Anna Spasova’s Unexpected Adventure

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Fantasy LGBTQ+ Romance

Anna Spasova used to have a loving husband named Sergei and he was always there for her, even supporting her when she needed him most. He even brought her some flowers in addition to nice clothes and expensive jewelry every now and then. Until one day, when he, once an accomplished computer programmer, got unjustly fired with literally no hope of ever getting it back. Then shortly after, day by day, they lost everything else too, including their luxury apartment in Moscow, so after all was lost, they had to move into a small izba somewhere in some remote village of Omsk…and that was when Anna found out that Sergei had started gambling afterwards. He even stole whatever little money that Anna was trying to save and blew it on either alcohol or casinos; either way, that was when he changed from a doting husband (who more often than not spoiled his beloved wife rotten) into a very hateful and very abusive brute of a drunk and that was when he stopped spoiling Anna and starting beating her up everyday in addition to treating her like his live-in slave.

Then one day, she cooked something wrong (not that she even remembered) and that was when he started beating her up once more; then all of a sudden, he broke an empty bottle of vodka in half and immediately tried to kill her with the disembodied top half of said bottle. However, before he could kill her, she suddenly used her magic to kill him in addition to accidentally settling the whole izba on fire; as she had to escape, a huge explosion suddenly sent her flying across the village, after which she passed out while the izba continued to burn into ashes.

Then a couple of days later, she donned a stylish pantsuit and had to go to court, where she told the judge why she had to kill her husband; some of the jurors agreed with her actions and some did not. While she expected the judge to throw a book at her, he suddenly sentenced her to death by firing squad, who brought her from the courtroom into the execution room where she was supposed to die; however, little did they know that she had magic powers, which she used to knock them all out, after which she not only managed to escape the execution room, but even managed to escape the whole courthouse. Yet while she had to stop at Lake Baikal to splash her face in addition to taking a break, some huge dragon discovered her, after which he kidnapped her and whisked her away to a fairy-like world named Attledam, where a young woman, who happened to be one of the fairies, had to temporarily put her to sleep in her process of treating her wounds that the former’s husband had left in his wake.

Then the next day, when Anna woke up in the young woman’s bedroom, the woman introduced herself to her as Ashlynn in addition to revealing that the dragon who brought Anna to her was her older brother named Nysdanreth, after which Ashlynn explained that some evil sorceress named Marinda put a curse on Attledam and even turned him into a dragon; that was when Anna suddenly realized that she was the chosen one all along. Then after giving Anna some clean clothes (which consisted of a silver button-down high necked blouse with long poet sleeves and matching detachable jabot in addition to a black ankle-length corset skirt with a few tiers and a silver petticoat underneath and a matching pair of knee-length boots with a 4-inch spool heel on each boot), Ashlynn took her out to meet her neighbors, with Shayleigh being one of them. Shortly after, Shayleigh invited them to her house for dinner, during which Anna explained that she once had a husband and that everything went downhill after he lost his job and started drinking. The women and Nysdanreth felt very bad for her and promised to be there for her through thick and thin. Then after everyone was done having tea, Ashlynn had to go home with Anna and Nysdanreth in tow.

Then the next day, Ashlynn and Nysdanreth took Anna on a tour around Attledam; first, they showed her the Spring Court, where Ashlynn and Nysdanreth’s grandparents were ruling (and where the Vernal Equinox Festival would be held annually); afterwards, they showed her the Autumn Court (where the Autumnal Equinox Festival would be held annually), after which they showed her the Winter Court (where the Yule Ball would be held every year); lastly, they showed her the Summer Court, where they lived, where King Tolven ruled and where the Summer Solstice Ball would be held annually). Afterwards, Ashlynn and Anna invited the former’s neighbors (including Shayleigh) for some movie night, during which Anna picked out a certain old Soviet/Russian film called “Kidnapping Caucasian-Style”, which they all enjoyed watching. Then when the movie night was eventually over, all of the neighbors had to go back to their respective houses.

Then the next day, Ashlynn took Anna shopping in the nearby shopping center, where they got some new clothes, shoes, accessories, etc., after which they came home in addition to Anna putting on her new dress. Afterwards, Ashlynn and Nysdanreth took her back to the Spring Court, where they had dinner with Ashlynn and Nysdanreth’s grandparents. Afterwards, they attended the Vernal Equinox Festival, only to have some of Marinda’s minions attack them. Their grandparents managed to send them away while doing their best to hold the minions off for as long as possible (but not before Anna managed to subdue the minions with her magic).

“You haven’t seen the last of us!” one of the minions yelled as Anna defeated them with her magic. “Nor will you ever see the last of our Queen!”

After they fled the Spring Court and came home, Ashlynn informed Anna that, starting from late May, the former would consider sending the latter to King Tolven’s castle until after the upcoming Summer Solstice Ball, even promising to visit her as often as she could.

As soon as Ashlynn sent Anna to King Tolven’s castle, everyone inside did their best to protect her in addition to teaching her things like swordsmanship, waltzing, table manners, and so on. Milo (who happened to be one of Ashlynn’s neighbors and King Tolven’s right-hand man all this time) taught her about swordsmanship while Hyacinth (who also worked for King Tolven) taught her how to use table manners; another servant named Allistair taught her how to waltz. To top it all off, the servants even gave her the most majestic-looking bedroom that there was, which consisted of an ornate-looking  queen-sized canopy bed and matching nightstands, dresser and armoire, respectively; it also included a red carpet, a large walk-in closet, equally lrge windows and burgundy curtains. Any girl could dream, right?

Then when the ball came, Anna wore a strapless gold and light blue gown in addition to gold butterfly jewelry and a matching pair of dress pumps with a butterfly-inspired 4-inch heel on each shoe. Shayleigh came to the ball too and wore a white, blue and silver gigot-sleeved ballgown with silver high heels, pearl jewelry and matching circlet. More people came there too and everyone was having fun until Marinda suddenly showed up, during which she used her own magic to entrance everyone into a hypnotic slumber; afterwards, she used another spell to send them floating in the air in addition to forcing them to waltz in the air. When Ashlynn found out about it from Milo (who managed to escape), he carefully escorted her into the castle. After she snuck into the ballroom, she saw what happened to Anna, the former flew up to the latter and kissed her on the lips, freeing her from the trance instantly.

“Huh? Where am I?” Anna asked prior to looking down and realizing that she was set to fall, only to have Ashlynn safely carry her bridal-style to the ground.

“No time for this!” Ashlynn said curtly. “Let’s stop Marinda before it’s too late! Nysdanreth, take Anna and I’ll stay here, so as soon as Marinda is defeated, I will use my magic to help them land safely on the floor!”

As if on cue, Nysdanreth took Anna out of the castle and as soon as they found Marinda, they began to work together to defeat her, prompting the final showdown to ensue. Of course, Marinda’s powers proved a bit too strong for them to withstand until Milo suddenly arrived with Ashlynn and Nysdanreth’s grandparents in tow.

“Anna, here’s your sword!” Milo yelled as he threw the sword towards Anna, who effortlessly caught it in the nick of time.

“And don’t forget to use magic when needed!” Queen Arianna, who happened to be Ashlynn and Nysdanreth’s grandmother, called out.

“As for me,” King Kaylen added, “I figured out her weak point. That’s her necklace! If you will use your magic to destroy that necklace, do it now, so then once her magic will get neutralized, you can kill her with that sword!”

Understanding their words, Anna used her magic to incapacitate Marinda, after which the former ripped the necklace off of the latter and used her magic to destroy it; after Marinda lost her own magic and changed from a beautiful young woman into an old crone, she saw Anna raising a sword towards her heart.

“What are you doing to me?!” Marinda rasped angrily yet weakly.

“This is for my husband’s job!” Anna roared as she prepared to give Marinda a killing blow. “This is for my new friends! This is for Attledam! And THIS…is for YOU! Goodbye forever, Marinda!”

As if on cue, Anna mercilessly stabbed Marinda in the heart, killing her instantly. After the final showdown, everything started to go back to normal, starting with Nysdanreth losing his dragon form and turning back into a fairy.

“Nysdanreth, you’re back!” Queen Arianna cried out in joy. “My grandson is back!”

“I missed you too, Granny!” Nysdanreth wept in joy as his grandparents embraced him. “Now we’ll need to find my sister!”

Meanwhile, as the entirety of Attledam was going back to normal, all of the entranced ball-goers suddenly broke free from their trance, after which Ashlynn used her magic to help them safely land on the floor.

“Huh? Where am I?” asked Hyacinth.

“Hey, I had a very crazy dream!” Shayleigh blurted out. “We were all floating and dancing in the air at the same time.”

As everyone else mumbled in agreement, Ashlynn embraced Shayleigh, for the former was glad that the latter was alright.

The next day, Anna told her new friends that she had to go back to Russia to fix that izba that she had accidentally set on fire after she had killed her husband, so Ashlynn gave her the special circlet that would allow her to create a portal from Attledam to Omsk, after which the latter began to kiss the former passionately. Anna was shocked to have another woman fall in love with her at first, but after ten seconds, she reciprocated. After the unexpected kiss, it was time to bid each other goodbye.

“Goodbye, my love,” Ashlynn sobbed.

“I’ll never forget any one of you!” Anna wept as she walked through the portal towards Omsk.

Upon returning to Omsk, Anna managed to restore the whole house to normal with her magic, after which her husband suddenly appeared next to her in spirit, much to her shock.

“Remember me?” Sergei asked. “I was your husband and you had to kill me. If I’m honest, you were right to do that. After all, I was the worst husband that you ever had. I drank and gambled too much and then I beat the shit out of you and treated you like a slave. For all of that, I’m very sorry and I know I deserved it.”

“Damn right you did!” Anna snapped. “I regret the day I married you, even when I found out that Marinda was responsible for you getting fired. As much as I’m sorry that she made your boss fire you, you were very terrible and I should’ve listened to my dad! Also, my heart no longer belongs to you! It belongs to one of my new friends now! If you’ll excuse me, I’m going back to them right now.”

With that, she used her circlet to open another portal to Attledam.

“So Attledam, huh?” Sergei teased.

“Yes,” Anna said bluntly, “that’s where they live and one of them is my new girlfriend, since she treats me better than you could ever hope to treat me again.”

“I know,” Sergei said dejectedly, “and you have my word. You may go now. Farewell.”

As if on cue, Sergei disappeared as Anna walked through the portal towards Attledam, much to the surprise of her new friends, especially Ashlynn.

“Anna!” Ashlynn gasped in surprise. “You’re back!”

“You bet I am!” Anna grinned as she embraced Ashlynn and vice versa. “I missed you so much!”

“I missed you too, my wonder darling!” Ashlynn squealed in joy. “And I also love you so much!”

“Even though I wasn’t really expecting it,” Anna admitted, “I love you too!”

After that, they began to kiss passionately, cementing their newfound love for each other.

Then a couple of months later, Ashlynn and Anna got married in a beautiful fairy wedding (with Nysdanreth as Ashlynn’s best man and Shayleigh being among her bridesmaids) and after the wedding was over, they went to Scotland for their honeymoon. After their honeymoon, they went back to Attledam, where they (alongside everyone else, including Shayleigh, who married King Tolven and became his queen) lived happily ever after.

(*Author’s Note: This is based on my romance novel called “The Enlightenment”, which I’m currently working on.)

December 17, 2020 12:42

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