Dare you to take the Mandela effect test with me..

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Adventure Bedtime Contemporary

Dares? Sure, I can dare you. I take the dare almost every day since I awoke that day in 2016. Why? I expect like many people you are not from here. And if you are not from here and I am not from here. We have different stories to tell. Dare you tell me your story? I can tell you mine. I ain’t from here. That got me a trip to the shrink. Who stated I was living past lives. He wanted me to waste time with him. Scheduling me for one appointment after another. If you have read me, I dislike wasting time. So after the fourth appointment I proved to him he was dead. Kind of sad. But a truth. There were reason people did not dare me to do things in my reality. So you want to take a dare.. Fine, I dare you to take my test. And if you pass congratulations, you are from here. And if you do not pass? Well, we be traveling spirits to a dead past that died so many years ago that no one knows or. ANd here is the kicker for me. In a closed time curved loop, this reality just happened a moment ago to catch me to write this absurd story to you.

What color is the sun? White, Yellow, Green, Blue?

How close is earth to the center of the galaxy?

How old is the earth?

How old is the universe?

Big Bang song is it 13 or 14 billion years or million years or thousand years?

Jiff or Jiffy Peanut Butter?

Captain Crunch or Capt’n Crunch?

Abe Lincoln was a senator or just representative?

Japan is off the coast of China or Korea?

JC Penny or JC Penney is the name of the story?

Sketcher or Sketcher the brand of shoe?

Vote on the second Tuesday of November or the First Monday of November?

How many states are in the United States?

Russia has already told US that if attacked they will use nuclear weapons as a defense strategy.

North Korea was given two EMP satellites from Russia in the 1990s that hang over Atlanta, Georgia, and California.

Biden was arrested for trying to visit Mandela.

Trump said lets vote day after Thanksgiving.

Obama says there are 58 states in the United States.

Bush Jr says that Mandela was killed by Saddam.

And is it Sadam, or Saddam? Where was he captured? Was he hung or firing squad and what prediction did he state to the president when he was about to die. I know. Do you?

Dares are something for me. Dare I tell you more? That your world died a long time ago? How could I prove that to my shrink? Oh, I can listen and learn. And? Most dead people want to get something off their chest and they talk and talk and talk. And? Thus in one reality they will tell you one thing and in another reality that is their secret and in a third reality not a big deal to go into that secret and in a fourth reality?

You decide to tell the shrink his secret and diagnosis him and he does not like that. Not many people do. To be toyed with? Not really toying. Just annoyed that no one dares to talk with me these days about their personal lives. Their stories. Why? The first time a story is told is something new. A second time something changes you wonder why and third time with detailed questioning you can find out that the dare you took in the first place was something you either should or should not have done.

The dares of late?

Read what is in your vaccines.

Several of the elements I knew were outlawed in my reality, and here they put them.

Why? I suppose Revelation 6 plague and death would be my speculation.

The same with the coming wars with China, Russia, Turkey. All pre-planned in an attempt to change reality of these worlds. Why?

Who knows man’s reasoning for wanting to escape fate. Personally was not much of a pirate or rebel. I was more into thinking and wondering why fate was fickle. And now? I realize that fate is real and that to escape fate is not the best desire in my good nature of surviving. what do I mean? I have heard of the stories where and what happens when they nuked Hawaii in December 2017 plus or minus moments or billions of years ago in a closed time curved looped.

Dares? Did I take dares in my reality? Not at all. You see in my reality fate is real. What does that mean? Chaos or chance is not fickle or real. Meaning? Everything I did or do was written down and someone is reading it to me and I or you are doing exactly what we are told to do. So daring you to do something is like pre-arranged story telling and? Nothing is new under the sun. Dare me to answer how did they do this?

Simple. In my reality the galaxy spun much faster than here. How much faster one cycle of the galaxy was 1,000 years and on the outside of the galaxy it was much more faster. Here? They say 230 to 250 million years earth travels around the black hole. And in my reality?

That is the funny part of my galaxy was much larger 377,000 light years and? We had theories of black holes because we could make them in labs. However, in all the telescopes and all the math equations we had there not one single black hole was discovered. Why? Probably because we were going to hit the galaxy sooner by billions of years and they meaning black holes had dissipated.

Dare I go on? How about you comment below your test scores and tell me are you from here or not? Dare I tell you of the worlds I have seen or stories I know? How about we exchange one for one. After a while you might find out something new. I dare you.

May 14, 2021 19:34

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