A Fateful Trip (to the Movies)

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LGBTQ+ Lesbian Fantasy

Anzhelika Kravchenko had made a big mistake. She and her girlfriend named Gloria were dating each other for a few years and then one day, Anzhelika decided to join the “Gays For Trump” group, which led to a big rift between herself and Gloria. Now she deeply regretted her actions and decided that she would try to fix that mistake. So she called and texted Gloria and tried to apologize, but not a single answer was ever heard, so she called up her friend named Sarah.

“Hello?” Sarah asked.

“Sarah, listen,” Anzhelika said. “Do you know Gloria?”

“Of course I do,” Sarah said. “She’s my friend and you must’ve hurt her feelings.”

“I know,” Anzhelika admitted, “and I’m sorry. What can I do to make it up to her?”

“Well,” Sarah suggested, “what I would do is try to ask her out again. Maybe to the movies or something?”

“Well, I’ll try,” Anzhelika said anxiously.

Meanwhile, when Gloria was checking her Facebook account, she saw a chat box notification, so she opened it and saw Anzhelika’s message.

“Gloria, it read, If you’re reading this, I’m sorry for being a dingus. I know you're still upset and again, I’m sorry. Anyway, would you care to go to the movies with me?”

Gloria thought for a moment prior to typing “Okay, I’ll go, but this is your last chance.”

Later that afternoon, Anzhelika and Gloria went to Crow Canyon Theater and they bought two tickets for a film called “The Rise of the World of Monkeys”, which would be in Auditorium 1, so they went to said auditorium. Everything was fine during the previews of different upcoming films...and then shortly after the movie started, that was when Anzhelika’s phone suddenly rang.

“Oh crap!” Anzhelika said out loud as she scrambled to take her phone out of her Marc Jacobs purse in an attempt to turn it off. “Sorry! I forgot to turn my phone off!”

Yet it was a little too late; a bunch of angry filmgoers glared daggers at her and Gloria prior to chasing them out of the auditorium until some young woman arrived and proceeded to knock them down, one by one.

“Are you alright?” the woman asked.

Before Anzhelika could say anything, Gloria decided that it was over.

“Refund, please,” Gloria said to the ticket distributor, who gave her a refund, prior to glaring at Anzhelika. “Anzhelika, you piece of shit! I thought you would change! But now you only made it worse! That’s it! I’ve had enough of you! We got chased out because of you! You’re the worst girlfriend that I ever had and I don’t ever want to see you again anymore! Erase my number and block me! We’re through! Good fucking bye!”

“Wait!” Anzhelika cried out as Gloria stormed out of the cinema. “How about one more chance?”

However, Gloria was nowhere to be seen anymore, as she already stormed out of the cinema.

“Damn, that must be rough,” said the woman. “Anyway, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Tempest. Do you have a name?”

“Why, yes,” Anzhelika sniveled. “I’m Anzhelika Kravchenko.”

“That’s a nice name,” Tempest said. “By the way, you’re very pretty.”

“Really?” Anzhelika quizzed. She had never expected to have a stranger flirt with her after Gloria ran off on her for the mistake that she unsuccessfully tried to fix.

“Of course,” Tempest purred. “Also, you can request a refund too if you want, so you can buy another ticket for another film.”

“Good idea,” Anzhelika grinned prior to requesting a refund from the same ticket distributor; after all was said and done, she looked at the posters of other films that had already just come out. One of the posters included a beautiful artwork complete with an attractive blonde-haired woman decked out in a blue gown. The title of said film read “Enlightenment” and Anzhelika decided that she must see it.

“I’d like to see ‘Enlightenment’, please,” she said.

“I’ll see it too,” Tempest said, after which the ticket distributor gave them two tickets. Then as soon as they went to another ticket person, he informed them that those who were seeing “Enlightenment” would get free costumes that they could wear when they wanted. So they went to Auditorium 6, where they saw a secret door leading them to a dressing room. Anzhelika chose a beautiful white and cyan ball gown with sleeves that were poofed at the shoulders and tapered from elbow to wrist while Tempest chose a scarlet gown with a Bardot neckline. After they were dressed, they checked each other out.

“Wow, you look very beautiful,” Tempest purred.

“So do you,” Anzhelika stated.

Afterwards, they walked out of the secret dressing room and came to sit in the middle row of seats; little did they know that the auditorium in question was already packed with other beautifully dressed filmgoers. Then shortly after, the film eventually started and it wasn’t long before the logo “Просвещение” (Russian for “Enlightenment”) appeared on the screen.

“Wait, is that a Russian film?” Anzhelika wondered.

Well, the next scene showed a young woman with blonde hair going to court for murdering her abusive husband in addition to setting the whole house in some village on fire and as the judge sentenced her to death by firing squad, she managed to fight them off; as soon as she fled the courthouse, she encountered a huge dragon, who immediately took her away somewhere. Then as soon as she woke up, some opulently dressed woman informed her that she was in a mythical realm called Attledam, where humans, fairies, dragons and different mythical creatures coexisted together. The blonde woman then took the time to explore as much of the world as she could.

Then the next scene depicted a ball and everyone was having fun when, all of a sudden, some evil sorceress came along and managed to crash the party in addition to putting a spell on the whole ball, entrancing everyone into a hypnotic slumber (including the blonde woman, who was beautifully dressed in the same blue gown as in the poster that Anzhelika and Tempest had seen earlier). The sorceress then used another spell to levitate the entranced partygoers in the air prior to forcing them to waltz midair (and in the blonde woman’s case, preventing the latter from foiling the former’s plans to take over the world). Of course, even the blonde woman was affected too, at least until a couple of scenes later when the same opulently dressed woman that she had encountered earlier flew up to her and broke her free from the trance by kissing her on the lips for ten seconds.

“Huh? Where am I?” asked the blonde woman prior to suddenly falling, only to have her new lover grab her by the waist in addition to flying her to her safety.

“No time left,” the other woman said curtly. “You must defeat that sorceress!”

Then a couple of more scenes later, a final battle ensued between the blonde woman and the sorceress. It lasted for a while until the blonde woman suddenly gained the upper hand and used her newfound magic to defeat the sorceress once and for all, breaking the spell over the remaining partygoers, who ended up landing safely on the floor, thanks to the blonde woman’s new lover. After everything was restored to normal, the blond woman then admitted to her new girlfriend that she once had an abusive husband, whom she killed in self-defense and that as much as she wished she could restore her house back to normal, she still could go to prison, so she got sent back to the real world, where she managed to use her magic to restore her house to normal, and yet the damage was still done. She knew she could still go to prison, so she managed to return to the Attledam, where she and her new girlfriend got married and lived happily ever after.

After the movie ended and the credits started rolling, everyone had to leave.

“So how’s the movie?” Tempest asked.

“It’s relatable,” Anzhelika admitted. “That blonde lady made a mistake and so did I and there’s not much we could do to fix it, even when we tried.”

“It’s alright, babe,” Tempest cooed as she gave Anzhelika a reassuring hug. “Everybody makes mistakes, some they can easily fix afterwards and some they can’t. As much as I’m sorry that you hurt your ex-girlfriend, there’s not much you can do about it. After all, life goes on and no one’s perfect.”

“You know what?” Anzhelika quizzed. “You’re right. All I can really do about it is to move on.”

With that, the new lovers then began to lovingly embrace each other in addition to kissing passionately.

“You’re so wonderful, Tempest,” Anzhelika purred seductively, “and I love you so much.”

“I love you too, my beautiful angel,” Tempest cooed sweetly as they continued to embrace and kiss each other.

November 28, 2020 13:58

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Daniel Smith
02:27 Dec 24, 2020

what is love? that was rather quick..


12:27 Oct 02, 2021

Well, I know it seems rushed and TBH I’m sorry that it seems rushed, but thank you


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Maddy Faggioli
17:40 Dec 10, 2020

Interesting concept! If you're looking for feedback I could give notes, but otherwise I liked the meaning behind your story.


12:27 Oct 02, 2021

Thank you


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