asked before Tokyo could decide. They couldn’t bring themself to say yes, so they just nodded slightly. Arrow pulled them in close as it rained around them. He tilted their head up to kiss them and then their lips pressed together. “Give in.” Their mind soothed, “Give in to Arrow Royarti.” Their hands wrapped around Arrow’s neck as his hands were around their waist, and though it had been a long time since they’d been home, this was a close second. They pulled away, panting for breath as Arrow ran a hand through his hair that was soaked from the rain.

“I-I’ll see you later.” Tokyo gasped, and Arrow raised a hand with shut eyes as a farewell. Tokyo ran back to the stairs, their whole body warm despite being in the rainfall. Opening the double doors, Tokyo turned around one last time, as Arrow stood there, a smile on his face, standing in the rain.

* Avlod can mean descendent in Uzbek

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Moon Lion
22:38 Sep 21, 2021

This honestly felt like the detailed script to a supercool animated movie. All the characters had such pretty names and personality ahhh. Loved reading this :)


00:20 Sep 22, 2021

Awww thank you so much, Moon! I actually really like that, a “detailed script to a supercool animated movie”. Make sure you check out Celeste’s series too! <3


Moon Lion
21:46 Sep 22, 2021

For sure!


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OMG AHHHHH A WONDERFUL SIDE STORY TO MY SERIES? AHHHHH *freaks out over the story and falls to the ground and screams excitedly* THIS WAS SO GOOD MA LORD Imma add this to my bio so ppl can go there and find this BOOTIFUL storyyy <333333 wonderful, amazing job Jasey!!!


05:05 Sep 21, 2021



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05:17 Sep 21, 2021





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07:36 Sep 20, 2021

Thank you to Celeste for letting me write a side story to your amazing series! This story is dedicated to you my friend <3 Part 1 is linked here:


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Pahani Wijeratne
15:09 Sep 24, 2021

Hii! How are you doing? I really love this story, I had such a fun time reading it! The imaginary is amazing and the characters have great personalities :)) I have got to say, this story feels so magical and fantasy like, it reminded me of a Studio Ghibli movie! Tokyo and Arrow’s relationship is adorable; I would definitely read more :)) Thank you for such an awesome read! 😊 By the way, I love your profile picture, it’s very cute! ✨ Pahani


02:11 Sep 25, 2021

Hey there, Pahani! Thanks so much for the amazing comment, I appreciate it so much! I'm glad you think so, I love Studio Ghibli :) Thank you so much! ~ Jasey <3


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