Drama Fantasy Friendship

I hate this place, I just want to get out. They said I would be able to go in a couple of weeks, probably. Here I still am, in my room sharing it with another girl. I feel too shy to really talk to her, and because of me being so quiet they want me to stay in here longer. What? Why? I am just a naturally shy person. They think I am not talking because of my illness. It has nothing to do with that and I tell them so. They don't seem too convinced by what I say. Ugh, I wish my mother would say something. She usually saves me from things like this.

I try to say something to my room mate, to go along with what they want. “Uh, hi cute stuffed animals.”

“Oh, thanks I just feel uneasy without them. I just hope nobody tries to steal them. Sometimes hard to trust people in these places.” she muttered

“It's hard to trust anyone, in my experience.” I go to sit on my bed to put another mark on the wall hoping she won't raise a fuss about me doing that.

“You are going to get in trouble, writing on the wall like that.” she goes and looks at what I wrote, there is three week's worth of tally marks there. “Um, is this the amount of time you been here?” she gasped

“Yeah, they seem to not want me to get out of this place. They don't see I am doing better. They think the fact I am not talking to everyone else means I am doing badly. It is normal for me to be that way though. I figure, I just talk to people and POOF I am out of here.” I laugh maniacally, thinking my plan is perfect. It would be perfect if I knew what to say to these people.

“Well, good luck with that. Don't let them see you wrote on the wall. They might see that as a symptom knowing them.” she makes a face.

I put a picture I drew up in front of the marks, I shouldn't of wrote with her watching,she might tattle. I am not sure if she is on my side or not. It seems people are my friend one minute, then ditch me. I am really scared to make any friends anywhere. That's one reason I don't talk a lot. “I think they believe everything is a symptom here, they think not showering long is. They also told my mother that. The water is so cold! That and I never shower for that long.”

“I think the people here really hate us, and make us stay here as long as they can. What did I do to get put in here?” she groans a bit hugging her stuffed animal and sobbing.

“Uh, being in here is voluntary, remember? You put yourself here.” I look at her weirdly, yeah she wasn't going to leave soon with her saying stuff like that. .

“Yeah I know, I just...always hate being in here. It's so confusing and weird at first. The people are scary.” she whimpered.

“I agree. I think everyone hates it here. If you don't then you are really bad off.” I leaned on the pillow,just as uncomfortable as it always is here. I wish my mother would of brought one from home for me.

“Yeah.” She yawns. “I think I am going to sleep now.”

“Me too, night um...what's your name again?”

“Renee, good sleep if you can in these terrible beds.” she laughs and cuddles in the bed sleeping for the night.

A weird dream, someone was erasing me with a giant pencil then redrawing me as Renee. I get up with a start seeing she was already gone. I move my picture, looking for those familiar marks I made. They are..wiped clean? No, seems they were never there in the first place by the look of it. What is going on? I look seeing I was wearing the outfit I arrived here in. I wasn't wearing that before. I go over to one of the nurses. “OK, why am I dressed like this?!”

“I don't know, you tell me.” She said grunting as if she had better things to do.

“I wasn't wearing this last night.” were the nurses messing with me?

“You weren't here last night, today is your second night here.” the nurse clucks her tongue.

“What do you mean, I been here like three weeks now!” I stare at her, what the hell! Why was she saying things like that for?

“Maybe in your mind you been here that long, but no you came here yesterday.” she shook her head.

I go to look for someone more helpful. “Um, the nurse is messing with me. She is saying I just came here yesterday. I think you should fire her.”

“Fire her for saying the truth?” she laughed. “You need more meds I think.”

I froze, the nurse wasn't messing with me. It seems, somehow I went back in time three weeks. Why? Was there something I was meant to do? I had a feeling it had to do with Renee, since my dream was about her. “Er, I was joking around. Um I gotta go.”

I walked off, then looked for Renee. Wait, she hadn't been here as long as I was. She hadn't gotten here then. I looked in my room, and for some reason she was there looking at a magazine. “So, you learned I am not a normal person, huh?”

“Did you do this? The thing with the time? Why would you want to be here longer? I thought you said you hated things here!” I put my hands at my sides, an angry look on my face.

“Yeah I did it. I just wanted more time to be able to be friends with you. Usually people don't talk to me. They think I am immature with my stuffed animals and the shirts I wear.” she sighed.

“Isn't there a better way to be friends then making me stay here for another three weeks!” I growled.

“No there's not, there may be no other way to see you again. I may keep on turning back time so we can be together longer.” she giggled.

“I see why people don't want to be your friend now.” I groan, being in the mental ward until the end of time wasn't my idea of fun.

“Aww, you hurt my feelings. Maybe I will take you to the time you first went to a place like this. So many years ago.” she grins evilly showing me her pointed teeth.

“How did you know that?” I stared at the teeth, she wasn't even human I guessed!

“Oh I know many things about you. You know, you are not human like you think! That is why humans think you are crazy, because you are not like them.” she nodded

“Um, how my mom and dad are human and I am just like them.” I was intrigued, I always felt I didn't belong here. Maybe it was true? I was still mad about her trying to keep me here, though!

“You shifted to be like them, your father was actually an alien. The father who took care of you is not your real father at all.” she explained, with a look on her face that thinking someone is half alien is normal!

“Um, so I am half alien. Who is my real father? Can you take me to him? I wanna know what the planet I am from is like.” I was excited, maybe I would feel right in this new planet.

“First, we must become friends. Maybe in a better setting then this. So, where would you like to go?”

“Um, how about the beach? I love beaches.” I wasn't sure I should take her seriously that we were going somewhere else, but she had manipulated time who knows what else she could do.

Poof, we appeared on a beach. One I went to many times in my life. I smiled and took off my socks and put my feet in the water. “Now I am wondering why people don't want to be your friend.”

“So now you change your tune about me. I had a feeling this would do the trick. Now, into a better outfit.” poof I was wearing my favorite outfit.

“So, if I am the same kind of alien as you does that mean I have powers like you?” I asked

“You have powers, but unlike mine. Since you are only a half breed it makes our gifts different.” she then snapped and I saw she had green skin, huge black eyes no nose and webbed long fingers. “Ah this is better.”

“How come I look so human if my species looks like that?” I blink looking over her.

“Half Breed babies born to humans always look that way until they are awakened, when I learned you were one of us I had to do that. Sorry for making you think I was crazy for the things I did, but...I had to do them. We been looking for you for a long time, Ashley.” she put her hand on my shoulder. “Your mother hid you from us, she got too attached to you when she knew she wasn't supposed to.”

“Um isn't it normal for a mother to love her child? Even though she seemed to love me a bit too much...” I sighed, thinking of my life. Mom had always been there to solve my problems, and barely let me do anything myself. It was like I had no control over my life. If these people were here, did that mean I was free of her?

“Yes, but when she was implanted with you she knew she would have to give you to us, to be awakened. She didn't want that to happen, though.” Renee frowned shaking her head.

“Why? She seemed to be trying to take me away from my destiny?” I frowned, feeling angry at her. I wonder how much sooner this could of happened if it wasn't for her selfishness.

“Your power trapped her mind, you have the power to make people feel good. She was using it to make sure her illness was cared for. She kept it to herself and she rarely let you have friends of your own.” she sighed. “We should of anticipated this would happen, knowing of her illness.”

“Why did you use someone like her then?” anger was building up, at both my mother and these aliens I am a part of. Surely they knew that this might happen.

“Your father was in love with her, but she went behind his back and found another. Someone who kept him away from you.” she shook her head. “The father who took care of you wasn't human either. He was another species of alien.”

“Does my mom attract them or something? Why would they want a crazy woman like her?” I scratched my head, confused.

“People like her are very appealing to our kind. She is different then most humans, after all.”

“I see, so they like humans who act non human?” I blinked a bit.”Um..so can I get to this awakening thing and go where I belong? Please?”

“Of course, here.” she then takes out a cube and holds it out to me. “Touch this and you shall become your true self.”

I reached out, feeling myself changing. My eyes became huge, and there were green spots on my pale skin. My fingers were slightly webbed. “Oh. This is me now. I feel right.” I grin.

“Come, your mother will not use you anymore where we are going. You shall belong.” she took my hand and began to walk off to a new beginning.

This is like something I always dreamed of. It's real though. Finally I will be where I am not thought of just a crazy person! I am curious of new powers, new world, and even a friend.

To be continued...

December 24, 2020 20:51

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