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Like an ocean, I was free and calm unless the storm strikes.I am an archaeologist but mesmerized by the ancient history feminine studies in the male dominance era.I can be an ocean to stand against male dominated society.As I was given a name full of free spirits of that era, it's obvious for me to deeply fall for the female characters and their bold point of view.

I am going to graduate soon. It's like yesterday when I rebelled against my family to be an archaeologist. I am doing good till now.Our field trip to archaeological sites, my favorite part till now at the university.We are going to acknowledge our ancient era but I am just going to follow my love i.e.Studying about female characters in the ancient era, their living style, their bold perspective, their way of acknowledging matters and their care for their king.I think I have fallen in love with the ancient females because in my life all female I had till known are my role models.This field trip also adds on one more interesting thing that it's lead by foreign archaeologist Robert wan, he is specialized in his field, being a part of this field trip will bring me a lot of knowledge and experience. Newspapers article and books will only give the theoretical knowledge but acknowledging them personally gives you a lively experience as if you were there, you can feel their vibe.I want to know how these women used to survive without self-respect,not have the freedom nor democracy?How they only used to lived their life for their king only?Their only main motive was to giving birth to a prince who can be the descendant. I want to know about their times inportant topics. What was the charges against eveteasing back then? What was the age of marriage for women?what would be the dowry like?

Everyone knows about my love for feminism and ancient female characters.Even the guest professor who shared his 40 years of experiences with us through his lecture and known as most specialized in this field, laid down his arms when he couldn't argue with me,I just simply query about why their isn't much account in the lives of common women in the history but he couldn't able to have a proper answer.

Just when we reached there, I wanted to elope and spent some quality time with my love.I am filled with theoretical knowledge about ancient female figures that's what my friends used to say about me but there is a lot for me to explore.They say people who are full of themselves can never learn anything new.If we go many centuries back, we would still find the population in massive form so if we look back then there would be women in massive forms too and I am just not only interested in princess and queens only but want to explore common women lifestyle,hardships too.Some just wanted to explore king, queen or the ministers but I am someone who wanted to figure out every possible women, as everyone had lived different lives and they must keep their stories which was never told but I wanted to represent every women.You can call me a hypocrite as I had only read about queens, princesses but no single common women.It's because there were not enough facts about them but I recently found a scholarship for archaeologist, who had given the chance of exploring female figures and knew more about their history in Italy.Interested candidates just have to give detailed explanations why they can be a scholarship holder?I wanted to go there and can't wait to write them down soon.It felt lively to watch Rani karnavati, I constantly felt the fire around me in which she killed herself, then I saw kubaba,the first female ruler in history of iraq,with her fierce expression. Talking about mythology,indian mythology seemed real to me such as Mahabharata and Ramayana.Sita of Ramayana,being accused by her own husband and had to gave character certificate,talking about Draupadi of Mahabharata,who became the reason for such a massive war of history as evil dhuryodan insults her.How can we forget Elizabeth, the most powerful person in the history. She was the powerful monarch too.I was able to feel them, their tears and joys too.I felt blissful at this site, according to me those who didn't know about their history, their lives have just been a waste.History tells us more about humans and it tells us the sacrifices made for us to survive. But humans just don't care nowadays.

Later, I arrived home and had supper and started writing for the scholarship which says "I am an archeologist, graduating soon and wanted to specialize in ancient female figures studying.I recently went to an archeological site field trip, there were kings, emperor with powerful monarch but I ignored all of them as I am into female figures, I just not only wanted to explore the elite women but comman too.As the future emperors were born by the common ladies, the common ladies became their wives and remain by their sides till their deaths, they had to keep their position low infront of King but can give their life in order to save the kingdom, they also give their hands in development of kingdom,they had to bear the male fetus in the womb only to carry on the hierachy, the common women life may have said a different hardships but all the female figures suffered more than the male figures in ancient history.I want to represent the hidden female names in the success of powerful male warriors. I hope you find me capable enough for this scholarship."

Your admirer


I wrote down to them and hoping to explore the lives of different ancient female figures, I think i am pretty obsessed to change the history about females, I can't wait to tell the ancient different stories of different female figures to the world. But the question is Will people accept my achievement?Will my research able to survive in this male dominated society?Will I be able to disclose the brave female names ever?

September 26, 2020 15:57

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