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           “Follow that car!” James called out as he jumps into the backseat of the taxi.

              “You are not a stalker, are you?” the driver asks, who looks like a grungy Santa Claus.

              “Heck no. Just please drive.”

              “Ok, whatever,” the driver says as he pulls out. “You know who it is that you want me to follow?”

              “I sure do,” James responds with disgust.

              James knows the man who calls himself Norsin well. Not just because he is rich and famous, but because he knew the man is disgusting. James would love to put the man down but knew there only one who will judge Norsin. There is always a chance Norsin can change, but right now, he is far from living the righteous path.

              As James follows the corrupt man, he can see shadows on all sides of the car. He has never seen an individual like this one that has so many shadows. Shadows of demons? Shadows of lost souls? Shadows of his victims? James does not know; except they were not a good thing. He knew it is his fight to shift the path of the individual. The thing about Norsin is that this is not the first time James has encountered him. It has been two or three times. This is a man that the shadows want him to spread their negativity. It does not help when the human enjoys what he does. It makes the shadows job so much easier to lead down the path of destruction.

              James wonders why he is led to Norsin over and over. It must be that there is a little of good in him. One of these times when the shadows depart, Norsin will have second thoughts of what he is doing. Or this time around it will be the company that he hangs around with that will be with him tonight. There is a soul he is going to save. He will find out soon as the BMW pulls into a parking lot.

              “Stop here,” he tells the taxi driver.

              The taxi pulls to the side of the road as James hands him some cash.

              “I think you are putting yourself in danger,” the driver tells him.

              “I will be okay,” James replies as he shuts the door.

              Luckily, it isn’t raining outside and quite warm out as James walks over to the bench and sits down. Even though it is late into the evening, the moon is almost full and a streetlight is nearby.

              James watches as Norsin walks across the street toward a restaurant.

              “There to meet his cronies,” thought James.

              The shadows swirled around Norsin as if they were enjoying an amusement ride. James could send the shadows away now but knew that he must wait.

              It was almost a year ago that James was given the ability to see and vanquish the shadows. He pondered why he was given such an ability, for he was no saint. In fact, for the last ten years, James has been a hitman. One who went out to take out the bad and the good. It mattered not if the person was a saint. Only thing that mattered is that he was paid. Many times, he did what he is doing now. Watch the victim until he saw the perfect opportunity to take them out.

              As he sat on the bench, he shakes his head at living such a despicable life. Taking lives for money. How can he be judge and executioner of this man Norsin when he lived a life of evil?

              What James is doing presently is what he was doing the night the ability manifested. At the time he watched his victim enjoying her last meal. The meal is at the same restaurant every Thursday. Then the same walk to her apartment. There were a couple of places he could take her to the other side.

              James was about to go to one spot and wait for her when he saw the shadows swirling around her head.

              “What the hell?” he muttered.

              He watched as they moved about. As one of them practically touched her, James could see her demeanor change. As each shadow neared, there was a look of hate, annoyance, and sorrow.

              “What are those things?”

              Then it was like a voice inside his head told him to raise his hand.


              James looked around but had a feeling he would see no one.

              “Tell them to depart,” the voice spoke.

              James was about to run off, but a calmness came over him. Next moment, his arm was up, and he spoke the words. It was like a beam of light that erupted from the palm of his hand and struck the shadows, which they quickly dissipated or fled. He watched as the woman seemed to sigh in relief and a smile appeared on her face.

              James left that night in confusion, not finishing the hit.

              Over time, he was led to others and instructed to do the same thing. The desire to take lives changed to saving lives.

              Now, he sat on the bench looking at Norsin. The man is by the front window with a glass of wine.

              “How easily you can be taken out?” James’s ponders. “You think you are invincible.”

              This man is one of the top sex traffickers, making ones with money happy. The rich. The politicians. The bosses. The ones just looking for a thrill. The ones in show business. The ones who think they are gods.

              James waits patiently to see if others show up to dine with Norsin. Next moment, he is instructed to raise his hand and speak the words. He does so and the beam strikes. Shadows flee, but one large one heads toward him. James stands up in fright, as it looks like the beam does nothing to this shadow. He figures there is no use trying to run, so he will have to face the shadow. His punishment has finally arrived. Then suddenly a mighty sword appears in front of him and cleaves the shadow in half. James stands there in shock.

              “Have faith in me,” the voice spoke.

              James, up to this time, has his doubts, but this act takes all his doubts away.

              He looked at Norsin, who continued to enjoy himself. Nothing different with this man. He looks so happy and content. That day can end abruptly, and the ones he once called friends will abandon him. The ones he once called friends will more than likely take him out.

              “One day you shall be judged,” said James, and he moves on to see if there are others to help.

January 27, 2023 23:40

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Lily Finch
18:44 Jan 28, 2023

Corey, while your story held my interest, there were areas of the story that left me wondering. Why did James have to raise his arms? How did the voice come from deep inside James? A miraculous sword appears out of nowhere and saves the day by cleving the shadow in half? Someone told me this so I'm passing it along. When you indicate thought in writing use _whatever you words are_ or italics. Thanks for the read Corey. LF6


Corey Melin
19:33 Jan 28, 2023

Thank you for the comments. To answer your question in most situations where power emits from the body it’s thru the hands. Maybe from the chest, but rarely from other parts. The voice inside his head is similar to what people of faith relate to. Not thru your ears. Overall, his abilities and the appearance of the sword is from a higher power. All things are possible that way. Hopefully that makes sense


Lily Finch
19:51 Jan 28, 2023

Yes. Thank you. It makes better sense now. :) LF6


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Roger Scypion
23:16 Feb 03, 2023

Awesome story! Enjoyed the redemption in it by the main character and how he recanted evil to do good. Excellent! Kudos!


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Russell Mickler
01:58 Feb 02, 2023

How did you get indents to work?! Grin you’re just spacing them out? I really think they need a doc importer to convert the formatting right … Loved the ‘he knew the man was disgusting’ line … a lot crammed into the plot … lots of themes … the vanquishing shadows ability is interesting … ominous ending. Thanks for the read! R


Corey Melin
23:51 Feb 02, 2023

Thank you for the comments. I just copy and paste from Word. The indents stay intact. Thankfully


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MJ Simons
22:29 Jan 30, 2023

You have a great imagination! Your story is descriptive and you brought it to life.


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Wendy Kaminski
03:28 Jan 30, 2023

This was great, Corey! I thought I had remembered to review, but I guess I spaced it. I really liked this original story about hitman redemption in divine judgment/protection services and would love to see where it goes in the future! Do you have plans to serialize it? I would definitely read more of these!


Corey Melin
04:19 Jan 30, 2023

Thank you for the comments, and you never know about a sequel


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