Fantasy Fiction Friendship

Just because someone gave you the winning numbers does not mean you didn't win said my sister Jane. There are 100 people showing up to celebrate with you. You have to come for there sake.

The truth is I don't want a party. I am not even sure I want to be rich. I am still in disbelief. It was just another week until now. I went to my favorite store for coffee and to talk with the old Arab who runs the store just like I do every week. Akeem is the smartest man I have ever met. His heart is as big as the moon. A man of peace who understands human nature. So this week when I showed up Akeem Tells me he has figure out the winning numbers to the lotto. Then he ask me do you want them? I say sure and make it a power ball winner thinking this is just good humor from a old man. I get my coffee and my ticket tell him shalom. Akeem laughs because he knows I find it funny that all the Jewish families in town come to him to trade stocks tips. I worked all week and the drawing comes around and (BAM). I am a multimillionaire. I am not sure what to do with it.

I have decided I need to talk with the man who made me a winner.

So incognito I head to the local store to talk to Akeem. I get to the store and Akeem is where he always is behind the counter. I walk in and Akeem greats me. What with the hoodie and sunglasses? Akeem I won the lotto. Did you not here? Everybody is treating me like a rock star. Of course you did says Akeem. I ask you and you said that was what you wanted! So what the problem ask Akeem?

I thought you were just having fun with me. I do not know you really had the numbers to win. Why did you not use them yourself?

God did not send them for me to use says Akeem. God sent them for you to use. You told me your were not religious Akeem? I am not says Akeem. Nor are any of my friends who believe in the one true God. Many go to different churches and synagogues' but, only to share the truth about the God who talks with us every day. You talk to God everyday? Ask him what I am suppose to do with all this money! Akeem says; God told me you already knew what to do with the money before you ever won it. I already know? What do I already know? I know nothing about money or wealth. I am a janitor in a children's hospital. The only thing I know is how clean floors and take out hazmat to the right containers. Akeem smiles and says my friend how many times have you come to me and said I wish I could help this kid or that kid? How many times did you pray to a God to help heal one of those children you are with everyday? How many times? So go my friend and celebrate with those who know you best. Give the glory to the one who made this possible. Do the things you have always wanted to do. Help others heal. Not many people are given a chance to help in this big of a way. Just remember be humble about the part you played and give honor to a God who answer your prayers.

So back to my humble little apartment I go. I tell my sister Jane to reserve the city park. I call the local TV station and tell them are going to throw a block party. I call my work place and tell my co workers they are invited as well. Then I call the state lotto office and ask what I need to do to claim my prize. They tell me just bring in the ticket and they will show you how the distribution of funds works. The IRS will take there part first and I can decide rather I want a lump sum or a set amount every year. I get to the office and they verify the ticket is real and the lawyers show up with all the forms and documents and I look at the clerk and say " if I donate the entire winnings to The non profit children's hospital how much will the IRS get? The whole room goes silent. Nothing the clerk says. They will get nothing. It will all go to the Non profit organization. Will I need a lawyer if I do that? No says the clerk . You will just need the chief financial officer to receive the funds. Well I say lets do that now. I have a party to go to.

So I am waiting for Jane to pick me up outside the office. The thought crosses my mind how am I going to pay for this party?

Jane drives up in her Ford escort covered with steamers and balloons a convey of cars follow her. I get in the car laughing and tell her what I have done. I know she says. You know how do you know? I didn't know myself until I got here! Akeem told me when we where picking up the balloons and streamer. Akeem told you?

Well did he happen to tell you how I was going to pay for this party?

Yes He did! The store receives a percentage of the winnings if the ticket is purchased there. Akeem is paying for the party.

Jane do you know Akeem told me he talks with God everyday?

I believe he does I tell her. Of course he does. Why do you think so many different people go to his store? The friends who are joining you in celebrating all go to Akeem store and planned this party before you won. You were the last person to know.

May 11, 2021 23:10

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