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Hurry up Braydon, Jesus you're slow! we're going to get stuck in rush hour traffic if you don't get a move on!

Tara was ranting, rushing from room to room grabbing tee shirts

and shorts and shoving them into her already overstuffed knapsack. it was a

spur of the moment wild hair that had the two twenty-year-old’s rushing around

giddy yet anxious to embark on the adventure of the moment, Karla, an old

schoolmate of Tara's had invited them to a weekend nude beach, resort getaway

all expenses paid!

truth was, it was only free because Karla was afraid to do the

whole nude beach thing alone.

Tara and Braydon were roommates, but moreover were best friends

since kindergarten and have been inseparable since. There was no awkwardness

about nudity, theirs, or anyone else's. they were naturally adventurous,

unabashed people and that's why Karla asked them to join her.

Tara! Braydon quipped, why are you packing all those clothes? it’s

a nude beach, Dork!

I know piped Tara, But I still got to have my swag, she said as

she was now un-stuffing her knapsack.

I'm ready. Let’s blow this pop stand! I'm Driving! you're riding

shotgun, joked Braydon as he ran out the door with the keys to his Jeep.

Tara loved riding in Braydon's Jeep. The top was off for the summer,

and it was the perfect of vehicle for road trips.

Tara threw her knapsack in the back and hopped in, excited about

the gnarly adventure ahead.

Take the 405 to San Diego, said Tara, it will get us there the

quickest. Okeydokey Braydon laughed as he pulled out of the driveway and on to

the adventure trail.

The resort was in San Diego just off the infamous Blacks Beach.

Tara was excited. She liked Karla and the two of them would no doubt be each

other’s security blanket over the weekend.

Karla had a body that would not quit, Tara was sure that Karla

only wanted her there in comparison. Tara was a classic beauty tall and thin

with a natural air about her no fuss, no frills just a pretty tomboy, more

comfortable fishing or running barefoot through the grass than attending dress

up parties or shoe shopping. but that's what Karla liked about her. she was not

afraid to be who she was, and she made no apologies about it.

Braydon was all arms and legs, at six feet two inches he filled

any space he was in; Blond, tanned, and muscular with a million-watt smile, and

a laugh that was contagious. Braydon worked as a roofer, and it made for

interesting tan lines on his body. He never wore a shirt while working so his

face and torso were so brown that he looked alien, while his legs were so white,

they glowed.

I can’t believe you're wearing board shorts, laughed Tara, you look like a reverse zebra! cover up them legs before I go blind! Tara said, laughing a little too hard at Braydon's expense. Braydon chirped, at least I am wearing matching shoes!

Tara looked at her feet and gasped. Oh My God Braydon! why

didn't you tell me my shoes don't match? Now we’ve got to stop so I can buy new


No, we don’t. Braydon replied. I packed both partners of the

shoes you have on. I was just wondering how long it would take for you to


Tara Laughed and slugged Braydon in the arm. Jerk! she quipped,

as she smiled and settled into the seat for the trip. you know me too well.

I know you better than you know yourself, said Braydon.

find us some travelling tunes and let’s get this show on the


The signpost read San Diego 120 miles.

Tara was searching through the radio stations when the announcer stated that the 405 was closed due to a serious accident just outside of San Diego and all drivers must find an alternate route.

 Tara panicked a little, oh no! what are we going to do Braydon? I don’t want to miss this weekend.

Chill out Tara, Braydon replied calmly, I know San Diego like the back of my hand I know where to get off, don’t worry, I’ll get you to the beach on time.

 I know you will. said Tara.

SOS by Rihanna was playing on the radio, Tara pushed the volume to max and started singing and dancing along with the music, Braydon looked at Tara with all the love one person could have for another and joined in the gaiety.

Traffic was moving along freely; Tara was relishing in the feeling of wind rushing through her hair and over her bare arms. She was feeling as free as a bird.

“SOS please someone help me, it’s not healthy for me to feel this way” Tara was animated, singing at the top of her lungs bouncing up and down in the seat waving her arms and shaking her head like a lunatic.

A California Highway Motorcycle Patrolman pulled alongside the Jeep and Gestured for Braydon to pull over. 

Braydon, immediately put on his hazard lights and began making his way to the right shoulder of the freeway.

See what you did! Braydon said through clenched teeth. Every single time! We can’t go nowhere without you getting us into trouble!

 Tara reached for the radio knob and turned it off as the Officer approached the vehicle.

Tara pulled down the visor to check herself in the mirror and laughed when she saw her reflection. Her hair was a mess, windblown and wild, her freckled face was red from the sun and from the voracity of her bellowing’s.

 The Patrolman reached the driver side window and asked, Everything alright here? As he looked from Tara to Braydon.

Yes, Officer Tara piped, I’m sorry for acting crazy, we’re just having fun.

Where are you headed? Oh, San Diego, Said Braydon as he handed his license and insurance papers to the officer.

Wait one moment and I will be back to you. Please stay inside of your vehicle. Said the Officer.

The Patrolman went to his Motorcycle to run Braydon’s information.

Tara said, I’m sorry Bray Bray, don’t be mad at me. At least you weren’t speeding, this time.

You’re lucky I wasn’t. said Braydon. I can’t afford another ticket on my insurance.

The Patrolman returned to the Jeep and handed Braydon his items back.

Okay, everything looks fine here, please try to keep your body inside of the vehicle for the rest of your trip. The patrolman said, directing his stare at Tara.

I will Sir, sorry. Tara said, shrinking back into her seat and fastening her seatbelt.

On the road again, Braydon sang as he pulled safely back onto the freeway.

The signpost read San Diego 60 miles.

Halfway there, Tara sang delightedly. Are you scared Braydon? Are you okay with being naked around a bunch random of people?

I think I’ll be okay, Braydon said. I don’t know anyone there and they don’t know me. Good, bad, or indifferent its only for two days and I will probably never see any of them again except you and Karla, and I’ve already seen the both of you naked, so no worries.

Are you scared? Braydon asked coyly.

Well, said Tara hesitantly, I am a little. Why? Asked Braydon.

I don’t know, said Tara. All of a sudden, I got goosebumps in my stomach! Braydon laughed. You get butterflies in your stomach goof ball! You get goose bumps on your skin.

Well, I have goose bumps in my stomach! Tara insisted.  I hope I can do this.

What are you afraid of? Asked Braydon.

I don’t know, Tara said. I guess I’m afraid of the unknown.

Well, that’s just plain dumb. Braydon said matter of factly. You are an amazing person, and you are beautiful, never forget that. And you aren’t in competition with anyone, just be your sparkly self and you will be fine.

Thank you, Braydon. Tara said leaning into Braydon and wrapping her arms around him. You are the best guy friend any girl could have. I am lucky to have you on my team.

Your darn right you are! Braydon said laughing. Not too many dudes would make sure their buddy was dressed appropriately for a nude beach.

Not too many dudes would care. Laughed Tara.

The signpost read San Diego 12 miles.

 Braydon Pulled the Jeep off the freeway and drove down into the San Diego valley. Ten minutes later after winding through side streets and alleyways they had arrived.

 Tara jumped out of the Jeep and into the awaiting arms of her friend Karla.

 Braydon shouted, Let the festivities begin, I’m starving and when do we get naked?

Karla Hugged Braydon and said, not with you until you hit a tanning booth and color them legs!

Tara started singing “ Blinded by the light, revved up like a deuce, another runner in the night!”

June 23, 2021 22:24

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Ebube Alaka
18:03 Jul 04, 2021

The characters are lively and outgoing, definitely a summer vibe.


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