Creative Nonfiction Indigenous Suspense

My sister Jenny has been envious of me ever since she found out I was going to be existing in her presence.

She was the only child for 7 years before I came.

Since she was the FIRST & ONLY child at one point my parents treated her like a princess.

Brought her anything she wanted.

She was involved in all of the extracurricular activities such as plays, ballet, singing, sports & much much more.

But then one day my parents decided to have another child.

they felt as though Jenny was bored with being the only child & that maybe it was time for her to have a little sister or brother.

I was told that when my mother was 7 months pregnant with me Jenny tried to push her down the stairs purposely.

Strange right? How could a 7-year-old little girl think so cruel?

Jenny tried to do everything in the book to convince my parents that she was perfectly fine with being the only child.

My parents didn't buy it they felt as if Jenny was behaving like a spoiled brat & that she needed a time out.

In my opinion, I felt like Jenny needed more than just a time out, maybe a mental therapist because her behavior to me was abnormal.

I still to this day do not know how my parents didn't see her that way as well.

Maybe they did but just didn't want to admit that their daughter had a mental illness.

I get it I didn't want to believe that about my sister either but that's exactly what it came out to be.

Anyways, even though Jenny was cruel to me my whole life that didn't stop me from being a good little sister to her.

I thought maybe if I treated her the complete opposite of the way she treated me that maybe she would come around & act like a normal BIG sister.

Nope! Not a chance.

There are tons of things that I can remember that she's done.

But I will only name one for her sake.

I remember when I was 7 & she was 14, my parents asked Jenny to babysit me while they go out to dinner for their anniversary.

As much as Jenny wanted to say no she couldnt, she had no choice but to!

Shortly after my parents left Jenny called her boyfriend Adam over to our house & started treated me like an animal.

She told me to stay in my room until she told me to come out.

With a stomach that was empty & a bored mind.

I did what my sister told me to do even though I knew it wasn't right.

An hour later I became tired of looking at my 4 plain white walls in my bedroom.

My stomach still crying for food while my mind wanders.

I cracked the bedroom door & slowly started to open the door wider.

I walk closer to the bottom of the steps & I see Jenny & Adam making out on the couch.

I try my hardest to be quiet but the carpet in the hallway made a rare sound.

Adam latches his eyes onto mine & whispers into my sister's ear.

I run back into my room & close the door as I lock it. I was terrified of what she might do.

Jenny yells from the bottom of the stairs.

"Jessie! Didn't I tell you to stay in your room!"

I sit in my bed with covers covering my entire body.


I don't say any word causing Jenny to stomp up the stairs to my bedroom door.

She began to bang on the door loudly & aggressively!

My face is drenched with sweat & tears.

"Fine don't answer the door! I don't care if you don't eat the whole night!"

After 15 mins passed, Jenny walked away from my bedroom door.

That was the day that I knew I was never going to talk to my older Jenny ever again!

Or so I thought.

now at 25 years old, I became engaged to the man of my life.

My parents were excited & Jenny never said a word to me.

During my bridal shower, she gave me a box of coal as a wedding gift.

I thought it was a joke I laughed & said tremendous times "where's my gift, Jenny? "

She says with a devious smirk "that is your gift, ....Sissy!"

I mean that wasn't too bad but it still was an unpleasant gift coming from my older sister.

I know what you are thinking.

I should expect a gift like that from JENNY!

I don't know why I thought it would be a box of chocolates or even a wedding card to congratulate me.

I've never even heard my sister call me sissy before which was quite weird.

In my 25 years of knowing her, I never heard her even call me her little sister.

But I still gave her a hug & kiss then cried later on that night with the comfort of my husband.

As much as I didn't want my sister at my wedding I still made Jenny my maid of honor.

That was a slight mistake.

Or I should say a huge mistake!

On my wedding day, I was in the room of the church with my mother preparing for my wedding when all of a sudden Jenny came in drunk & not dressed appropriately for the wedding.

My mother & I turn away from the mirror & stare at Jenny with sweatpants & a hoodie.

"Jennifer where's your dress that you picked out?"

My mother asked

"What I'm not dressed properly for the wedding? I think I am it's going to be a junkie kind of wedding anyways."

My mother walks closer to Jenny & smells the alcohol on her breath.

"How dare you talk so poorly about your sister's wedding & to have the nerve to show up intoxicated is even worse!"

"Well, I'm sorry I wasn't perfect for you anymore mother!"

"Perfect? I never suspected you to be perfect what made you say such a thing?"

Jenny turns away as tears start bawling from her eyes.

"Jenny don't be upset"

I say while I walk to her with open arms.

Jenny reaches into the pocket of the hoodie & pulls out a gun.

I freeze in the middle of the room with my hands in the air as if I surrender.

My mother cries & yells "Jenny! Put the weapon down!"

"You know ever since you were born you took everything from me!"

"What did I take from you?"

"You know! Mom & Dad have only paid attention to you! Before you were born I had everything! It was all about me! Now it's not!"

"Jenny do you think killing me is gonna solve any problems?"

"Yes! Yes! Yes!"

"No, it won't! You'll be in prison & that'll be more painful than how you are feeling now! I'm sorry if you think that I took something from you! Because that wasn't the case! You never even gave me a chance to be your sister!"

Jenny tries to pull the trigger & then realizes that the gun was out of bullets.

I charge at Jenny & push her hard to the wall.


I start hitting Jenny as tears fall down my face.

My mother grabbed me off of Jenny.

Jenny stands up against the wall & cries loudly while my mother holds me in her arms as I cry.

That was the day that I was officially deciding to cut ties with my older sister Jenny!

February 03, 2021 22:59

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