" I used to be able to forgive you, I can't anymore."

That is because yes you can, you just are not applying yourself enough."

"No, seriously what do you do at home all day while I am at work?"

" I start the day this way every morning. I burn incense and hope for good luck or a good day."

"Why do I sense deceit. Are you lying to me right now?"

"I know that the pandemic has affected you in very strange ways. Maybe you need to see a Dactar."

At this point he is trying to get out of bed.

"After dropping the kids at school what do you do?"

" I sit in my office, no I make myself a cup of tea, I usually take my tea with me to the bathroom and take a bath, dry my hair, I know how much you hate my dreadlocks. Surprise! I wash my hair everyday with your shampoo. I finish my tea and take a nap."

"Let me see, by now it would be 9 o'clock. I answer calls during that time if I am in the office, you take a nap? How long does that nap last?"

" I will say it depends on whether you were nice to me the night before. Usually an hour! I don't know what happened to me I feel weak and tired often. The pandemic made it worse."

"Do you still bother looking for jobs. Remember a pay check?"

"Hmm I will say that I used to be so much interested and I used to run around job fairs hoping to be hired and then the interest just dwindled when I realized that I was overqualified for most jobs and unappreciated by the populous out there."

"Why would anyone hire someone with dreadlocks?"

"The same reason doctors wear scrubs to work. It is not my looks that matter it is whether I can do the job right. You of all people should remember that fairness, qualifications, expertise, remember that?"

"I sure do. I was busy at work so much and it never occurred to me that one day I will join you."

The pandemic which was plaguing the society caused many employers to close their offices in the fear of an even stronger strands of the virus. It was known to be airborne so many residents were asked to wear masks to protect themselves from cross contamination. Dozens had died as a result. It is known to have been brought to America by a Chinese student. Asia is very familiar with this pandemic it was good for the rest of the world because once contamination occurred out side of China, it was clear that it could not be contained anymore. The laws were passed to ensure the safety of the members of the public including public officials and professionals who engage contact with the members of the public were inoculated first. No-one remembered to think of those who shared homes and have not spoken to teach other in compound sentences in ages.

"Why do you wear sweat pants during the day?"

"So that I can smoke while wearing my sweat pants, I can feed the cat, I can water the garden. I can answer the phone. I can take it easy while wearing my sweat pants. I also can be in my art studio and not care if I am dirty or not."

"How many sculptures have you sold so far"?

"I think a better question is how am I doing at work?"

"Oh brother, how are you doing at work?"

"It will be a surprise for you too. I aim to show it to you when we showcase it in the museum and then you will not ask me about my sweat pants."

"Alright I will leave you alone for a while I have some things to finish actually I have some phone calls to make."

Just as she was about to leave their bedroom where the conversation took place, a call came in on their land line. He rushed to grab it. Answered in whispers. And he looked up with a sharp eye at her observing him. He was caught.

"Thank you, that is the answer that I was looking for." She slowly shut the door to give him privacy and sat in her office and started doing her work. The reporter on KCRW, said' Now let's do the numbers....." He wasn't on her mind anymore. She made all the necessary phone calls and he took his time talking on the phone. By high noon both of them knew that they owed each other an apology.

"I am sorry I asked you about your day. I must have interfered with the rhythm that you have going here. It's Wednesday today and kids come out of school early today. I am going to go and pick them us. Will mind joining me?"

"Not at all just as long as you do not ask me questions or talk to me while we are driving!"

"I can do that."

She wore glasses which she needed only when she is reading books or computer info or anything that she needed to read. They had thick lenses, anyone without vision problem got dizzy if at all they tried to wear them. She wore them and they embellished and exaggerated the sight of her eyes to an onlooker. That was the effect that she was looking for to her the eyeglasses told a story which ended with don't mess with me!

" I am wearing shorts now. Is that okay with the police?"

"Yes it's alright with the po pos but is not okay with the police?"

"Well left turn here, it will make the drive so much easier."

They were both silent the other unsure of how stunned she was at the mere confirmation of the gap that was as wide as the oceans that had developed between them. They lost touch many many years ago and the pandemic was the voice of reason.

"I used to be able to forgive you. I don't think that I can anymore!"

They picked up kids from school and went home sensing that the kids new already what had happened. Poor, kids, kidos, there were finally not able to keep the secret anymore. When they got home they rushed to their dad.

"Have you told mummy yet?'

"What are you talking about?

"Dad, you are wearing shorts, you told us that whenever you are wearing shorts it means that you are feeling like a young boy and we should help you cope. Are you feeling like a young boy?"

"No I feeling pretty good for some reason! Let's change that reason to be I am wearing shorts because I need to do laundry, I am out of clean clothes.. That should make things better than to be negative about the experience of wearing shorts!"

""Lunch everyone!""

March 10, 2021 21:35

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R. B. Leyland
22:08 Mar 17, 2021

I think a lot of relationships have struggled during the lockdown. Highlighting it in stages, showing his change of clothes and dwindling conversation was good! Maybe use more commas to break up some of the longer sentences though? Great work!


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Vanessa Queens
07:05 Mar 19, 2021

Very interesting story. Well done.


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