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I use to considered myself a Logic base typical Male agnostic human. The only spirit I believed in was straight out of a bottle. That is until I got prostate cancer and went looking for a cure on my own. This is where my journey begins.

I was at a downtown book store for rare and unusual books.

I came across a book called healing from the inside out published in the early 1900's. There was no authors name and the first few pages claim it was a textbook for New York's Astral realm College.

I had no idea what kind of college this was but, I was searching for a cure that didn't look like the living hell The Oncology hospitals were willing to use to try and cure me. I was told they had a 98% survival rate. What is also true is your sex life is over and you may be carrying a little bag around the rest of your life . I wanted to survive and still have all my stuff in tack. After my CT scan the Doctor told me my prostate was double the size for a man my age. That the cancer was bigger than the prostate

He recommended me to starting radiation and chemo therapy now and lasting the next six months.

So here this little book tells me that fixing your body is a whole lot like fixing a machine. The fact that the body heals best when it has the right stuff to fix itself. This sounded about the same as all the Doctors I had talked to. Except instead of food and Meds this book went into the idea that the Electrical current in the body cured itself though a change in frequency. To change that frequency you will have to to control the flow of energy. To change the flow of energy you must come outside of your body and adjust the amount

of frequency. The idea that we have a second body that can come out of us call a soul. I was aware that the ancient Chinese believe this but a man of science; Now that just about the craziest idea I have ever heard. I was putting the book back on the shelf at this point and headed out the door. The owner of the store ( a little man who look to be in his late fifties) say to me as I walk by I used that same book to cure me over 40 years ago. Thinking this was a pitch to sell the book I replied when you were a teenager? he laughed and replied No when I was your age in my forties.

I stop in my tracks. I turn to talk with him I introduce myself I am Travis Muscleman and he introduce himself I am Jeremy Tandy.

So tell me Mr. Tandy why you would be selling the book that cured you and what did it cure you from? Well Mr. Muscleman it cured me from brain tumors and you can call me Jeremy. I made about a hundred copies of this book and sell one every year to someone in need Jeremy said. You can call me Travis and what about the copyrights? I own them say Jeremy. The one thing I kept when I sold my publishing house. So you are the Tandy from Tandy publishing just running a little downtown bookstore? Yes Travis and to answer your next question I turned 91 a week ago. I will make you a deal says Jeremy. take the book home read it from beginning to end three times. Come back at the end of the week and pay me what you think its worth. I can promise you if you read it you will find just what you are looking for.

I go home and start reading. I read all night. I read all day and all the next night without sleep. I finish the third reading on the third day and pass out lying on my living room floor. My body looking lifeless me lying on my back. Then it hits me I am above looking down with a kaleidoscope view. I look at how wrinkled my face is and how out of shape I am. Then I see it. A small dark place like a ink spot at the lower part of my body . I remember reading I can clear the path for energy to flow. I reach inside and scoop it up. I slowly lift it out of my body and take it above the roof of my house and let go of it and it fads into the twilight. I go back into my house and slowly fold back into my body and sleep.

So I am sitting at my Doctors office with the results of my new CT scan. No cancer No enlargement and no answers from my doctor on how this is even possible just a list of meds he want me to go on as a precaution. I pay my copay and walk out the door and drop the prescriptions in the trashcan in the parking lot. I drive downtown to the bookstore to find a empty building and a for lease sign posted outside. I never see Jeremy Tandy again.

I now believe we are so much more than just flesh and blood.

Though this one book I found the power to heal. The power to see people for who they really are. The power to share with all those in need. The power to find my sprit in a world that would have you dismiss it as just some old writing from a half baked professor.

According to Google Jeremy Tandy retired twenty years ago after selling his Publishing company. A lover of cruise ships it is rumored that he goes from one cruise line to another sailing around the world every year. I have it from a good source (Wikipedia) that during off seasons he will open a bookstore where ever he is until the next cruise.

April 28, 2021 02:06

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