Adventure Mystery

When the sea fought with the sky and Euphoria was real, one girl seized the wind. It eroded the lands for miles around, and then, there, in the land of Azazel, she lay lifeless. Around her neck, bared an amulet of immense power. As time passed her body was buried beneath rock and ash and was lost.

The Bay of Rhapsody was filled with pirates of individual origins, and experiences with the sea. Ships are prepared and may never return just to search for legends. Men gather to drink and drown in their own failures, but some just may return home with bountiful treasures. That’s where Orson met Kenelm. Kenelm had visions that seemed absolutely preposterous for hunters, of any kind. Orson, was just a young man searching for danger, and had recently inherited his father's ship. Just what each had needed.

“You see,” quietly said Kenelm,”There is this jewel. More like a necklace. An amulet! It holds the powers of a god. I must bring it back.”

“What’s in it for me?” responded Orson

“Power, my dear friend.”

He had a look of insanity in his eye

“Alright. When shall I assemble my men?”

That night the Time Sector was boarded by 35 men. The journey was unknown by the crew and Orson knew not where they were off to. 

Only one thing collected in Kenelm’s mind. The jewel. The amulet. The Amulet of the Wind. It could determine fate, change the way someone looked, and held the power of the wind. He knew not where it was, but where it was lost. For years he had searched for it, and finally discovered the vicinity in which it was lost. He had tried to convince others to journey the horrid length with him but no one would until he met Orson. He was young, gullible, and was willing to risk it all. A fortnight ago, they encountered each other on the docks that bordered the Northern Sea, and bonded over the great adventures each had been on. 

Four days of the journey passed, Kenelm gave the story of the amulet.

“A great warrior, unknown by most, made the discovery of this jewel centuries ago, and refused to let anyone appraise it or behold its beauty. While in an intense battle the wind grew too strong, knocking the sword from the warrior’s hand. The opponent, who was Theia, the Titaness of Sight, stole the eyes of the warrior.”

“Sounds like some mythical cast out.” chuckled a crew mate who they called Kingsle.

“Oh you’ll see. Soon.”

He continued the tale.

“You see, the amulet could not have this. It became infuriated. It rose, taking the warrior with it. They rose where the sea and sky fought and stole the wind. The ground shook and grew, and the wind became too powerful and froze. Everything fell including the girl. Th-”

The same crew mate cut him off.

“ You tell me this “warrior” was a girl? HA!”

“Excuse me but I don’t see you serving my Father.”

“Oh so that's who you are!” said Kingsle, “You're the son of the “Overlord!” What is a pretty boy like yourself doing out here anyways?”

“Moving along gentlemen. As I was saying; The girl was buried beneath the ash and rock that fell, and the amulet was forever lost.”

“Tiller! What are we doing out here anyway besides wasting it all on this fool?” shouted Kingsle 

“Kingsle! If you don’t agree with my decision to help Prince Kenelm, then we will discuss your resignation when we return to Rhapsody! He is currently the captain of this ship therefore, your commander. You will treat him with the respect he deserves.” screamed Orson in a rather annoyed tone.

“You can gladly come work for me after the solstice. But I do not believe a ma- a boy of your kind would be a suitable warrior nor a future ship captain, so maybe a shoe shiner?”

The whole ship erupted in laughter.

The following night an extensive storm swept the ship off course. The men struggled to tame the vessel, but could not obtain power of the direction in which they were blown toward. 

“Full sails!” cried Kenelm.

“Sir! Are you mad? We will surely never make it through!” Orson called out.

“Of course! It’s her! The wind is guiding us! Trust me! Full Sails!”

“Full sails men!” wailed Kingsle

For a moment, Kenelm stood there in almost a shock state as the rain beat onto his face. 

The wind blew the ship side to side and almost too far into the black water to return the surface right side up. The men were driven left to right, stumbling over their own feet. For some, there was a struggle to catch their breath as the salty water flowed overboard covering the deck. Stake like rocks impaled the bottom half of the ship causing water to gush in the lower decks. 

There seemed to be no hope until the sun merged out from behind the clouds and the wind ceased. Everything was calm once more. 

“Land-Ahoy!” shouted a mate.

Kenelm grinned a sinister grin as he looked upon the small island that lay dead ahead. 

“I’ll be damned. Kenelm! Is-is that it!” shouted Orson.

“Why, yes, my dear friend. Yes.”

The men steered the ship toward the island and soon realized how many men were gone.

25 men, 25 pirates, 25 adventurers lay buried at sea never to return to Rhapsody.  So far more than half  dozen men have died searching for this jewel on this trip alone. Kenelm had seen far more casualties and expected more.

“This bright day we mourn the loss of a few good men who died not only doing what they loved but, what they unfortunately never got to witness the greatness of what they died for.  I thank each of you for your sacrifice. Your names will forever live on as long as I am living.” preached Kenelm.

“I worked with most of them since we were just boys, and some saw me grow into the captain I am today when my father was alive. He was so proud of you all. I thank you for all the wonderful adventures I experienced with you all.” whispered Orson.

The ship finally made landfall after the western horizon faded into a black abyss. Deep within the heart of the island, a light bounced off the shiny marble. The amulet glowed with outstanding colors of blues and golds. Orson stared at the beams that shot from the trees. 

“By the gods. I’d say we’ve done it” he uttered.

Suddenly, a massive stone rose from the ground where Kenelm stood. It grew ten feet tall and 3 feet wide. Carved into the front of the stone read:

The wind brushes on the sea as it takes power. 

Fallen from the Heavens,

Swept down to earth.

It lies here in the Hollow.

Travel far for what you desire.

Seek what has been forgotten.

Revive my name with your mercy

It is here. You see.

When you swim, do not drown.

 There lies danger ahead.

Euryphaessa lead you here to free her,

For her faults were too great.

Speak my name. Call it. 

The divinity awaits you.

Carry the past at hand.

As Kenelm read the verses aloud, all the men could do was gawk in awe. Never before had they heard words from so long ago with such odd meaning. Kenelm was the only one that had come close to understanding.

“We venture into the forest at dawn. Unload men.” Kenelm spoke. 

The ship was unload and camp was set up for the long night. The fire blazed with blue and red as Kingsle gazed into the heat. Words of his childhood filled his mind and he began to whisper the words of the north.

“Lords of Lords follow the wind, trying to unwind and mend. Our future kings wait for a determined fate. Save the wind, Save and mend, Try to restore not confine. Theia leads far and wide. Free her before our divinity dies.”

Kingsle…”  added a voice.

He looked around and found he was the only one awake. The lights from the trees caught his eye. The light was as a drop of the sun from the fallen from the sky. 

Come Kingsle,” it whispered again, “Seek me…”

“Who’s there?” he beckoned as he drew a knife.

Follow the light…. Your reward is here

“Who are you?”

In the Hollow. Speak my name. Free Euryphaessa.”

The light vanished and Kingsle was left there at the edge of the forest. He thought to himself as the moon reflected on the water back into his eyes. The decision that was faced could determine life or death. 

“I must,” he whispered.

Kingsle grabbed his coat and blindly walked into the mysterious forest. 

He followed the slowly fainting light, and broke through the beautiful flora and fauna of the wilderness.

Closer you come. Revive me with your mercy,” the voice whispered.

He stepped through a curtain of vine to reveal a cascade. The water was crystal clear and bled from the stream that flowed overhead. In the midst of the pool, was the light that beamed throughout the island. Kingsle dropped to his knees as a light rose from the bed of the pool.

Your denial of my treasure intrigues me, young sailor. Therefore, I have led you here to obtain it,” said the voice.

The light came closer to Kingsle. 

“I am the protector of this jewel. I am De Gavallen. The warrior of your future king’s story. Euryphaessa called for my stone to be freed, and if the unerring mortal is to discover our pool of light she is granted her freedom. Listen to her voice. Call my name, command her, and repeat her words. Your reward is prepared.”

There was shock and empowerment in Kingsle eyes. He felt like a knight breaking a sword from stone. It was as if he knew precisely what to do and say.

“Euryphaessa! Rise and be freed. Give your words,” he shouted.

The air froze and Kingsle went blind for a moment. When he recovered his vision, a pale woman in an icey robe, drenched in water stood before him. He saw as if the world was going in circles. Words could not escape his lips nor could he move.

“For  centuries, I have awaited your arrival,” said the icey woman in a rather loud whisper, “De Gavallen held me here and tore my power from my body. I tried to take her sight but the amulet rose on different terms. Once the sky fell, the amulet resigned here, waiting to be revived.”

“You’re Theia?” Kingsle questioned.

“Yes, young sailor. I am Theia, the Titaness of Sight. Repeat my words and I will be sent back to your world and serve your people with pride.”

“What about the amulet?”

“Your reward will come in many forms. You will take the amulet to do as you wish, Kenelm will get his child, and you will be granted your greatest wish.”

“Tell me what to say.”

“ Repeat me; De Gavallen, the warrior of the fallen land, unleash Euryphaessa. Revive the wind with your mercy. Let your name continue on in this world. Save the Wind.  save and mend. Carry the past at hand.”

As Kingsle repeated her words, the light sprang from the water and busted into a billion tiny light fragments. Euryphaessa began to regain color. She fell to her knees vomiting up water. After a few long panting seconds she was gasped for air and tried to stand.

“Your reward is bestowed. My guidance will always be at your beckoning call. Euryphaessa! Your sleep has finally ended. Guard this world as I once did. Your divinity awaits.Take care of my amulet.” shouted De Gallaven.

The light vanished, and the amulet dropped into Euryphaessa’s hand. She looked up to Kingsle in fear. As the amulet was handed off to Kingsle, the forest went into a dead silence.

“Are you real?” Kingsle said.

“Well of course I am,” Euryphaessa responded.

“How long have you been submer-”

He was interrupted by her arms wrapping around his chest. Euryphaessa was sobbing as she nuzzled her head into him.

“Thank you,” she cried, “You are my savior. Thank you!”

They sat there for a moment with each wrapped around the other. Kingsle led her back to the camp and by then it was sunrise.

When they arrived back, Kenelm was pacing back and forth from the fire to his tent. He was whispering to himself but what came from his mouth was unintelligible. Orson had anger radiating of him as he packed his tent.  The crew was frantically loading stuff back onto the boat and some were patching tiny holes. When Kenelm caught sight of Kingsle and the mysterious girl he raced towards them, as did Orson.

“Kingsle! Where have you been and who is this woman?” cried Orson.

“Her name is Euryphaessa. I was following the light,” there was a pause. “I believe this belongs to you,” Kingsle said as he tossed the amulet at Kenelm.

“How did you get this?” asked Kenelm.

“I followed the voices and the light. Everything went blurry and then she appeared and gave the words of De Gavallen. I repeated her and she was free and I got our rewards.”

“Euryphaessa? Theia? Is it really you?” said Orson.

“Yes, it really is,” she responded, “I am to come back with you and protect this world as the great warrior once did. I also understood that I am a part of another reward. It has yet to be discovered by me.”

“We will find out soon,” said Kingsle.

They all, including Euryphaessa, returned to the docks of Rhapsody two days before the Winter Solstice. Kenelm with the amulet in hand raced towards the Realm. There he found his wife in labor. Their baby was born as a girl. 

“I have the amulet my darling,” said Kenelm to his child, “You are beautiful, my son.”

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