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Fantasy Horror Suspense

Where ever I went death followed me, they came after me, they took the light from my life and plunged me in dark. Why this happened I never understood the only person who did they took her from me. They took Beth and made the world believe I killed her. Mom and dad told me I was mad that I was the reason they lost Beth. I tried to tell them it wasn’t me, I tried to show them who followed me but no one listened, no one believed and Beth’s death was ruled as accidental. Since there was no proof I was involved they had to let me go they couldn’t charge me for something I didn’t do. Mom couldn’t bear to even look at me after Beth was gone, they stopped talking to me and finally they decided to ship me off to a boarding school, as far away from them as possible. I didn’t complain because I knew if I was gone they would be safe.

On 5th August 2016, it was Friday and the sun was high up in the sky. The warmth of the sun made me happy for the first time in 2 months. It was the day mom and dad accompanied me to the train station, they loaded my stuff onto the train and said their goodbyes. When they told me they will drive me to the station I thought there might still be some love there for me but the way they said their goodbyes said the opposite. Their eyes were died they didn’t even have a single tear in them and no other visible emotions to show they were sad. I arrived at my boarding house after 5 hours and since it was Friday and school didn’t start for another 2 days I was left alone in my dorm room. I had a feeling they’d follow me here but I had no one I loved here so no one they could hurt.

The rumor that I killed my sister Beth reached the dorms the very first week and one out of the two roommates I had requested to be shifted out, the other hadn’t shown up until the end of the second week. She was as gorgeous as Beth had been and her presence drew me towards her. And unlike everyone else she didn’t believe in the rumors.

“Hey, I’m CeCe and you must be Raya?” she asked me on a Wednesday when I stayed in my dorm. I didn’t answer, no point in making friends if I would just lose them. “So…I was thinking since we live together why don’t we become friends?” she continued talking and I didn’t want to pay attention but she wouldn’t stop.

“I don’t want to, its better if you leave me alone” I had said while staring outside. Even looking at her was getting difficult. She had walked out after what I said and slammed the door shut but I could still sense someone watching me. They gotten nearer this time and I was alone Beth wasn’t here to save me like last time and I no right to make friends and put them in danger. So I shut my eyes and waited, waited till they would go away.

I didn’t know how long it had been but while pretending to be asleep I had actually fallen asleep. I had woken up in the middle of the night due to a sound that came from outside. CeCe was in her bed and it was dead silent. I couldn’t feel them it was possible that they had wondered away and it was a relief. I walked to my bed when I heard my name “RAYA” it was like a whisper sending a chill down my spine. I went to the door not to walk out and see who it was but to lock it. I was too scared to even try to be brave. I crawled into my bed. Beth always told me “The sprits came in the form of small light orbs only if they were good and harmless. If they were evil they would be pitch black and wild. If ypu the pitch black one ignore them and they will leave you alone.”

 I never saw the light orbs they were always black and wild. I hid in under my blankets pretending to be safe but the whisper got closer and closer. They didn’t get louder they said “RAYA”, “RAYA” over and over again until I felt the hot air of the whisper on my ears.

I threw the blanket off and got up. “Who is there? Come out. Take me if you want to but stop just stop” I had whispered back. The answer came, the door I had locked was now ajar and I walked out. I couldn’t take it any more I wanted this all to end and if that meant they had to take me so be it. I couldn’t fight it any longer not with Beth.

I walked as the whispers called me. I walked and walked until I was at the roof, the pitch black, wild sprit stood before me on the edge. I walked and stood next to it. I closed my eyes, opened my arms and let go. I fell and everything was finally peaceful.

I opened my eyes and I was still here I was still on the roof unharmed. The pitch black, wild sprit was gone but now a small white light orb stood in its place. It moved back towards my dorm room and I followed it. I entered and I saw her, I thought my eyes were playing tricks but she was there. Beth was in front of me. The white orb disappeared leaving me, Beth and a now awake CeCe in the room.

Beth walked towards me, I couldn’t stop my tears and then she said “It’s time for you to go.”

“Why Beth?” I had asked.

“You don’t belong here anymore. You need to cross over” she said gentally place her hand on my shoulder and turning me towards the mirror. I could see Beth and CeCe but in my place was a white light orb.

The memories flooded back. Mom and dad sent me to boarding school after my little sister died while I was watching her. Here I met Beth and CeCe and we became friends and I could forget about my sister. But then the bullying and the name calling and the rumors that I killed my sister spread and to get away from it once and for all I jumped off the roof and died. I didn’t survive and the last person I was in the last few breath was Beth.

“Raya you need to forget your past and move on before you turn wild and evil again” Beth called out to me. This time I listened. I walked back to the roof and finally stopped holding it all in and let go of the past. Now it was truly peaceful.

-The End- 

February 27, 2021 17:53

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