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The Perfect Last Day

Alexa is roaming around the city of Athens. Her friends had talked about this particular street in Athens, telling her it was nothing special and that she shouldn’t waste her time in the neighborhood, but now that she is walking around this part of the town, she sees it in a whole new way. Kids playing on the streets; carts filled with different handmade merchandise that she had never seen before; people buying, selling and making some snacks, jewelry, vibrant and colorful art pieces.

          She turned left and reached a lane full of small restaurants ranging from desert shops to open bars. As she walked by, aroma of diverse dishes filling her nose, she came by a café named “Greek God’s”, intrigued by the name she took a menu. The carte du jour was divided into a dozen sections based on a random twelve gods, in each and every sector there was a vivid variety of dishes based on the powers of the supernatural beings. She looked at the small but packed café, inside and out. She got a table, ordered some of the dishes she had been dying to try.

          She gobbled her food like she had never eaten before. She had never tasted such amazing and delicious food. There was a perfect balance between the tang and the sweetness of the food. She made a mental note to compliment the chef and put this on her media platforms to increase the publicity of this very successful business. Until her stomach was full and nothing else could be stuffed and digested. She paid for the scrumptious food and left the restaurant. She calculated and had plenty of time left until she had to go look for a bed and breakfast she could stay in for the night in Athens. Alexa decided to roam around the city, visit malls and small shops, she had learned a long time ago that she should never judge the looks of the shop because, some of the best products were in the miniature shops, and go to some the famous beaches and museums later.

         She had a wonderful time. Now it was time to look for a home for the night. She needed to find a place where she could get a good meal and a good nights sleep.

         As she started looking for a Bed and Breakfast, she didn’t like living in hotels, she found one online and it was just walking distance away. When she reached, Alexa saw a beautiful front porch with some chairs and coffee table in the center, many colorful and aromatic flowers. When she went through the door, the room was astounding. It felt like home away from home, it had a retro look which she liked a lot and couldn’t find it any B-and-B or hotels. It also had been decorated with some of the Greek gods. The hosts were dressed as a unique god each. Maybe the decoration or the people but she definitely felt that something was giving out a traditional vibe. It felt as if she was in the presence of some gods. She loves the Greek culture and the mythical beings. It was the perfect place to spend the night.

         She checked in and was given the key and directions to her room. She reached room 5, her room. As soon as she entered, she was amazed by the room. This was the best B-and-B she had ever stayed in.

    Once she is all settled and adjusted, she goes through the pictures she has taken during her trip to Athens. She selects the photos and posts it on her travel blog. She even posts a few on her social media platforms.

    When she was done getting ready, she went down for dinner. While she is on the way down, she came across an employee. She was dressed as Athena. Her name was Alena. She was emitting an ambiance of Athena.

    When I reached the dining room, there were food platters everywhere with different dishes. I took a seat. People slowly started filling in the room. Once we started eating, everyone started making conversations with each other. I started talking to a girl sitting beside me, Kate, and we had similar interest. We both love traveling, trying new things etc.

    When dinner was over, I went for a stroll with my new friend Kate. We found out that we were leaving for the same place tomorrow so we decided to head there together. Later she introduced a new topic called ‘Xenia’. When we started talking about it, I came to know that she felt the same ambiance from Alena. I had often heard stories about the gods coming down to view the city in a different way. We thought that she might be a strong disciple of Athena (usually followers that believe in a particular god and follow everything they say are strong disciples) or maybe Athena herself. As we headed back, we came up with a plan to find out if she was actually Athena because we were so intrigued.

    Right before we parted ways, we both felt a strong positive energy that was pulling us. we followed the energy and soon were led to a room that was giving off a rare luminosity that we both had heard to be a sign that a god was present among us.

    We decided that we should keep a look out, if we were being pulled by any kind of energy, we had to immediately inform the other.

    I headed in my room and Kate headed to hers, it was right next to mine. After I got changed to a more comfortable attire, I jumped on the bed and didn’t feel to get up because of the plushness and softness of the bed. Right when I was about to doze off, Kate rushed into my room. She was not exactly panicking but I was still worried. When she told me what happened I realized that we had to go and check it out immediately.

    We reached the same mysterious room again. The door opened itself as if it had read our mind. We walked in cautiously, slowly and we tried to be as quiet as mice.

    When are eyes adjusted to the dark, we saw Alena ready to walk through a fire. Kate quickly went up to her and pulled her away from the flames. Alena was startled to see us.

    When she asked us who we are and why we were there we answered and right then there was a spark of intrigue in her eyes. With a wave of her hand the fire died down and she told us to get comfortable in the room. She saw that we were very curious.

Once we were seated, we poured our minds out. Amazed by our questions she patiently answered them all. After about 45 minutes of a question and answer session she told us who she was.

    Our suspicions were correct. She was indeed Athena. Then she told was that she owned this place and loved it here so much that she started working here as well. All the other people knew who she was because she had brought them from the place she lived. They were her most trusted and loyal servants. She also told us that she often came down to Athens to see the lives of the people and the state of the city.

    When it was time to leave, she told us how impressed she was with us, we felt really proud. She got up, muttered a spell and the fire was back. We said our goodbyes and watched her disappear through the fire and then left the room.

June 04, 2021 08:02

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