Fantasy Mystery Science Fiction

Imagine an experiment that had been hidden for more than 5 years, that could bring the child’s parents a smile on their faces, a smile that they didn’t have until the disaster happened. An experiment that was made for someone who wanted to be with that somebody who used to bring them that smile. 

Jessy Morrow, a new scientist, that was working at one of the biggest sciences companies in the world. She was 26 years old. Jessy was a friendly person, that followed the rules and had a lot of friends. Jessy lived in Tokyo. She didn't know a lot of Japanese but she knew English very well. Everybody liked her, even her boss, that always said- “You have the same smile as my daughter’s” 

It was Friday night, Jessy had a lot of work to do so, she decided to spend the night at the office. Mark told her that he wanted to bring her on a date. But she was a hard worker, and she wanted to finish them tonight. She was taking her tasks very seriously and never broke the rules but, in that night, Jessy broke the rules.  

It was 2 a.m. Jessy almost finished her work but, suddenly, she heard a sound on the window. A blizzard started. After she saw what was happening outside, she came to the conclusion that she couldn’t leave the office. She didn’t have car and that made the situation even harder. She took her jacket and went on the entry of the company, and after she opened the door, a cold wind entered. She went two steps forward, and the blizzard started to get colder. She went back into her office. On the way to her office, she saw a sign with- “Warning! Don’t enter!” 

She looked at it, and actually wanted to enter the room but it needed a code that she didn’t know. So, she decided to find it in the main office. Jessy thought that it was a bad idea but something pushed her to find the code and enter that door. After a couple minutes, Jessy finally found the code that was 100 characters long but hopefully it had a barcode. She took the code that was on a card, and hurried to the door.  

After she scanned the code, a big lobby opened. There were 20 doors with codes on them. She opened the first door. In that room there was a small creature in a glass cylinder, that was full of a white substance. That creature seemed to be a human, she had its eyes closed. Jessy went closer to that human. It had blue veins; its skin tone was white like milk. It had no hair, and it didn’t have a gender, but in its place was a long cable that was connected to a big computer. The last thing Jessy discovered was, that human had no boobs. After all she saw, she couldn’t believe her eyes! She didn’t know that team mates were doing this kind of things. Even if she was new, she should have been into this project.  

After she left that room, she opened another one. It was a human in the exact same glass cylinder but she knew that face, it was a face that she saw once and was in her mind for a lot of times. After looking at that human, she realized who was. It was Jay’s daughter, her boss’s daughter. Jay had a dead daughter that died from cancer when she was 20 years old, while Jay was 50 years old. It passed 10 years since she died and Mark told her that Jay has never smiled since then. Jessy was a scientist and had a small idea about why those humans were there.  

A scientist biggest goal would be for somebody to become alive after he was dead, this is named- D.B.A, dead but alive. Many people tried it because of the orgasms first, because D.B.A, means to make every organ work 100% and make that person do the exact same things a person that haven’t been that before do. If D.B.A would work, so many people would still have the loved one by their side... 

After she left the second room, she opened the last one. A human was in the exact cylinder with the exact same substance but something was different this time. She went closer to that human and realized that it was her mother.  

Her mother died when Jessy was 10 years old because of a really rare disease that ruined her health in less than 2 months. 

Jessy started crying. She couldn’t believe that her mother was going thru the D.B.A project. Something made her happy. If the D.B.A project would work, Jessy would be together with her mother again. 

Two hours passed, the blizzard stopped and Jessy went home. The next day, Jessy asked Mark about the project because he had been working at the company for more than Jessy was. After she talked with him, she discovered that the project was in the last phase, and that meant that after one month, every human that was there was free.  

Jessy waited until the month was over and the humans there were out of the cylinder. The night before Jessy visited her mother, she hoped that the project would work, when, her mother started moving. She didn’t know what to do so she just went closer to her.

Her mother was looking at her, and her eyes remembered Jessy about the last time she looked into her mother’s eyes. Her mother couldn’t talk but she was smiling at her daughter. Jessy waited in excitement all the night before after she left her work place. 

The next day, everybody was announced that the people that experimented the D.B.A project were now going to get out of the cylinder. Everybody was waiting for the humans, when they were all saw the humans walking. Jessy was looking at her mother. She was so happy and so excited, so she hurried up to her mother and hugged her tightly. Her mother looked the same she looked before she got sick. Everybody was happy, and for the first time Jay was smiling for seeing her daughter’s smile. 

Nothing can replace a smile.....

January 16, 2021 17:10

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