“That’s the thing about this city,”

“Huh?” asked Zero.

“It’s just so… great,” continued Chips.

“It’s the city’s 100th anniversary today! We shouldn’t be here, talking! Let’s go see Patty!”

“Oh yeah!”


“Hello, there!” said Patty cheerfully.

“Hey, fatty Patty!” joked Chips.

“Oh shut up Chips,” said Patty annoyed. “I know I might have put on a few pounds but you’re fat yourself you know!”

That shut Chips up.

“What are you doing Patty?” asked Zero.

“I baked cookies to take to the City Circle,”

“Oh, yes,” said Chips.

Zero sneaked his hand to the platter of chocolate cookies. Patty slapped it away.

“Hey, I heard that Tintin, the Mayor’s son is coming to Chicken for the first time!” exclaimed Zero.

“Really?” asked Patty.

“Yes,” said Zero.

“Shall we go to the City Circle together then?” asked Chips.

“Of course we are,” replied Patty. “Wait a moment, I’ll get my bag.”

  Patty came a minute later carrying a green designer handbag. She put the cookies in a large paper carrier bag and they set off to the town square to see the parade and meet the Mayor’s son.


“Mr Tintin sir, welcome to Chicken!”

“Chicken?” asked Tintin.

“Yes, the name of this town,” 

“Who in the world would name this town Chicken?”

  Tintin jumped down from the limousine. He stretched his legs and walked to the center of the crowd. He posed in front of the cameras, showing his gleaming teeth, sleek and shiny hair and white shoes. 

 The people of Chicken thought of him as a star.

“Is this the City Square?” he asked.

“Oh no, this is the City Circle,”

  Tintin shook his head in amazement.

  He walked over to Patty and took a cookie from her bag and then he nibbled the edge.

“What type of cookie is this?” he asked, his eyebrows raised.

“Chocolate chip,” replied Patty.

  Tintin scarfed down the cookie.

“Who are you?” 

“The one and only Chicken’s Patty!”

“Chicken Patty?” he repeated in confusion.

Tintin overheard a conversation between a girl and her mother.

“Mommy, why did you name me Banana?

“Because when you were born, a banana fell on your head” said the mother.

“Is that why brother is called Watermelon?”


  Such brainless fools, thought Tintin.

  There came a gust of wind and Tintin’s hat flew off his head. It fell into a patch of mud.

“Oh, sir let me!” insisted a man hurrying forward. He picked up the hat and dunked it into the river to cleanse off the mud. Then he said,

“The hat should stick to your head, sir!”

  He brought a tube of sticky glue and glued the edge of the hat. He then jammed the soaked, sticky hat firmly on Tintin’s head.

 Unfortunately, Tintin’s hat had water in it and it hadn’t been emptied, so when it was turned upside down on his head, a big splash of water fell on him soaking his hair as well as his face and clothes.

In short,

Tintin was wet.

“Are you mad?” he demanded the man. “What did you do that for?” 

The man beamed. “Your hat was dirty, it needed a wash. And I stuck some glue on it so it wouldn’t fly off again.”

“What glue did you use?” asked Tintin suspiciously.

  The man showed hin the tube. Super Sticky Glue, it said. Strongest glue in the world.

“Wonderful!” said Tintin angrily. “You stupid man!”

“Thank you for the wonderful compliment!” cried the man, bursting with happiness.

  Tintin kicked the man at this side. The man ran away laughing and shouting, “Tintin kicked me! It’s the best day of my life!”

Stupid, thought Tintin.

“I am going to leave,” announced Tintin.

  “Before you leave, you should at least have a meal,” said Patty.

“Yes please,” said Tintin for he was starving. At least this day couldn’t get any worse.


Chef Cock A’ Roach produced a bowl of murky brown soup and set in down before Tintin. He took a sip of the soup and looked at the chef. 

“Why is your name Cock A’ Roach?” he asked. 

“Because I am known for my soup which I inherited from my father.” said the chef pointing at the soup.

“This soup is quite good,” said Tintin. “Tell me what is in it.”

“Cockroaches,” said Chef promptly.

Tintin felt sick to the stomach.


A horn sounded.

“The mayor is coming!” cried Chip and Zero.

Great, thought Tintin. It has been seven years since I have seen my father. I have much to complain about him not being able to guide a city properly.

“Son!” said the Mayor.

  Tintin’s eyes almost popped out of his head. His father was wearing a very smart suit and silk tie and an expensive gold watch and black leather shoes with silver buckles.

And a pair of red knickers dotted with white hearts.

The Mayor ran to Tintin and pulled down his trousers to reveal red underwear with white hearts.

Everyone truly had the brain of a chicken in Chicken City.

March 14, 2021 06:03

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