Tusks and Daggers Part One: A Cry for Help

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Adventure Fantasy Romance

“Help us.” A voice called out in my dream, my eyes scanning what must have been a different dimension. “We need your help.”  A shrill alarm sounded in my dream.  

A small bit of rage burned in my eyes, as I smacked my head on my headboard.  Today was the day that I was expected to be crowned the next Lady of Light, but I didn’t want it.  That was what I was expected to be, and yet the very thought of it nauseated me.  My long blond hair fluttered in the wind, my chocolate brown eyes scanning the sunny land before me.  A touch on my shoulder jerked me out of my thoughts.  Boran gazed at me warmly, his pale skin and shaggy brown hair making my heart skip a beat.  If I recall properly, it was around sixteen when his human face came in.  The way he explained it was as such, when a warthog demon turns sixteen they can choose to look like a warthog or a human.  

“You don’t have to do this, you know.” He comforted me, plopping down in the chair next to me. “You look shooken up.  Are you okay?”  My wooden door creaked open again, my guardian Mina walking in.  Her white robes swayed in the hot summer breeze, sadness dimming her eyes.   A warm smile melted my anxiety away, a strip of gray in her brown hair.  A glint of excitement glimmered in her red eyes, the tooth of Etoile swinging in her hands. 

“I heard that dream as well.” She commented sadly, her eyes watering slightly. “Go and save them.  The ceremony can wait.”  Tears welled up in my eyes, her gaze falling on Boran in his brown suit. 

“But I can’t leave you.” I protested, wrapping my arms around her. “I want to stay here and h-”  She stopped me, tears soaking the top of my head.  Pulling back, she slid the tooth of Etoile on my neck. 

“Don’t you argue with me.” She ordered sternly, wiping away my tears. “I can’t help them since I am now a living God.  Besides, I have my family to take care of.  I fought my battle and won.  I can send Mina with you if you wish.  Get dressed so I can send you on your way.”  Nodding, she turned her back.  Walking to the door, she stopped and smiled at me.  Saying nothing she left the room.  Boran turned away, his button up shirt clinging to his muscles.  The green wool fell to my knees, my ample breast nearly popping out.  My knives and swords clanked as I strapped on the brown belt.  Boran blushed slightly as I slid on my worn brown boots.  Stepping out of the door, Mina was misty eyed as she waited for us outside.  Sighing deeply, I marched outside, noticing a bag in her hands.  

“I am sorry f-” I began, a rough tongue licking my body.  The ground quaked as Mina sat down next to me, the goofy black dragon wagging its tail.  I swear to God, she really thought she was a dog.  Viktor sprinted up to me, his gray hair flapping in the wind.  Pulling me close to his chest, tears once again rained down on my head.  

“Don’t be like Mina, okay?” He pleaded with puppy dog eyes, tears welling up in my eyes again. “She was rather reckless.” Mina cleared her throat behind him, cold sweat dripping off of his brow.  Chuckling to myself, his scared expression warmed my heart.  

“Are you ready?” Mina inquired quietly, holding something in her hand. “Take this with you, and please come home in one piece.  Remember there will always be pain and joy in any adventure.  Boran, protect her with your life!”  Her trembling hands placed Miss Midnight’s hat on my head, the memories of our journey flashing in my brain.  Boran hugged her so tight, it looked like he was trying to get the last bit of toothpaste out. 

“I will, Miss Mina.” He shouted gleefully, spinning her around. “I will miss you two.  Thank you for all of the training you gave me.”  A bluish hue glowed on the ground, a swirling white portal swirling in front of me.  

“This should take you to the dimension of your dream.” She explained loudly over the humming sound. “Be safe and most importantly make some friends.”  Stepping through the portal, Mina and Viktor were waving goodbye as it sealed shut.  A huff of smoke obscured my view, Mina exhaling some pent up smoke.  Luscious trees swayed in front of me, the trunks creaking.  A green skinned woman my age popped up in front of me, her green hair twisted into a side braid.  Golden eyes stared into mine, her petite frame making my five foot five seem tall.  Her red robes floated over her body, an acorn sitting on her head.  

“You made it.” The familiar voice chirped excitedly, bouncing around. “I am Lafia, the guardian of this world full of fairies and various creatures.  No way dragons exist!  I read about them in books and I couldn’t believe it.  You really are a pretty girl.”  She was busy petting the dragon, my patience wearing thin.  

“What is the issue!” I snapped, instantly regretting my attitude.  Hurt dimmed Lafia’s eyes, a gentle smile curling on her lips.  Turning back towards us, she lifted us up in the air.  Horror widened my eyes, a black energy was bathing the land.  The ground quaked slightly as we landed on our feet, tears flooding from her eyes. 

“A dark wave is coming over my realm, and I don’t know what to do.” She blubbered, my arms wrapping around hers. “I want to save everyone, but so many have died already.”  Her pointy ear stabbed me in the eye, a groan of pain tumbling from my lips.  

“I vow to save this world from the dark wave.” I promised, childish squealing exploding from the creature buried in my chest. “Just please stop crying.”  Nodding silently, she spun around on her toes.  

“I knew you guys were the right people for the job.” She squealed excitedly, looking over at Boran. “Do you have a girlfriend? You are so c-” Cocking my brow, she started to hang all over him.  

“He is my boyfriend.” I blurted out, the jealousy rather evident in my eyes. “I mean, whatever.” Crossing my arms across my chest, this odd feeling taking over my body.  My skin began to tingle, Boran pressing his lips against mine hungrily.  Time melted away, the guardian shrinking back. 

“That’s right!” He announced cheerfully, pulling me close to his chest. “She is my girlfriend.  Do you have a place for us to rest and come up with a plan?”  Shrugging Lafia guided us to a black A-frame in the middle of the woods, the oak door swinging open on its own.  The sound of life busted my eardrums, many different creatures scurrying about.  Ignoring them, she guided us to a large room just off of the tree trunk stairs.  

“Have a good chat, or whatever.” She mumbled joylessly, floating away.  Awkward silence hung between us, Boran pulling me close to his chest.  

“Did you mean the boyfriend thing?” He queried anxiously, his brown eyes waiting for an answer. “I have always lov-'' My lips kissed his sweetly, Mina’s words that told me to always show the person I love that I loved them running through my head. Pulling back, scarlet burned on our cheeks.  

“Of course I do.” I admitted sheepishly, snuggling into his neck.  Mina whined outside the window, the ground quaking from something big. 

June 20, 2022 13:09

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Corey Melin
17:59 Aug 27, 2022

Very well done! It flowed beautifully and kept you reading to see what happens. Always a plus for me since I have read countless books. I will continue on with this story if yours


21:09 Aug 27, 2022

Thank you so much. I am so happy you are enjoying it.


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