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A little boy no older than 10 and his mother stood with the boy's father as the boy's father lay wasting away on his deathbed. "Son...Everything happens for a reason. Remember that" were his father's last words.

A young man no older than fifteen years old watched as his family's bakery was consumed by flames. A lightning bolt struck the thatch roof, igniting the wood and straw.

"Everything happens for a reason" the young man whispered to himself.

By the time the thunderstorm had subsided, the bakery was completely destroyed by the lightning fire.

The young man's stepfather sold him to the Kingdoms army. The young man would train to defend his kingdom of Gaul, and his stepfather would use the money to rebuild the bakery.

"Everything happens for a reason."

The young man was carted off to the barracks where he met the general. The general appeared to be a very harsh, unforgiving man, something told the young man that he wasn't going to like working for him.

"Listen up, you worthless maggots!!" Started the general. "As first year knights in training, you will only learn how to fight with wooden swords and shields! Your primary duties during your first year will be carrying and holding weapons for your seniors and tending to their horses!" Declared the general.

The young man's senior that he was assigned to was a blonde haired third year man with prominent bangs and a double chin. Once the generals assistant left the stable, the third year knight in training punched the young man in the face so hard he knocked the young man on the floor, he then kicked the young man in his side.

"No matter what you do for the rest of your life, I will always be your superior! I suggest you remember your place! Under my boot!" Said the third year.

"Everything happens for a reason" the young man whispered to himself.

The young man held on to his third year senior knight in training's sword as the third year participated in archery training. He was supposed to shoot arrows at the exact center of a hay bale a quarter mile away.

The third year fired shot after shot, but missed the exact center of the bale every time.

The young man saw an unattended bow and quiver of arrows on a bench, and got an idea.

The young man loaded the bow, aimed at another hay bale, and pulled the drawstring back.

The other senior knights turned to look on shock as the page's arrow hit the dead center of the hay bale on his first try.

"Everything happens for a reason." the young man thought.

The general gave the young man a stern look of disapproval.

That night, and the night after every day for at least a week, the young man would sneak out to practice shooting arrows. His peers gave him the nickname of "Eagle Eye".

One night, Eagle Eye was tending to the third year's sword when the general stomped into the shed. The general lifted Eagle Eye up by his scalp and pushed him into the wall. He then punched Eagle Eye in the abdomen.

"You have some nerve showing me up like that, you little shit! Consider this a lesson!" He said. The General then threw Eagle Eye to the floor, in the corner next to the sword barrel. "Remember your place!" The general yelled, walking away. Eagle Eye slipped a sword out of the barrel, ran and thrust the sword into the middle of the General's back.

The unarmored man limped forward, blood pooling around his mouth.

Eagle Eye gasped and shuddered, but composed himself.

"Everything happens for a reason" Eagle Eye muttered to himself.

Eagle Eye knew what to do: He crept to the stables and unlocked the gate for the third year's horse. To keep the Horse from crying out, Eagle Eye gave the horse the rest of his bread from his supper.

The Horse happily ate the bread and nuzzled his hand. Eagle Eye mounted the horse and shook the reins.

And so that night, Eagle Eye rode the horse into the neighboring kingdom of Zeal.

The Archer found a town on the border. The guards arrested and took Eagle Eye in for questioning.

"Everything happens for a reason." Eagle Eye said.

"For what reason have you come to this town?" Asked a guard.

"In my home kingdom, I'm a fugitive. If I'm sent back to Gaul, I'll be hung for treason."

"Treason, eh?" Said one of the Zeal guards.

"That suggests you rebelled against your military. What did you do?" Asked another guard.

"I...I killed my General..."

"....The General is going to want to hear about this!" Said the guard.

And so the guards escorted Eagle Eye to the Capital City of Parmia.

While the kings of Zeal and Gaul harbored no hard feelings towards one another, the Generals of Gaul and Zeal were sworn enemies.

Parmia was a hustling and bustling place, with clean, bright buildings and well kept roads. It was a huge step up from the village in Gaul he was from.

Eagle Eye gasped silently when he saw the Castle. White with blue tipped minarets with a stained glass window above the drawbridge.

"Halt! Who goes there??"

"It is I, a guard, I wish to introduce someone of importance to General Raleigh!"

The drawbridge opened.

In the Castle, the guards brought Eagle Eye to the Generals quarters. The General was a tall, musclebound man with unruly black hair and scars all over his body.

"So, you must be this person of importance I was told about." Started General Raleigh.

"They...they call me Eagle Eye, sir." Eagle Eye said.

"Must be good with a Bow and Arrows, I take it..."

"This man killed the General of Gaul!" One of the guards chimed in.

General Raleigh perked up, eyes widening.

"You killed General Orkney? That's why you're so important. I'd hate to let a talented man like you slip away, so I have a proposal: I'll make you a senior archer, and you'll have your own house, and you would be paid well. What do you say sir?" General Raleigh offered his hand.

Eagle Eye offered his hand in return.

"Everything happens for a reason!" Eagle Eye declared.

July 06, 2021 02:35

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Karen Kinley
22:53 Jul 14, 2021

I really like the premise of your story, and the dialogue is well-written! I also like how you used the repeated phrase "Everything happens for a reason" in both negative and positive ways. My main critique would be that some of the action requires great leaps of faith in term of believability. Good job!


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