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Dainis waited at the side-lines thinking to himself. Who was he? Where was he from? Or at least where was he now? A zillion questions razored through his head. He was about to be born you see. He had bided his “time” for that special container. His mind did not fathom the form he would take. This was no one person task. There had been multi-threaded cogs in that macrocosmic giant wheel that had to be set in motion. The interesting fact was that he remembered this day in the million years he had been born. Earlier times he would just be there for the “day” and then was channelled into a container. But this time he had arrived few ‘months’ earlier and was still waiting. 

Many aeons had passed by the time.

Time looked at the dimension,

Where was it now?

Could not find itself for it had crossed

To the infinitesimal!!

Dainis was now becoming impatient. He was edgy and fidgety. He was in a state of non-clairvoyance.

As he floated there at the congregation, the mind following him raced back to the aeon when he was in a war.

Dainis was getting overloaded by information from those past holographic realities or versions of himself, but it was all behind a smoke screen, misty and vague. So, he had come here to understand what was unfolding but more from his sense of being. Dainis knew that there was an inner leap of energy. There was no more being complacent and wallowing in the outmoded “me.” This energy had sparked the innateness of his core being. He wanted to get out of the shallow container he was in previously. But the more he wriggled to get free he was getting deeper into the mire of sand.

I travelled fast first then even faster –

Though not linear but deeper,

Deeper though not straight,

Twist and turn but it got

“me” further down.

I stopped and then

Suddenly found me out of

The Quicksand!!

Yes, that was it. Dainis had wriggled in the quicksand never being able to get out. After many aeons he realised the futility of his struggle. He was tired and knew resistance was not the solution. That was the back story of how he had come to be here.

It was not that he was not aware of the group of people, but Dainis had taken his time, procrastinated even though there had been the calling. There were countless containers he had entered into – but strangely he could never remember any of them. However, there was “One” constant – this surreal congregation.

Again, these were the only moments that he could discover that he had passed and then nothing. There were times when he could recall a thin thread of where he had been. Strange colourful places with throngs of people in a similar form to him. There was plenty of noise that was what all of them made including him. He also remembered that there was another word that was used. “Life” they called it.

Dainis had passed through multiple ones he assumed or rather must have. He wanted to see what remained of the other holograms. Because how else could he remember pieces of a colossal puzzle. It felt like a conundrum at the time. Now at this juncture, he wanted that memory back. He kept watching as there was still no sign of any senior member turning to him and sending him into one of the containers. He had met many other containers in the various environments but felt connected only with a few. He kept seeing them time and again whenever he entered the container.

Now he felt as though he was coming to a culmination of some sort. Dainis had been trying to look into it, but it always felt a headlong “Dive into Darkness”. The floating feeling and looking hard to connect to the real him if there were one.

This time he realised that the more he searched for it, he could never come to it. For he did not know what he was looking for. Only a peripheral urge to find that source he was a “piece of”.

He tried to recall how he came to be here. It was a chance remark. Dainis remembered looking at a huge tree. To him a symbol of connecting the sky and the earth. Someone had remarked this was a ~Tree of life and he had gone to his home at the time.

And had laid down to be quiet – and then saw himself at this congregation. He suddenly saw what he had missed all of these years. What was right in front of him was nothing but all of the holograms coming together. He just had to unravel these holograms, but must he? He might just have to chance it and travel a little further. But what if he ended up again in those never-ending jigsaw puzzles. Unless he learnt to just detach himself from the mainline and float with the flow. An unconditional transition into wherever it was that he was supposed to go.

Another enigmatic and cryptic journey to find the last piece of the puzzle. He continued waiting for something to happen, someone to come to him to give him the clue. Then he smiled with amusement. That was not meant to happen was it, he had to find it. A switch turned on, the light bulb moment.

Along the way he had branched off into the different trunks. He had repeatedly digressed from the root taking multiple pathways. Never once was there a reminder of any sort and that was because he had chosen the path of non-silence. He had got himself into a wave of frenzy and every time he tried to get back to the root there was only resistance.

This time he had surrendered and now his vision had cleared. He had been offered a chance to “dive into the darkness” to find his empty lost journal. A gift where Dainis would script his life into that “Unicorn container”. 

November 22, 2022 21:41

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Wendy Kaminski
04:23 Nov 29, 2022

Very cool ending!


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