Adventure Fantasy Science Fiction

Chapter 1

The Impending Doom

The moon was blazing with full effect, partially radiating some light for us to walk on a somewhat empty street. 

“Don’t you think, it has been a little windy lately. The environment has changed a bit in the latter half of this year.”, My brother said.

The environment we lived in was one of a kind. We lived in a universe, where the only guiding light for us was the moon. The Sun ceased to exist during our timeline. Darkness swept around the Earth. The day the Sun ceased to exist was called upon the dark day. We waited for hours, weeks, months and years. Three years have passed. The people have not witnessed the warmth of the Sun. We used to hear the stories of the Sun. The myth as the people say was, the sun ceased to exist because of one man (A time Traveler). 

In the present time, We were walking past the street lamps. We witnessed an eerie figure in the dark street with flickering Street lamps. The brick street we walked upon looked dark all of a sudden. The darkness emerged from the walking figure of the eerie being. It looked human.

The light from the street lamp fell on his feet slowly revealing the Black Jean and the White Shirt he was wearing.

The light stopped at his face. Then, he came forward, for the light to reveal himself slowly. We were shocked to see his face.

“Impossible!”, my brother said. 

I came forward to see his face. I was shocked to see that he was a lookalike of me.

Silence fell upon the three of us.

He came forward and said, “Hello, Gentleman, I am here for a purpose.”

We were numb and confused for a minute. My brother looked at me and him in succession.

My brother said, “Who are you, why do you look like my brother.”.

He said, “As I said, I am here for a purpose.”

His eyes were sharp in the moonlight on that very street.

“I come from an alternate reality to warn you about impending doom to your planet,” he said.

“What doom is going to happen to our planet.”, My brother said. 

A group of people from a distance seemed to be rushing towards us. 

He said, “We have to rush to your place.”

He ran towards the left of the street. 

My brother shouted, “Let’s go.”

I followed him to the left of the street. The lookalike turned right to the end of the road. I looked behind to see the group of people somewhat eerie in nature rushed towards us. We all ran with our full might. The lookalike reached our house. He opened the door, and shouted that we better hurry. 

My brother and I ran with full might and reached the main door of our house. We were in. The lookalike shut down our door. 

We were tired of the run. We lied to ourselves on the wooden floor of our living room.

We got up slowly. 

The lookalike shook our hands and said, “ I am John II, from an alternate reality.”

My brother shook his hand and said, “James.” Then he pointed to me and said, “John”.

My brother asked, “You were saying something about the impending doom. What doom will happen to our planet?”

“Your planet will be destroyed.”


“The nature of how your planet will be destroyed is not known to me.”

“Who knows ?”

“Our Scientist. Come Let’s go, we have a time machine waiting for us in your room.”

John II rushed to the room through the stairs. We followed him up. When he opened the door, we saw a mini aircraft. 

He said, “Let’s hurry up, we have to meet the Scientist.”

We climbed into his mini aircraft. The windows were sealed once he started the engine. The steps became louder. The mini aircraft lifted up and we saw the eerie object all in black with no face crash opened our door. We flew right into the chimney and up into the air. We came out of the house and flew up in the air. We flew right across the wind.

A wormhole opened up and we entered it. It was a wild ride into the wormhole. There was lightning all around. 

“Hold on, we are almost there.”, John II said. 

I shouted out, “When?”.

The ripples of the winds and the lightning could be felt inside. Soon, we saw the end of the wormhole.

We exited the wormhole. To our amazement, we saw the Earth, the busy street and the sun shining bright on the Earth. It looked more like a modern world. The spaceships, the drones, and the flying cars. 

“Welcome to Earth 5741. We are here.”

He flew the Mini aircraft right into the building and reached a dead end.

“John II the air ranger reporting in, Please open the doors.” he said into the radio attached to the aircraft controller.

The door opened, we flew right into the door. The passage opened up into a big and wide domed city. The helicopters, the aircrafts and the vehicles aligned all around on the road. He landed the mini aircraft.

There were people walking all around the city. There was a huge building with a modern architectural style. 

“Let’s meet the scientist.”, John II said. 

My Brother and I were amazed to see the futuristic innovations all around the city. We walked to a self automated door. He showed his id on the scanner and the door opened up.

“The scientist will be amazed to see both of you,” he said. 

We looked at each other and walked along.

We reached a big entrance. The camera scanned us and the door opened up.

There was a man standing opposite to us with his face scanning a map. He turned around and looked at us. 

We saw him and he walked towards us and said, “Welcome to the future, The Earth 5741".

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