Science Fiction Coming of Age Adventure

Hi guys...before reading my story, for a, you know, better reading comprehension, kindly read first these words that are directly related to the story I made:

Gog- their tracking devices installed since birth

Zephyr- the main algorithm of the Gog

Stiffia- their country

Stiffians- the people living in Stiffia

Stuffus- their money currency

Vehcakt- Jo El's execution gun that shoots a million bullets in a second making it difficult for the subject to escape.

Bountus- the people hunting for Inconnuses

Inconnus- the group of people who are different from the other Stiffians

Elites- the higher classes of Inconnuses.

The gray skies hovered over the heavens and rain poured down on Odette’s face. She got sick and tired of seeing the same faces over and over again. Her dull lips have kissed the raindrops and her soaked hair leaned at the back of her hood. She went to her Grandma’s house in the middle of the night. 

Gemma, Odette’s grandma, served as the source of refuge for Odette. Her mother died catastrophically when her mother struck out her Gog and deliberately pressed the Zephyr’s self-destruct button. She got tired of the way Jo El was handling Stiffia– she had enough. Odette had loved Gemma as if she was her mother. Gemma’s husband, George, was killed by an accident, as Gemma told Odette. Yet, Gemma kept on sharing her memories with George to Odette.

She went as fast as a cheetah and as silent as the fluttering butterflies. She rolled her pants upward and her sleeves, she let it loose. Maybe she’d be caught again by the Orders and would be executed in the middle of Stiffia. On her way, she saw a man executed in the middle of the Stiffia. The orders have detected on the man’s Zephyr that he will soon murder his brother, who is an Order. He will do it five years from that day. The Zephyr had sent the red information to the Orders’ head commander.

Everything and everyone in Stiffia is under the control of Jo El and the Orders. They are the eyes and ears of the future and the past. Nothing could escape them, except for the Inconnuses. They always track people who would kill others, who would rebel against the Orders and Jo El, the people who would soon kill themselves– these were the situations that the Zephyr can detect. It served as their main algorithm which is directly connected to their future brains.

The first time Odette was caught was when she was spotted strolling during curfew hours. The Order went to her and said that she would be disregarded if she pays her body for it. Insulted, Odette stabbed the Order with her self-sharped blade, and she ran away. Unfortunately, the officer lived, and Odette was reported to Jo El. Because of this, her sister, Charmaine, was slain by Jo El himself in place of her since she was nowhere to be found. 

Charmaine’s feet were pulverized when Jo El used his gold-plated Vehcakt. Jo El never had a heart and thinks and acts impulsively, maybe because he was kind’a “psychopath” as his colleagues famously tagged him. “Mercy” had never existed in Jo El’s vocabulary. He was ruthless and tyrannous. Charmaine had to suffer for a few hours before she had gone to eternity. Because of this incident, the seed of “vengeance” had started to sprout in Odette’s heart.

When Odette was only a matter of feet from her Grandma’s cottage, she turned off her Gog. She cut her wrist with a scalpel and shut off the Gog’s Zephyr manually by slashing a filament that is directly linked to her brain to avoid being audited. 

She was one of the Inconnus and lucky for her, she is strong enough to fight the Zephyr’s Henin. The Inconnus were highly hunted and had a very big bounty on their heads. Others would reach up a billion Stuffus and economically challenged Bountus would prefer hunting Elites for a living. 

The Orders did not yet have any hints on Odette’s real identity– she was an Elite. And Elites like her, when the other Inconnus will know her, are highly respectable. Elites’ intellects surpass the greatest Zephyrs that whenever a Gog will be installed on them, they will blow up due to massive stimuli. 

She swiftly propelled towards the cottage. Her pants went down and her sleeves drip with water. She brushed her hair near her ear. She held the cold and shiny doorknob. Yet, despite of the melancholic scenery that she is currently in, Odette’s heart set ablaze in hopes of living a normal life– liberated from Jo El and all the evil intents of the Zephyr. 

Something’s wrong in here, Odette thought.

She had noticed that the door was slightly open as if someone had gone inside. She got her blade and sluggishly opened the door. 

“Gemma are you here?” she hollered as she strode inside the cottage.

As she treaded, she came to step unto a gluey liquid. It was red. No, it was blood. 

Odette’s eyes grew as she dawdled to where the fluid came from– it was from Gemma, lying dead on the floor. As soon as she saw her Grandma lying cold and hard on the floor, she sprinted towards her. Her throat got slit and her Gog was removed– an indication that the Orders came looking for her in Gemma’s cottage and killed her.

She did not sob, nor did she frown. In Stiffia, you need to get used to people dying especially if you are an Inconnus. She immediately got cardboards at their porch and covered Gemma’s body. 

She walked numbly towards the exit with the blade on her hand. 

She noticed three black cars outside and these cars were not here when she came. Odette immediately ran back towards the cottage and locked the doors. She peeked at the window and read the logo on the car's bumper– Orders. 

Suddenly, a group of Orders went out and started firing at the cottage. Odette ducked as she was left defenseless because she only brought with her a melee weapon.

How could they track me when I have already shut off my Gog, she wondered. She crawled little by little towards their back door as bullets showered with the rain outside. Then, the firing ceased for a short time.

“Submit yourself now Odette or you will suffer from Jo El,” an Order exclaimed.

“To hell bitch!” Odette hollered.

The gunfire continued after Odette responded. She ran towards their pocket forest. She looked around and up. She saw her childhood treehouse. She immediately climbed on it and covered it with leaves to camouflage in its colors. 

She almost ran out of breath when she reached the tree house. The Orders came and did not see her. When she tried to peep on the tree house’s hole, a man in black suit from her back struck her and she fainted. 

The crowing of the rooster had awakened her. She got up and found herself suffering with a headache. She gawked around and tried to scan everything she can find. A cupboard, an oak table, a cigar butt– everything seems to be simple and dull and lousy or perhaps annoying. 

“Hey there,” the man in the black suit said told Odette.

Odette’s eyebrows met and she immediately grabbed the blade which she had secretly hidden in the sole of her shoe. She got it out– shining with sharpness– and she pointed it towards the man.

“Woah! Easy girl,” the man said. “I’m Wren,” the man introduced himself.

“Who are you?” 

“I just saved your life,” Wren sarcastically answered. “By literally shutting you off in the neck,” he chuckled.

Odette’s eyes rolled from Wren. 

“I know, I know. You wanted to thank me, but I don’t accept any signs of gratitude,” Wren said.

“And you have the guts to say ‘I just saved your life’ when you did it in the most bullshit way,” Odette told Wren with the blade still pointing. 

“What if we, you know, cool off, perhaps? Hehehe, what if you put down your blade and let’s talk calmly, ok?” Wren offered while he raised his arms upward.

Odette laid down her blade.

“You didn’t yet answer my question, Wren. Was it Wren?”

“Yes, I’m Wren. Anyways, I’m just like you.”

“You’re an Inconnus too?”

“Yeah, but not totally like you. I mean, you’re an Elite,” Wren said while he sat down on the table.

Odette now managed to stand up and gained full control on herself again. She kept back her blade on its sheath and continued interrogating Wren. “Elite” was a new word in Odette’s list of words.

“What do you mean by ‘Elite’?”

“Elites, you know, like you. I mean, you’re from the most powerful clans of the Inconnus. You can control the Zephyr if you wanted to and crush it,” Wren said fascinatingly. “Gemma, was one of them,” Wren added.

Odette wondered why a man in black suit would know her 70-year-old-grandma.

“How do you know my grandma?” she asked.

“She told me to pick you up before anything is too late. You got your Elite identity from her. We could’ve got you out sooner but you wandered away from Stiffia. We had a hard time looking for you. Jo El killed you grandma,” Wren said melancholically.

Odette’s blood boiled with wrath when she heard Jo El’s name.

“That bitch killed my grandma? How could he kill….”

“She told Jo El to kill her,” Wren stood up and grabbed a cup of coffee.

Odette did not cry. This was not new to her. In their life, dying is as natural as the clouds in the skies.

“Why would he? And why would Gemma tell Jo El to kill her?”

“Long story,” Wren said while he sipped his coffee.

“Go to the front porch. I prepare a shirt and pair of pants there. You should get yourself dressed up. We’re going to the Inconnus headquarters,” Wren told Odette.

“So, there’s a bunch of Inconnus and Elites like me out there?”

“Nope,” Wren said, “There’s a lot like you out there.”

Odette smiled and did what Wren just told her. After Odette changed her clothes, they started to venture out in the streets. Odette and Wren shut off their Gog’s Zephyr and pulled it out to avoid getting detected and monitored. 

They started to roam around. Odette had seen a lot of disturbing changes in Stiffia. The Stiffians are mandated to always lock their Gogs, anyone’s Zephyr who will be shut off will be punished with death– these are the painful situations that they must face.

Odette and Wren had slipped into different sneaky places. The streets that they walked past smelled like rotten eggs and Odette couldn’t keep up with the smell that she vomited. She was surprised that Wren, who in a very clean and shiny suit, was not affected at all. He seems to have adapted to his context– you know, that foul smelling environment.

While they were walking, Wren grabbed his radio and turned it on. He pointed the antenna towards the places that they have been.

“Cut it off, Wren,” Odette exclaimed, “do you want us get killed?”

“No worries,” Wren said calmly. He settled the radio’s frequency and started tuning in to the sound. “They can’t track us. I’ve already blocked their signals.”

Suddenly, the radio emitted sound waves. It was all screaming and gunshots. Jo El had executed another set of Inconnuses. Gerard, the star Bountus, sold them to the Orders. Gerard was famous for his ill-tempered attitude and his disrespectfulness. 

“All of you Inconnuses. You got the hell out of me. I mean no offense, yes, I mean it with offense,” he said with his horrible grin. “Someday, all of you, will pay for it. You, all of you Inconnuses, will feel the heat of my wrath, let’s just wait and see.”

“I’d like to extend my utmost gratitude to Gerard for being a sustainable Bountus. He gave me five Inconnuses, hence, I shall give him a five billion Stuffus.”

Odette leaned backwards and got her blade. She stabbed the wall right beside her to exclaim how mad she is with Jo El. He killed his grandma, his sister, and other Inconnuses– these reasons were enough to evilly gain vengeance for them.

Wren turned off the radio and patted Odette. Odette did not mind Wren and continued walking.

“Can’t I have a ‘thank you’ for patting your back?” Wren said blushingly.

Odette rolled her eyes and raised her right middle finger and said, “fuck you.”

“Gee. Thanks anyways.”

They continued walking until they have seen the Inconnuses headquarters. From its façade you can feel the aura of the Inconnuses and their power. 

“Hey there,” a lady in a red dress welcomed them.

Wren and the lady ran towards each other and had a warm kiss.

“Odette, this is Sofie,” Wren introduced the lady to Odette, “my girlfriend.”

“Hi Odette,” Sofie said as she extended right arm towards Odette.

Odette accepted her hand and shook it.


“Let’s come inside. Commander James is waiting for you,” she told Odette.

The Inconnus headquarters was a very wide room with breath-taking furnitures. When they walked down the hallway, a man secretly went to Odette and immediately grabbed her. Wren and Sofie did not notice that Odette went missing.

“Hey, let go of me!” Odette told the man.

When the man had let go of her, the man immediately said, “you need to go now before it’s too late.”


“The Orders and Jo El are coming for you right now. Wren and Sofie are one of the closest friends of the Bountus Gerard. Commander James is the former name of Jo El. A lot of Inconnuses are trying to trade you off. You are worth a trillion Stuffus, Odette.”

“I don’t understand.”

“You don’t need to understand,” the man said while he grabbed Odette’s hand and placed a key for a helicopter. “I’m so proud of you my granddaughter.”

‘Granddaughter,’ this shook Odette’s soul. Gemma told her that her husband died in an accident. Why would she lie to me, she thought.

“George, is it you?”

Suddenly, Wren came and shot George at the back. Wren had perfectly hit George’s head.

“And now, you know everything already?” Wren asked.

“You lied to me,” Odette said while she sobbed over her grandfather’s dead body.

“Well, yeah. That what Bountuses do. You need to come with me before I’ll kill you myself,” Wren said.

“Why would you change me for a trillion Stuffus?”

“No time to explain,” Sofie said who suddenly came and shoot her.

Odette dodged through the bullets and dived away. The Inconnuses at the headquarters ran in fear as they heard the gunshots. Odette went to the back part of the headquarters and found the helicopter.

She immediately started the helicopter and went away. She didn’t know how to operate the helicopter, but she managed to do so because of her Elite identity. Elite’s like her can manipulate anything when they touched it. 

Odette’s Zephyr had colored red. She was now about to expire. Stiffians with red-colored Gogs eventually blow-up because the Orders had initiated it. Before Odette had gone to Gemma’s cottage, before she turned off her Gog, the Orders had already seen her in the future. 

Suddenly, a helicopter appeared and was fast-approaching.

“Odette, submit yourself,” it was Jo El. “Please, come now,” he pleadingly said with a microphone.

“Who the hell you think you are?” Odette said while she drove the helicopter.

“You’re my daughter, Odette,” Jo El said.

Suddenly, tears ran down from Odette’s cheeks. 

“Don’t lie to me. I never had a father.”

” Yes, you had. And that is me,” he said, “turn left. I’ve seen your algorithm, you’re gonna kill yourself.”

“No, I won’t!” Odette screamed

Suddenly, their helicopters went off. This was something unusual for the Stiffians below them who are listening to them. Odette turned transparent white she shone like the sun. Odette had reached the full potentiality of her Elite identity. 

The helicopters crashed but Odette floated. Jo El survived the crash. Odette went near to Jo El.

“You’re not my father,” Odette said, “don’t ever try to fool me.”

“No, impossible!” Jo El said, “This is not in your algorithm. This is…in..sane,” Jo El said as he slowly withered away. “You are my daughter…e..ven…if..you don’t..be..lieve me. I killed Gemma and…your…sister..Charmaine….so you..could live…They were…Elites..too…the Bountuses are..loo..looking for them too.”

Odette sobbed and stroke a tree down with her Elite fire.

“I don’t care,” she said. “If you are my father, tell me! Why did mother die?”

Jo El did not anymore answer and he rested forever. Odette grabbed Jo El’s body and buried it. When she had finished burying him. The Orders came. Odette flew in the air and went away. She went away with a past unexplained, she went away with unanswered questions, she went away troubled, she went away with a dead family– but one thing remains true, she was an Elite and she was the unpredictable and this couldn’t be taken away from her.

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