Thriller Horror

Halloween's time!!

People dressed up as different creepy creatures,

Streets filled up with trick or treats,


Here comes Alan and Alex,

Both looking creepy,

Ah, They were Damon and Stefan… Woah!!

Am a big fan of Vampire Diaries,

being in a crowd of clown, Frankenstein and Pumpkins.

Alex noticed something weird, he found one of the old man in a long black beard with a black dress on,

Looked like he was stalking them on their every move,

He had a creepy smile,

Alan approached towards him to talk,

In seconds,

He vanished into the crowd,

That’s crazy,

They searched him for a while, then got back to the party,

They left the party soon and headed up towards their trailer,

walking down the road as a vampire,

Alan noticed something at the edge of the road,

Board pointing towards the west marking “GRAVEYARD”.

The Graveyard has not been used for years was kept abandoned,

Alan quickly asked Alex, “Can we spend the night in a graveyard”.

Alex replies, Oh, “That’s a perfect plan Alan”.

Let’s Go do Something Crazy,

Both of them heading towards the yard,

“It looked a lot bigger than they have imagined”.

Gate of the graveyard is creepy, half open looks like someone is inside,

That’s Suspicious,

As they moved further,

Alan and Alex heard something,

moving towards the bush,

Suddenly a creature bounced back.

Oh, that’s Dooby,

Alan, “How come you are here”.


Alex laughingly, I Guess, “He sniffed us back here”.

They took Dooby with them,

passing by the gate, they saw the same old man standing who stalked them before,

He looked creepy and funny,

Not bothering, crossing the old man.

He spoke in a low voice,

warning them not to go and smiling creepily,


Alan and Alex followed by Dooby, walking faster.

Planned to settle in a comfortable spot,

Alex wanted to have a quick trip which was weird at 2am in the middle of the graveyard.

Night was getting colder,

Cool Breeze touched their cheeks and neck.

They sat in one of the bench,

talking stuff about ghost and witches,

Alan asked Alex, “Do you think they are real”.

Alex replied, “I don’t really believe in them as it's just a belief travelled among people”.

Dooby starts to frown in a low tone,

In a while,

Alex saw someone approaching them from an opposite side, looked like a girl in a white gown,

Alan dusting his shirt, waiting to have a talk with her.

Alex punching him, What if it’s a ghost!!

Alan, “She might have come to visit her lost relative and by the way she looks a lot like human”.

Come on dude, Let’s go talk.

As she came towards them,

Alan clearing his voice, “Hi, It's nice to meet you”.

Sadly, She didn’t respond.

Alex laughing, “That was quite embarrassing”.

Alan smirking, Let's see where she goes.

That girl was moving in a different direction rather than heading towards the exit,

Looks like she has been possessed,

After a while,

They found the girl fainted in the middle of the way

Alan tried to wake her up,

But Alex alerted him,

They both hid behind the tree not knowing what had happened,

Dooby ran behind the bush too,

Alex found a crowd approaching her which was quite nasty at the midnight,

Alan felt a bit scary, That’s unusual.

Alex guessing those people as zombies.

There were like six to eight people, as they came closer.

Alan guessed them as witch and warlocks.

Alan freezing, I can’t believe my own eyes.

Why are they acting so weird?

That’s what they are,

watching them,

Alex suddenly in a low voice, Oh My Freaking God!!

They all were in a circle of fire,

looked a lot like a ritual.

They had that girl as a bait, Alex couldn’t watch.

Walking out of the tree,

As he went near them, He was trapped in a fire circle too.

He froze,

Alan had no clue to help him back,

He waited for a while to see what their intentions were but waiting longer is of no use.

Witches and Warlocks chanting,

Girl’s body turned blue, She started floating in the air with her white dress flowing all over.

Alan couldn’t bare, he didn’t want Alex to suffer in the middle,

As it was him who asked Alex spend night in graveyard which was insane.

Throwing himself, he tried to make Alex come out of the ring,

Dooby barking and frowning at the witches.

Alan caught their eyes on him, fear burst out!!

Both of them shivering.

One of the warlock with his horns came forward frowning at the Alan.

Someone screamed, “Stop”.

Alan sighing hard, quickly looked back.

Oh!! That’s the Stalker,

smiling in the same creepy way,

The old man came forward to the warlock and said they are not part of our ritual,

Warlock frowned and turned back to the girl,

As Alan went to thank him, he found the old man chanting,

In a blink, He disappeared.

At the same time,

Alex's ring of fire faded into the thin air,

The Warlocks and witches with the girl disappeared leaving no scars,

That’s totally insane and creepy,

They didn’t want to stay in the yard ,

Alan, Alex and Dooby ran out of the gate,

joined the road and couldn’t believe what just had happened,

As they were walking,

In half a way,

They found Dooby disappearing,

Alex said Alan, “I don’t think if I say others, They would believe me “.

Alan replying, “Am worried about Dooby, I don’t want him to get hurt “.

As they reached the trailer,



That’s Dooby shaking his tail harder,

Alex ran into Dooby petting him,

Alan kissing him badly,

Went into the trailer,

Moving into the trailer and bumping into one of the bed,

Alex found something strange on his bed,

It was some kind of note,

“Never try to track us, You would end up harmed “.

Frozen like an ice,

Staring at each other,

They couldn’t sleep the entire night,

Alan shaking, “I don’t want this to happen again in our life”.

Guess this is our worst creepy Halloween, We have ever had.

Alex accepting the day, making his heart stronger.

Alan took it as advice that they were lucky to have each other back,

We should never be on their way,

Alex started to laugh loudly,

It’s all my fault, we really shouldn’t have followed the girl,

Alan, I warned you but I guess we have learned the lesson”.


To the readers,

Everything in this world is a “MYSTERY”.

Mystery is better than a misery,

If you guys try to stir it up,

You would end up in consequences,


It's better to leave the other side all alone.

October 24, 2020 13:27

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Palak Shah
16:53 Mar 08, 2021

Great description and I enjoy reading your writing style. I love the way you have used the prompt to create your story. Well done !!! Hope you will check out some of my stories and I hope that we could be friends :)) ~Palak Shah


10:45 Mar 09, 2021

It really means a lot Palak, Sure will read urs too.😊 You would really enjoy my first story, hav a great time reading it😜


Palak Shah
11:40 Mar 09, 2021

Thanks :))


Palak Shah
18:30 Mar 12, 2021

Hey Priyanka, I just submitted a new story would you be able to check it out please :)) ~Your friend Palak


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H.L Whitlock
21:45 Nov 04, 2020

I liked the structure, it flowed nicely and there was a good touch of creepiness with the girl and the ritual (in a good way). It was a little hard to follow in places, mainly where the two boy characters and the dog were at times, but the description was pretty nice. Particually liked "Cool Breeze touched their cheeks and neck." Nice sensory description.


04:44 Nov 05, 2020

Am really overwhelmed on ur feedback.... Kind of u..... Do read my other one...nd drop ur feedback Thank you!!😄


H.L Whitlock
12:30 Nov 05, 2020

You're welcome, I'll be sure to give it a look 😊


17:41 Nov 05, 2020



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08:38 Nov 04, 2020



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Godwin Kennady
05:16 Oct 25, 2020

Good Narration!! , Keep it up :)


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