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My cat, Chloe, was missing for two weeks and it was hard not to give up hope, especially because she is very petite and princess-like. It was the success stories of others who had used The Secret to bring their lost pets back home that gave me the courage and hope I needed to do the same. I wanted to share my story in order to pass on this hope to others who need it.

We had recently moved house, and both of our cats were visibly unhappy with their new home. The place had already been claimed by a neighbor’s cat, the smells were unfamiliar and daunting, and there was no soft sand beach like there were used to be. They moped under the bed in our room all day long, refusing to come out unless they were being fed. Our cats bounce off the walls if we don’t allow them outside at night, so after a few nights of keeping them in, we gave in and allowed them out. The first few nights went by without incident. On the third morning, Chloe didn’t come home for breakfast. We dismissed it, with my partner making me feel better by saying that she was probably just exploring her new territory. When she still didn’t come home by the evening I began to fear the worst and broke down.

I remained in a state of “brokenness” for the next few days, only feeling a desperate sense of hope when I made posters, fliers and phone calls to the vet clinics and SPCA’s in the area. I couldn’t sleep either. I had heard that cats are most likely to come out of hiding at night, so every night I wandered around our neighborhood calling her name. Nothing could make me feel good. Although I was on a break from work, living with a very loving partner in a new and beautiful landscape, and I still had one very beautiful cat, I simply couldn’t appreciate any of it. I was on the verge of tears all day, even out in public.

I realized that I couldn’t live this way, so began to read success stories of other people who had been reunited with their missing pets. I stumbled upon a story which brought me to The Secret’s “Living the Secret” section. Something in the story rang true for me, and the possibility that I had the power to bring my cat home resonated with my own inner beliefs. Not only was I extremely passionate towards the outcome I wanted but the idea that I had control over the situation made me feel good. I had an almost complete 180 degrees in my attitude, and this was before I had even watched the movie.

I asked my partner to watch the movie with me so that we could be on the same page, and use our power of attraction for a united cause. I did everything that was explained in the book. I visualized having Chloe back in my arms, I imagined how good I would feel to know she was back home safe and sound, I wrote in my diary every chance I got how grateful I was to have her back with me and thanked the Universe for taking care of this task for me. The most amazing thing was how happy and grateful I suddenly felt. I hadn’t felt this positive since I was a child! The new found positivity I had tapped into allowed me to express more freely my love for my family, my partner, his son, the land we live in and so on.

By this time Chloe had been missing for almost two weeks. I decided that she would be back before the weekend (again, this technique was copied from another story submitter) and told this to anyone who would listen. I began to feel excited and truly look forward to seeing her again so soon. All the while I did not stop taking whatever action I could take personally, to bring her home.

On Friday after spending the morning passing out fliers, I received a phone call. It was an elderly lady who had gone to the vet saying that she had been feeding a cat matching the description of Chloe for the past few nights. She had not seen my posters or fliers so went to the vet to ask if anyone was missing a cat. She had got my details, called me and as soon as possible I was at her house. I knew it was Chloe. The lady was not home yet, so I went to the nearby Dairy, put up another poster, and withdrew the reward money from an ATM. I then met with the lady who promised to call me as soon as she saw Chloe again. As we were leaving her house, my partner and I began to call out Chloe’s name. Right away we heard a little meow.

Within seconds Chloe was in my partner’s arms, we were giving the lady her reward and taking our precious fur baby back home to her brother.

My requests had been answered and not only was it glorious to have Chloe back home safe and sound before the weekend, she had helped me to rediscover and cement a truth that I had always known deep in my heart, but had shunned for so many years. Chloe is also unbelievably happy to be home, showering her lucky little family with purrs and affection.

I hope this helps others who are waiting for word of their pets to keep their hope alive. The moment I realized I had control of the situation, I felt liberated. The positivity permeated all aspects of my life and the bonus was that I was feeling at my best before I even received what I had asked for.

Remember, all it takes is one call from one person. Chloe was nowhere near our house, so she couldn’t find her own way back home, and needed a little divine intervention.

February 21, 2020 17:56

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23:13 Mar 05, 2020

I'm always a sucker for a cat story, and doubly so when it tugs on my heartstrings. Yours did that...I'm always terrified to think of either of my "kids" getting out and lost. Your angst came through very clearly. I do have to agree with Nick however, that "The Secret" didn't seem to have that much to do with the finding of your kitty. It was more your decision to think and speak positively about getting her back. I'm so glad doing so worked. Overall you did a nice job of sharing your emotions in this story.


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Nick Dalrymple
00:10 Mar 05, 2020

I’m glad you got your cat back. It was a detailed story, but a little confusing. It sounded like you did all the work to get the cat back. I don’t see how the “Secret” really adds to the story but I’m glad you got strength from “The Secret.” Did anything supernatural happen? Even if this is a true story you could add a little mystery or emotion to the story. Keep reading, keep writing.


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