Title of the story: She dug the deep pit…

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Romance Lesbian Crime

          Somewhere deep in the years that have elapsed and the characters of this ensuing story have crossed sixty fives and are almost on the threshold of seventy around, less or more. It can be easily conjectured that he, Mr. Shanush lost his hold on his wife , but in the past thirty years back it was he who had hold on her and he could easily twist her ears but now she could twist the hidden panther in his white trousers. It had stopped its’ green rising signal but yet it wanted to play the game. Mr. Shanush worked as a head controller of twenty workers at Proxsy Industries and now in a retired capacity he was getting a pension of seventeen thousand rupees a month. He was fond of liquor and it was an integral part of his whole existence and besides he could not live any evening without shrimps, prawns and crabs. He liked to have sex all the time although he had reached seventy. Whenever his wife ‘Loti’ went to stay at her son’s residence who was forty-four now named Suresh with his wife named Surkhi, Lallo and Shaloo their son and daughter. He is one of the most renowned photographer but he left his father as far back when he was just eighteen. He did not like his father

      Because of his wild madly habits. When Loti left to stay with this boy and her daughter-in-law who were in the same city, he

Would call any girl on way into his room and have sex with her. He would give her two currency notes of hundred rupees.  These girls by this time knew why he would call them. They liked that money more than anything else. This boy now twenty-six years had passed but he never came alone to see His father.“What is the sense of meeting a father who was addicted to drinking, crabs and shrimps eating and not stopping Sexing?.

           Loti knew him thoroughly well and he was a philanderer of very high capacity. The shrimps and crabs heated his sexual capacity. She took advantage of his weakness and threatened him :” You bloody fucker of several girls come on give me ten thousand rupees just now. I am going very soon to Haridwar and Vrindavan for penance on your behalf.”

   “No no I can afford only five thousand and here it is.”

    “You bloody bhenchod tara maujmasti mate tare paisa bagaarwanu che ane mene bhagwaan na darshen mate nathi aapi shekta? (You bloody fucker of your sister, you want money for your sexual funs but cannot spare it to have a look of God?)

                 She went further ahead . He had hidden the currency notes in his underwear and she became a thruster and her hand went in the close Proximity of his shrunken penis and drew out all the money. She slapped him and shouted “ bhoshree kei sala martu nathi “

( bloody bastard dog who dies not)

                 Ila and Lila her married daughters from Surat had come to stay with their mother and their husbands Rajesh and Paresh along with their children Laalu, Shalu, Vicky and Laali all of them enjoyed the scenario with tremendous joy that had no bounds.

              Lila the second daughter attacked upon Paresh with kitchen tongs and cooking large spoon the next day but one person in the next bungalow interfered in the matter and got the bloodshed stopped. However during the evening hours the two were laughing and going in their car for their evening entertainments.

                Shanush once had stayed some time with me and I asked him to come along with me to hear the wisdoms of a Sanyasini. He replied he does not need it. I emphasized it is necessary for all. If he goes on avoiding these ‘hearings’ he Might be born as a dog. That would be a better option as in that case he will get the bitches and free food.  He was beyond any reformation. He could make a beautiful garden but he was without a beautiful heart.

               At Brindawan and in Hardwar she visited all the temples prayers that she held very strictly. She was accompanied by her friend, a woman staying in Karchalia puri. Both the women held prayers before the idol of Lord Krishna and also Shiva Shanker, The two women entered in one restaurant to have their respective lunch.

   “Mimbani what did you ask from Krishna and Shanker ?”

   “I should not tell it to you. It is forbidden to tell others!”

 “But you can tell me as I am your most closest friend and    confidante.”

 “O.K. I would tell you on one condition!”

 “Well agreed. I should tell you my ‘wants’ from my God”

 “I asked from God Krishna to give my husband long life so that his kisses not stop henceforth and you?”

 “I held prayers for his early death as he is a drunken man who is still after every girl that passes on way. If I get all the money

As soon as he dies, I could spend it FOR Lord Krishna “

 “YES, you are totally on the right path. What is the use of a drunk women hunter? You prayed the best prayers. It is surely In his interests to save him from further accumulations of so hazardous sins that are almost crimes. He is spoiling the lives of

Several teen aged girls of the whole locality.”

                      They both stayed in one room of Hotel Royal. In the evening both the women ordered for tandoori (oven heated chicken) and also couple of bottles of whiskies. During The night they both undressed and became completely nude and shortly after both the women became lesbians and pressed

Breasts of each other and kissed and kissed their breasts. The Other woman had fixed one boy from there only that city itself.

He was a robust boy of twenty-four and he satiated their taste of a young boy. The women themselves were above fifty five years.

          A month later she had come back to her husband and now she wanted twenty thousand rupees and a big quarrel Ensued. The other woman her bosom friend a lesbian came at her rescue.

          Both the women began beating him on his cheeks,Lips, hips, knees and finally hit on his private part.He fell unconscious and then they took the cupboard keys and took All the currency out that was in  the cupboard. He did not report the matter to the police wherein his wife too was involved.

                All of them came to know. Suresh, Surkhi, Ila, Leela, Rajesh and Paresh but no one had any soft word of consolation

For Shanush.

                As soon as these two women were entering in the Compartment intending to visit Rameshweram..Loti the moment she sat on the seat, she got a very heavy heart attack and there and then she died on the spot. Her prayers were really heard .It was the pit in which she herself was thrown in. 

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