About a character who puts something into a time capsule

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Fiction Friendship Adventure

Written by Ye Wint Aung

About a character who puts something into a time capsule

His name is John Smith, he is 33 years old and lives in England, London. He and his friend called Thomas Johnson were on a project about time travelling. They were very good at science since they were kids. They learned everything about science but mostly time travelling. On the age of 12, they started to read about time travelling and researched about it but nothing gave them proof that it really existed and they stopped researching and gave up. On the age of 18, when they were studying at the university, John had a feeling that if they keep trying on something that they gave up many years ago, they could have done it by now. He started to think about what project they were working on and suddenly remembered. He remembered what the project was about and told his friend Thomas to work on that project again. After they finished studying at the university, they started to work on the project. Honestly, his friend Thomas didn’t wanted to do so he stopped after 2 weeks and John was on his own. After weeks, months and years of researching, he couldn’t find any proof that it has existed. But, he knows that research isn’t going to give him any proof so he started doing it for real this time. He used lots of money and time working on that project and didn’t work out. His friend Thomas came to his house and surprised by what he has done to himself. John’s whole body was shaking and it seems like he haven’t sleep for a while. Thomas didn’t want to lose his friend so he cheered him up. Then John started to work as a delivery man and started working as a worker in a company. Then he became the manager of that company and started working as a scientist and searched cures for viruses and explained the mysteries that cannot be explained and soon he became rich. But he got that feeling again about giving up a project a long time ago. He started to think about what it was about and finally remembered again. But this time, he did it on his own. He built his own capsule, own machine, own electricity generator and everything he think that he need to work on this project. Many months later, with his knowledge and courage, he finally got it without anyone’s help. He tried it out. The first attempt didn’t work out. The second attempt didn’t too. He tried and tried but didn’t do anything. On the age of 33, his friend came to his house and surprised again but this time amazed by what he has done again. John told him that all of this work is nothing except a waste of time and he showed Thomas how it’s has to work but it was a waste of time. John was about to break that machine but Thomas stopped him from breaking it just in time. Thomas changed the wires and pushed the button that starts the machine. The first attempt didn’t go well. The second attempt didn’t go well too. John was feeling angry and wants to break it because it took a lot of time and doesn’t work. But Thomas stopped him and turned on the electricity generator to maximum and turned the temperature down to -10 degrees to keep it away from overheating. They are scared about killing them with an exploding. But Thomas pushed the button right away. “If your machine works, it will disappear and appear again in a few seconds. I set the time to 15 seconds.” said Thomas. A few seconds later, electric sparks came out of the machine. It starts glowing and it vanished. A few seconds later, the machine appears in front of them. He wanted to try if this time machine can go back to the past and there was a toy that he wanted when he was a boy and never got it. He bought the toy and get back home. He put the toy and a note inside the machine and started. The time machine vanished. After, it appeared in front of them. When he opened it the toy was gone and there was a note on the wall but it was not the note he putted in earlier. It said “Thank you” and he knows someone read it. They were surprised about that. He told the president and the government about his project. They were amazed by what it did. They gave John and Thomas 1 billion dollars for making it and they wanted more of these. He could make them but if everyone knows what will happen in the future or if someone changed the past, it will mess up the timeline so he put the book that has the formula of time travelling and send it to the past in his time capsule when there were cave men and no one can read yet. So the government was very upset and took back their 1 billion dollar that they gave and tried to figure out the formula. The formula book and the time machine were teleported to many years back, when there cave men and dinosaurs. The time machine was teleported to the cave men’s cave. The cave men had no intelligence at that time. The cave men were scared because they never seen a structure like that. There were electric sparks which made them more scared. One of them broke it with a wooden club which they use when they hunt for food. The machine was broken into pieces. The book still remains in that cave and no one has ever found it because the cave that has the formula of time travelling has been bombed and destroyed in World War 2 when they were in war. As for John and Thomas, the government is still asking them for answers. The government tried everything they can but still no answers. The scientists all around the world came and talked to them to give them answers. But they did not give them anything because it will mess up the time line. The scientists tried everything they can to get answers and they tried to build the capsule and the generators that John built on his own and tried them out but nothing works. John and Thomas know all the answers to all their questions and they could help but they did not. Still all the scientists around searched for answers, clues and formulas but still nothing they can do to make it until in the future when one of the scientist will work on that project and make a time capsule like John and Thomas did!

Hope you like it. 1,122 words

By Ye Wint Aung

About a character who puts something in to a time capsule

For Reesdy competition

October 05, 2020 05:12

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