Fantasy Drama Western

It was half-past three on a typical Monday afternoon. Senna had just stepped back into the office after an indulgent afternoon snack of velvety biscuits and a smooth coffee. The assistant executive, Miranda, marched down the centre of the office with a mountain of paperwork in her arms. Her face was stiff and her eyes were sharp. As she passed Senna, she slammed a pile of work onto her desk, causing it to shake quietly for a moment as though it had just been hit by a tsunami. Senna flinched and directed a look of offence at her superior – she was fed up with the new executive treating the office like a military barrack.

“Excuse me, ma’am,” Senna called, scooping up the paperwork and carrying it towards Miranda who ignorantly continued marching. Senna stepped in front of her, “I think you dropped these,” she said, plummeting the files back into her hands.

Miranda was frozen in time, her cold, grey eyes pierced Senna’s soul and for a moment Senna worried that she had accidentally killed the brain function of her superior. Everyone watched eagerly from the safety of their desks. Faint whispers began spreading around the office as Miranda processed Senna’s actions.

“Senna, I’ll see you in my office in five minutes,” she said. Miranda continued her parade into her private room and closed the door behind her. Senna’s heart was pounding as though she had just sprinted a thousand miles, but it wasn’t over yet.

Jeremy perked up from his desk, which sat opposite Senna’s, “What the hell was that?” he asked with a sense of panic. Senna was still rematerialising into her body. Jeremy waved a hand in her face.

“Huh? What?” She scolded, glaring at him with irritation.

Jeremy raised his brows, “You’ve gone off the edge, haven’t you?”

Senna realised how snappy and unresponsive she had been to her co-worker. Jeremy was merely a pawn on a dangerous chessboard. She bowed her head slightly and swallowed, “Sorry, I don’t know what just happened.”

Jeremy placed a consoling hand on her shoulder, it somehow made her feel better.

“You did well. Someone needed to stand up to the chief, I’m just surprised you did it,” he laughed.

Senna smirked; although she sensed she was losing her job Jeremy was still able to lighten her mood. Her attention turned to Miranda’s office and an overwhelming desire to jump out of the window suddenly came over her. Her stomach became a gooey, churning mixture of fear and anxiety and her limbs turned to jelly, but she couldn’t leave now. She took a deep breath and held it as she marched to her doom.

Jeremy watched as Senna disappeared into the dragon’s cave; it was do or die now.

“Senna, take a seat,” Miranda said, gesturing to the inferior chairs at the front of her desk.

“I’m good, thanks,” Senna declared, firmly. A puzzled look washed over Miranda’s face. Senna remained standing, she kept constant eye contact with the beast. An awkward silence filled the room.

“Alright then. Senna, you acted inappropriately in front of the team,” she said, condescendingly, as though she was explaining consequences to a toddler.

Team?” Senna repeated, with disgust. She leaned forward and placed both hands on the desk with a fury, “How dare you even say that word, you miserable, rude, pathetic tyrant. You shouldn’t even be in your position.”

Miranda sat up straight, her eyes widened in horror. Senna could hardly comprehend her own behaviour; it was although someone had swapper her coffee for an elixir of unwavering confidence.

“I…” Miranda choked on her words. Senna pinned her down with a deadly glare.

Like a predator luring imprudent prey, Senna made a demand that Miranda, by law, had to fulfil.

“Call Nigel down here,” She said.

Miranda swallowed and sat back, preparing a speech in her head that would convince Senna to change her mind on the request, “Now, now, we don’t need to do that –

“Call him now,” Senna repeated, more firmly.

Miranda slowly picked up the phone and dialled the code for the top floor’s reception. Senna folded her arms in victory as Miranda made the request. Miranda gently put the phone back down as though she had just confessed to a felony.

“…he’ll be five minutes…”

Senna nodded with delight and turned to face the internal window. She could see Jeremy and the others trying to inconspicuously peer through the shutters. They would frequent to the water filter just outside Miranda’s office and begin a fake conversation just to see if Senna was still alive. Senna was more than alive though; she was taking on battles she never thought she could and more importantly, she was winning. A chime at the elevators signalled that the CEO had finally made it down. Everyone scurried back to their desks. Jeremy watched as Nigel strolled calmly through the workplace and into Miranda’s office.

“Miranda,” he said, shaking her hand firmly, “and Senna, yes?”

“Thanks for coming down, chief,” Senna said, returning his handshake with a stronger grip. Nigel sensed something was off.

“You should have come down sooner though,” Senna declared. Miranda shot up out of her chair and began apologising for Senna’s rude behaviour. Nigel gestured for her to stop, “Don’t apologise, Miranda, clearly something is wrong,” he turned to Senna, “I’m here now, how can I help?”

“Fire Miranda. Hire someone better to do her job,” Senna ordered, without a hint of fear or hesitation in her voice. Senna had sent Nigel many emails about the workplace. If he had bothered to read them, he would have a very good understanding of what wasn’t working on Miranda’s floor, namely, Miranda herself.

Miranda was gobsmacked, “Sir, this is absurd. Please let me talk to Senna and try to find out what’s going on. Again, I’m terribly sorry for interrupting your work.”

Nigel shook his head slowly, he embodied that of a stern but kind father figure, “No need. Miranda, you’re dismissed from work on the basis of repeated incidents involving workplace bullying, condescending behaviour, an inability to show leadership, lack of empathy, severe lack of communication with your team and inability to work towards changing your leadership style. If you’d like to argue against this case please bear in mind that we have full rights to use camera footage from the workplace and it’ll be the team’s word against yours. You’ll pack up your belongings and leave immediately, here’s your letter.”

Nigel handed Miranda an envelope and turned his attention to Senna, “I’m sorry I couldn’t come down sooner. I was unable to find any suitable candidates for an immediate start, so I’d like you to personally assist me with interviews for the next assistant executive.”

He pulled out another envelope from his suit and placed in Senna’s hands. It felt as though she had just been handed a key to a whole new life, though she wasn’t sure what was enclosed.

Miranda scurried around the room, packing up all kinds of personal belongings and company property. “I did nothing wrong; I was good at my job!” she snarled to herself. It was although the mask had cracked and the CEO was able to get a glimpse of the ugly being hiding under it.

Nigel ignored her and walked Senna out of the office. The entire floor was silent. “I’ll see you tomorrow morning, if you have any questions please feel free to email me,” he said before taking his leave.

The potion was wearing off and Senna was becoming her usual self again. Jeremy darted to her side as the elevator doors closed. A few other workers gathered.

“So?” Jeremy pestered anxiously. Miranda slammed her office door behind her, bringing attention to herself, “You can all go to hell!” she yelled as she marched to the elevator.

A smile grew on Jeremy’s face, “You defeated the dragon?”

Senna matched his smile, “Not just that,” she teased, waving the envelope in front of his face. Jeremy’s expression changed to desperation. Senna strolled back to her desk and sat down. Jeremy came gliding over on a rolling chair and watched intently as she opened it.

Senna’s eyes traced the letter; it was although she had just received someone else’s mail. Jeremy gasped and fell back into his chair. “Guys get over here, you’re not going to believe it!” he called to the other workers. Senna had been promoted to the CEO’s personal assistant.


March 07, 2020 05:05

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Tedi Carey
00:08 Mar 19, 2020

Well written...and all of us have had jobs where the dragon should have been slain. The story is relate able, however, the results are usually variable and not always positive.


Karmissa Ariadne
04:38 Mar 20, 2020

You're absolutely right, especially with the results/end. With the prompt saying to "incorporate elements of magic" I think in a way (sadly) the ending is magical since it doesn't happen often. Thanks for your thoughts!


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