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Drama Fantasy

She's dead. My own mother killed her. How I want to kill her I can't believe she's gone.

two days prior...

"Would you keep quiet I'm pretty sure the whole neighborhood is awake now",her friend replied rather calmly, sipping his tea. "You, Europeans honestly, you walk into my house and walk around eating MY food as if you CLAIMED my home", her friend said, once again calmly.

"You know who I am, and what I can do to you if you make me mad right?", she threatened. "Yes. But as far as I'm concerned you owe me",he replied knowingly. "What does me being European have anything to do with me being here?", she asked changing the subject after a long period of silence.

"I know what your thinking, and no I'm not racist is just your family has a history of claiming land that isn't theirs. You being in my home doing things as if it were your own, it's ironically similar to how your ancestors were",he explained.

"Whatever all I know is the king's going to be furious when he finds out about this", she said brushing off his insult. "By the way where's my sister?", her friend asked. "I thought you said she'd be here?", he said.

Her face faltered. luckily he didn't notice. Maybe it's best to end this now before she comes back. Suddenly he remembered her locking the door before coming in, somethings not right. "I think I'm going to go get her", he said getting up. Suddenly she lunged at him with a knife.

He stepped back just in time barely scraping his arm. "When did you find out?", she asked. "I could see your inner self squirming to be let loose, your a shape shift, are you not?", he asked huffing from the blood rushing to his brain. "Clever one", she said lunging towards him again. "Who sent you?", he asked.

"Pretty chatty for someone who's about to die", she replied lunging again and again. He lunged towards her but the shape shift grabbed her arm stabbing her through the heart. He gasped his eyes starting to close.

Dusting off her hands the shape shift opened the door walking past dead gaurds and his sister. "Pathetic beings", she said to herself.

"Here you go", the hooded figure said handing the shape shift a pouch of money. "Why did you want me to kill them anyways?", she asked curiously.

"He stepped on my toe in the market, later it fell off I nearly died, you know how fragile I am", he explained. "It makes you feel powerless, you know" he said, the shape shift having a flashback.


"Your so fat you old pig!", (shape shift mother). Why would I date a freak like you?"( former 10 crushes), Why did you survive? It should have been you who had died!", (brother) Why didn't you save her! You are a monster, can you not do anything you powerless monster?!", (random women)

Yeah I know what you mean", she replied. "Oh before you go there's this guy who wanted a favor", he said. "You know me very well tell him the usual", she said walking off. "I know your retiring but people need to be killed", he said sounding like a more crazy person than he seemed before.

"That's a stupid way of trying to get me to do it", she replied walking away. "They say he has something against the king, he wants the king dead", he said. Now he had gotten her attention. "Tell him to meet me at the lethal", she said her voice drifting off into the wind.

"So you want the king dead?", she asked clarifying what her previous client had explained to her. "Yes. I prefer not to go into detail but to briefly state, he's a tyrant that needs to be put down", the man said. He had red hair, possibly natural with green eyes, in other words a tall Irish man.

"What's your form of payment?", she asked. "Coins", he said pushing forth a bag of money. "Wow this is way to much", she said honestly. "Believe me I will do anything to see him beheaded", he sad darkly throwing her the bag.

"I expect his head brought to me tomorrow", he said getting up, and with a nod he left the Lethal silently. After a few minutes of thinking about his orders, she to left the lethal. In case I forgot to mention The Lethal is a secret Assassin Guild where criminals and assassins come to hang out or make deals.

I got eyes on the prize. The kings chambers were right in my grasp. It's so close yet so far. He wasn't kidding when he said the security is tight. "How am I going to get pass these mountain men. Mountain men: people who were descendants of yetis, mountain creatures. On top of that there were like three or four guards walking up and down the corridor.

"Jarvis initiate protocol 7", she whispered into her jacket. Thank god for the technological advancement installment her client installed for better chance of getting by the soldiers. Depending on the leather and gold on her suit also given by her client, she had got in touch with a wealthy, revengeful client.

Instantly her suit leveled up and I don't mean some cringy cliche level up, I'm talking bigger muscles, and bigger bod. She will be known as she-man. Just kidding let's not make this some marvel movie. Cause her awesome bod was so big she was exposed to the eyes of the guards. They seemed smaller than usual, maybe because she was so tall.

Without a second glance they charged at her but in the end they just felt like little thorns in her foot. "Do you want me to activate the guns to eliminate the pests?", the protocol lady asked. "No need", she said flicking the guards away. One guard however didn't gt the memo and frightened stood there staring arms holding onto his spear but shaking.

Picking him up, he was taken out of his shock and started screaming. "Opening the door to the kings chambers the room was bare no one but a dusty unused room. Anger took over her, she had no doubt been tricked, the king must have had some spies look out for any possible threats to his throne and one of them possibly overheard her talk with her client.

"Where is the king?!", she thundered squeezing him harder. "He escaped through the underground tunnels", he said letting out a gasp. "Take me to him", she ordered letting him go. "As soon as he was set down he tried to run for it. You can probably guess he didn't succeed. "Not so smart are you?", she asked him indirectly.

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☆ Ariadne ☆
01:50 Sep 14, 2020

This is a nice plotline. However, I noticed a grammatical error you kept making. When using quotations the comma, period, question mark, or exclamation mark must stay INSIDE the quotations. Here is an example: "Would you keep quiet I'm pretty sure the whole neighborhood is awake now",her friend replied rather calmly, sipping his tea. It should be: "Would you keep quiet I'm pretty sure the whole neighborhood is awake now," her friend replied rather calmly, sipping his tea. As can be seen, the comma has been moved inside the dialogue. No...


Kailani Mercury
14:30 Sep 14, 2020

Thank you so much for your help! I will make sure to read your story and like it.


☆ Ariadne ☆
18:08 Sep 14, 2020

No problem! Thanks!


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