Adventure Fiction Thriller

A Dog's Tale



My father is a St. Bernard dog, and my mother is a shepherd dog, but I am a Presbyterian. My mother told me that I myself don’t know these beautiful differences.

To me, these are just big and beautiful words, meaningless. He likes this; she wants to say that she is surprised and jealous of seeing other dogs, not knowing how she got such training. But this was not real training; it was just a performance: what he said, he listened in the dining room and living room when there was a company, and then went to Sunday school with the children; every time she heard a loud word, She would say it to herself many times so that she could insist on holding a dogmatic meeting nearby, and then she blurted out and surprised and sad all of them. From the mastiff’s pocket, who made up for all her troubles.

If a stranger is present, he will almost certainly be suspicious and hold his breath to ask what it means and she always told him. He thought he would catch her; when she told him, he looked embarrassed, even though he felt it was her. Others always anticipate this and are happy and proud of her because they know what will happen.

Because they have experience. When he explained the meaning of this great word to them, they were all enthusiastic, and no dog doubted the correctness of the word; this was natural, because, on the one hand, he answered quickly, like a talking dictionary, On the other hand, where do you know if it is correct? Because she is the only literate dog.

Little by little, as she got older, she once brought home the word ““not smart”” and worked hard at various meetings throughout the week, which caused a lot of unhappiness and frustration;

I noticed that she was asked about the meaning of the eight different gatherings that week, every time she gave me a new definition, she showed me that she was calmer than the culture, even if I didn’t say anything...a word she had always prepared at hand, like a word Lifeline, an emergency call word, if it is suddenly torn off, you can connect it, it is a synonym. By chance, he took out a long term that he used daily a few weeks ago, and its prepared meaning went to his garbage dump. Of course, if a stranger left him speechless for a few minutes, then he would Here come, and this time I will go with the wind and expect nothing; so I (his only dog ​​in the game) can see his screen flicker for a while, but for a time, the screen turns on and fills up, she said, How quiet, for example, in the summer “this is equivalent to the supernatural,” or the long ungodly phrase of such a word, he quietly avoids the next strategy, very comfortable, you know, give a stranger an obscene In response to the awkward look in the eyes, the initiates used their tails to correct the earth and changed their faces with holy joy.


The same goes for the phrase: she will drag the entire phrase home if it sounds good. She played six nights and two matinees and had to reinterpret each time. Because there was only one sentence that bothered him, she didn’t care what that meant; she knew these dogs were not smart enough to catch them anyway. She is a margarita!

These creatures. He even recalled the anecdote of hearing laughter and screaming from family members and visitors; and usually knotting from one chestnut to another, which is, of course, inappropriate and meaningless; when he loosened an impact, he Falling down and rolling on the floor, laughing and barking most crazily, and I saw him wondering why his voice was not as strange as when he first heard it. But it didn’t cause any harm; the others also barked and barked, secretly ashamed that they didn’t see the essentials and never suspected that it was their fault, and no one saw it.

 From these things, he is pretty vain and frivolous; however, he has virtue, which I think is enough to solve this problem. He is kind-hearted, decent, and never insults for the insults he has received, but he quickly throws them behind and forgets; she taught her children how to be good people, and we also learned from her. Be brave and punctual in dangerous situations. Don’t evade, but face the danger that threatens friends or strangers, and do your best to help. Endless. Think about what it will cost us.


When I was growing up, I was finally betrayed and taken away. I never saw her again. She was sad, I was sad, and we cried; but she comforted me as much as possible, telling me that we came to this world with wise and good intentions, and we must perform our duties without complaint and accept. We will find a better life. Regarding the result, he said, this is not our business. People who like it will gradually get noble and beautiful rewards in another world. Although the animals will not go there without advice for success, it will be short-lived for us. Bring considerable benefits in life. It is a reward in itself. When he went to Sunday school with the children, he would collect these things from time to time and put them in his heart more carefully than anything else; he carefully studied them for them and for us. This shows that despite so much peace and vanity, you have an intelligent and thoughtful mind.

 Then we said goodbye to tears when we met for the last time; the last words he said, kept till the end so that I will remember more clearly, I thought, “In my memory when others are in danger, don’t think about it. For yourself, think about your mother. And do what she did. “

 Do you think I can forget? There is no end in a colorful desert, illuminated by brilliant sunshine; and the vast land around it, and a big garden, oh, green noble trees and flowers! “I am like family; they love me, caress me, and instead of giving me a new name, they call me old. This is precious to me because my mother is Eileen Mathurin. Of. He took it from this song; the Greys knew it and said it was a beautiful name.


 Mrs. Gray is thirty years old, she is so sweet and charming, you can’t imagine; Saidi is only ten years old, just like her mother, she is slender, with a brown tail and wearing a short skirt; the child is one He loves me when he is old, he loves me, he never gets tired of pulling my tail, hugging me, laughing at his innocent happiness;. In comparison, Mr. Gray is thirty-eight years old, tall, thin, and handsome, with a bald head in front, Alert, agile, profound, elegant, decisive, with no emotion, and still have such short hair. A face that seems to exude cold wisdom! He is a famous scientist. I don’t know what this word means, but my mother will learn how to use it and get its effects. She will know how to suppress the piebald piper and feel sorry for the pug. But this is not the best.

Most importantly, the laboratory. My mother can set up a trust to collect taxes from the entire herd. The laboratory is not a book, a picture, or a place to wash hands like a university president’s dog. He said no, it was the bathroom; the laboratory was very different, with flasks, bottles, electricity, cables, and strange machines everywhere; every week other scientists came, sitting still, using devices, discussing and doing what they called Experiments and discoveries; I also come often, for the memory of my mother and her love, staying to listen and study hard, even though it is painful to realize what is missing in her life. And I didn’t win anything at all; no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get anything.

    Sometimes I lay on the floor of this lady’s studio to sleep, and she gently used me as a stool because she knew I liked it. After all, it was a weasel; in other cases, I would stay in the nursery for an hour; it messed up my hair and made me very happy; sometimes she would approach the crib when the child was asleep, and the nanny would go out for a few minutes to keep the child busy; other times, I would play with Sadie, Running around in the yard and garden until we were tired, and then fell asleep on the grass in the shade of the trees while she was reading.


 Our servant treats me very well, loves me very much, and allows me to live a comfortable life. There is no dog happier and more grateful than me. I say this for myself because it is true: I have tried my best to do the right and correct things to commemorate my mother and her teachings, and the happiness that I can bring to me is worthy of my ability. Ability.

 Gradually, my puppy appeared, and then my cup was full. My happiness is perfect; she is the most beloved baby, smooth and soft as velvety, legs so cunning and plump, and eyes so loving; there is also a sweet and innocent face; I am very proud to see the children and their mothers admiring him, touching him, and screaming at every beautiful little thing he did. For, life is great for me. Then winter came. I was on duty at the nursery that day; I slept in the bed, and the child slept in the crib beside the bed. Next to the fireplace, there was a covered crib that could be used to build a tent. Made of translucent fabric. There are no nurses; only two people are left alone.

    There was a commotion, shouting, and rapid footsteps for half an hour, and then there was silence again. There were a few minutes of silence, thanking my heart because then my fear began to fade; fear is worse than pain, oh worse. Then there was a voice that stunned me. They call me, call my name, find me!

 It was masked by a distant sound, but it did not eliminate my fear. For me, this was the most terrifying sound I had ever heard. Two floors and guest rooms in the basement and basement; then outside, continue, and then back around the house; I think it will never stop through the dark darkness.


 Then, in this comfortable silence, my fear gradually subsided; I calmed down and fell asleep. I got a good rest but woke up before I came back at dusk. I feel very comfortable and can now come up with a plan. I did a good job; this included sneaking down the back stairs, hiding behind the basement door, and the iceman filling the refrigerator when dawn came; so I hid for a day and set off when night fell.

 They call me day and night, it seems to me; over time, hunger and thirst make me crazy; I realize that I am fragile; when you are like this, you sleep a lot, and I sleep. One day, I woke up in a terrible shock, and it seemed to me that the phone was in the attic! The thing is like this: it’s Sadie’s voice, she’s crying; my name flew from her broken lips, poor when I heard her say “Return to us, return to us and forgive me, no Our company is so sad. “I can’t believe my ears.”


 I interrupted him with a low voice of thanks. The next moment, Sadie dived into the water and stumbled in the dark and in the forest. , Shouted to his family: “I found it, I found it!

 The rest of the day went well. Mom, Sadie, and the servants seemed to like me very much. They can’t make a good enough bed for me; as far as food is concerned, they can’t just be satisfied with outdated games and delicacies; everyday friends and neighbors come to hear about my heroism, which is what they say means Agriculture.

 I remember my mother once took him to the nursery and explained that, but she didn’t. Tell me what agriculture is, except that it is synonymous with internal heat; Mrs. Gray and Sadie tell this story to newcomers more than a dozen times a day.

 They said that I risked my life to tell that child that we would all be burned to prove this. One point, and then society will come. And caress me. She screamed at me, and you will see the pride in the eyes of Saidi and her mother; when people want to know what makes me limp, they look confused and change the subject, sometimes when people ask them questions, I feel They are crying.

    This is not all the fame; no, the teacher’s friend came, dozens of the best people, they invited me to the laboratory and talked about me as if I was a discovery; some of them said it was dumb It’s excellent, it’s the best instinct they can remember; Master growled: “This is far beyond instinct; this is a reason, many people who are lucky enough to escape with you and me through ownership and walk into a better world. , Less than that poor four-legged fool.

Who is destined to die”; then he smiled and said, “Look at me, I am sarcasm! God bless you, with all my wisdom, the only conclusion I can come to is that the dog is crazy And it destroyed the child, if it weren’t because of the animal’s mind, that’s the reason, I tell you! The child is already dead! “She is honored to be proud of it.

 Then they discussed their so-called optics and whether certain types of brain damage would cause blindness, but they disagreed and said they should try it out and experiment. They talked about plants, which interested me very much because in the summer, Sadie and I planted seeds, and I helped her dig a hole. A few days later, a small shrub or a small shrub appeared there to flower. It was great to talk about. He will tell these people about it and show them how much he knows and he will live because of this object, but I don’t care about optics; it’s boring, and when I go back to it, I go to bed when I get bored.

 One day, these people came back and said, now for testing, they took the puppy to the laboratory, and I proudly limp with three feet because every time they pay attention to the puppy is a pleasure to me, indeed. They argued, experimented, and suddenly the boy screamed and was thrown on the ground, shaking, his head was full of blood, and the master applauded and shouted: “I’m coming.” I won! He is as blind as a bat!


 Everyone said: “So you proved your theory. From this moment on, the suffering humanity owes you a large debt.” They gathered around him, turned their arms enthusiastically, and expressed their gratitude.

But I hardly saw or heard this because I immediately ran to my beloved one, hugged her in place, licked the blood, leaned her head on my body, and moaned softly. , I became his soul in the pain and anger of being comforted by him to feel the touch of his mother even though he did not see me. Hyperactivity.

    Soon, the owner stopped arguing and called the running dog and said: “Buried him in the farthest corner of the garden.” Then he continued to discuss; I hurried after the running dog, very happy and grateful because I know the puppy is no longer hurt. Because he is sleeping. We walked across the garden to the other end. In summer, my child, nanny, and a puppy were playing in the shade of a large green. Elm, a servant, is digging a hole there; I saw that he would plant a cub; I am thrilled because he is growing up and turned into a beautiful dog, just like Robin Adair Like; it will be a wonderful surprise for his entire family. When they got home, so I tried to dig for him, but my soft legs are not good, you know it is very stiff, you must have two. Otherwise, it’s useless. When the servant finished speaking, he covered Little Robin and patted me on the head. With tears in his eyes, he said, “Poor dog, you saved his son!”

 I watched it for two weeks and didn’t understand! My fear stole me last week, and I think it has something terrible. I don’t know what it is, but I’m tired of this fear. I can’t eat; although the servants brought me the best food; they just caressed me like this; they even came at night, crying and saying, “Poor dog, give up going home; don’t hurt our hearts! “All this made me even more scared and convinced me that what happened. And I was so weak that I couldn’t get up again since yesterday. At that time, the servants who looked at the sun said she went down until she disappeared from sight. The cold of the night is approaching, things I can’t understand, but they make my heart feel a little bit cold...


“These poor creatures! You do not doubt. They will go home in the morning and ask scaredly what the puppies have done bravely, and who of us will tell them the truth firmly, “The humble kid. He went there, and the dead animals went.”

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