Living But Not Really Alive

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Romance Adventure Thriller

‘Gray will understand...he has too.’ Meg thought in hope. Without his support, she wouldn’t know what to do. He was her support and her guide -- she just wanted someone she could rely on. If she couldn’t spill her news, she would feel constrained and frankly, alone. 

“Gray,” Meg called in a quiet murmur waiting in anticipation, “I will tackle you in 5 seconds if you don’t come out now!” She heard shuffled feet coming closer but then suddenly stopped. “What do you want now?” A sigh ran through her mouth, “I don’t want anything. JUST OPEN THE DOOR.” The drab brown door that separated them finally opened. “Yes? Why is it so important? It's 3 in the morning!” His gray eyes squinted in the darkness with a frown on his forehead. “I know it’s 3am but you have to come with me. You just have to!” He snorted, “Yeah, the last time you told me that we were in the middle of the….well, the accident.” She shivered thinking back upon the apocalypse -- it wasn’t really her fault, it just sort of happened. And Gray was right in the middle of the fiasco. “Com’on Gray, I’ll just owe you one. Deal?” He shrugged, “Sounds good, just no more waking me up in the early wee hours, ok?” Meg looked over at him and laughed, “You don’t know me very well then.” They continued walking down the empty streets of Lewis Street in anticipation of what would happen next.

Just 4 months prior, a global catastrophe occurred which affected millions. Some would even call it, an apocalypse. Wars throughout the world corrupted cities, buildings, and many lives. This was worse than 100 years ago when World War 1 and 2 happened. This was deadly - a WW3. Why these wars occurred, no one knows, not anymore. Everyone just wanted peace.

Meg thought everything would go back to normal. At least, everyone prayed for a miracle as these times passed by slower than ever. Just as she was losing hope, Gray was right there beside her; always protecting her. What she loved about him, was how brave he was. 

 His name wasn’t always Gray. And she hadn’t always been Meg. 

September skies, quick footsteps, wind blowing rapidly all reminded Meg of how much had changed. Things had changed in herself since the last time she checked a cracked store window, and especially when the streets used to be crowded. You could count Gray and Meg as ‘survivors.’ But Meg didn’t like that term -- seemed unfitting since there were millions of people missing. Where? No one knew. Some considered the fever swiped people out, but others the raging war and catastrophes. But Meg knew they were missing -- somewhere, anywhere, everywhere. You just had to look.

“So where are we going exactly? It seems like we’re going in circles…” HIs voice trailed off as his eyes traveled up to a building that seemed 1,000 stories tall. “Uh-no, you know I hate heights there is no way I am claiming that building let alone walk up the stairs!” Gray’s voice pitched higher as his anxiety built higher up in his throat. Meg shrugged, “Guess I’m leaving you here then. If you thought I’d come all this way to go back, you're wrong! We need to get to that building.” His eyes traveled once more and she slapped him on the back, “Com’on, what’s the worst that can happen?” He shuttered thinking of what lay ahead. 

They traveled up the stairs panting as the elevation increased only giving Gray a more acute stressful feeling. “Oh Meg, I can’t do this. Oh Meg, I--I gotta stop.” She turned around, “If you're going to puke, turn your head down the stairs. I’ll take the elevator down when we’re finished.”

She kept walking without looking back.

Reaching the top, the view could be seen for miles. The colorful array of mountains, the forestry that lay below, and the quiet city that remained motionless beneath them.

Just as she peered closer to the glass window, she saw a face peering back into her own. A gasp shuttered through her body and she caught herself from falling backwards. She shut her eyes tight afraid of what she would see. Opening one eye, she saw Gray standing with two hands on his hips smirking. “Saw something that gave you a fright?” She grumbled, “I don’t know...I saw something.” Looking back into the glass, she shuttered afraid of reaching the last flight of stairs. Looking over at Gray, she leaned in, “Gray, whatever we do, we do together. Right?” He smiled, “Of course Meg. Just don’t leave me behind -- like twice when we were down...there.” He peered over the ledge sucking in a breath. “Nope, we’re in this together.” 

As they traveled up the last flight of stairs, a mysterious red door stood in a motionless state. 


“No, you knock.” 

“Do I have to do everything myself?” 

The door was unlocked. Meg pushed it slightly open and there she saw something. In the back. Quiet, motionless, black shadows, but obviously there.

“We do this together.” Gray looked at Meg and Meg looked back, “I love you.” And they stepped into the cold, dark room.

Stepping closer, she saw a shadow move. “Oh Gray, I’m nervous.” She looked for a light switch but none was to be found. Stepping closer trying to tug at her bravery, she saw people. The people. All the missing people. Huddled in a corner. Not everyone, but a lot of people. While holding his hand, she looked at Gray trying to remain confident. But just as she pulled closer to him, the door slammed behind her before she could look back. Right now, she didn’t know where to go. Then the door clicked.


Author's Note: When I write my stories, you might find I use a few characters' names the same as in other stories I have written-- don’t be confused -- I just love a variety of names and usually stick with them sometimes or another. Not always - but sometimes! I will do a Part 2 to conclude the story as you want - just let me know! Also if you want to give back feedback on any of my posts it is much appreciated, danke! ~Aubrey Maria

September 21, 2020 05:07

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Ai Jiang
01:32 Oct 01, 2020

Hi Aubrey! I found your characters very interesting and quite unique in their own ways but as I was reading I had many questions that were left unanswered! But as you said in your author's note, another part may make things more clear. Just in case it might help you with revising your writing or your future pieces, here are the questions that came to my mind: Why does she want to go into that building specifically? Why are the people hiding in the building? Would hiding below ground or somewhere more open be safer in case of catastrophes...


Aubrey Maria ✌
21:29 Oct 01, 2020

Thank you so much Ai Jiang! I'm really grateful for your feedback. Truthfully, I wasn't too keen on the topic (apocalyptic theme) so I tried my best in this category. I wish I knew more about what was going to happen -- I would just say, it wasn't my best story. I like writing romance and just simple stories with twist endings and I felt like this one didn't 'cut it'. So I appreciate so much your feedback. And this was helpful for future reference!💛Danke!


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05:41 Nov 22, 2020

Anotherr amazing story!! this was super mysterious, and I would suggest a backstory just to know what was going on and stuff! I see you haven't wrote a part 2🥺 so I shall waaittt! Great job Aubrey!!


Aubrey Maria ✌
18:27 Nov 22, 2020

Haha thank you! Most likely I will end without a 2 part since I like leaving some stories without a full closure. It's actually really funny, I can't stand reading stories that end without a 'full' satisfactory ending, but I seem to write a bunch like it!


18:43 Nov 22, 2020

Oh sammee! I can't stand a story that doesn't have a satisfying ending, I just can't help freaking out, cause like I WANNA KNOWW! But your choice! And could you read some of my stories and maybe leave some feedback I would love to know your thoughts! Thanks byyeee!


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